2018 Time Capsule

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This time capsule was created on November 19, 2018 as the "Time Capsule" committee.

Its original purpose is to "replace the purpose of this committee with memes and stuff and table this for 20 years." The general body has chosen to not replace the original purpose (for informative purposes), but to append the following memes to it:

  • How do you do, fellow kids?
   Archive Rules
       N̶i̶c̶h̶o̶l̶a̶s̶ ̶R̶a̶u̶e̶n̶ Richolas Nauen
       September, 17th 2018
   1. Basic Introduction of the Archives
       The archives is an ordered set of motions that are tabled indefinitely. They may be manipulated or recalled by various motions of the general body.
   2. Placing motions into the archives
       This can be done by a motion to ”Fill the Archives”. When a motion is placed into the archives it is placed at the bottom of the list and given the highest value. If it would be the nth member of the list it would be assigned the value n.
   3. Calling motions from the archives
       However when a motion to ”Run the Archives” is called an element of the list is removed from the list with certain probabilities. Each element on the list has a probability:
           P(i) = 2(n+1−i)/(n(n+1))
       Where i is it’s position on the list and n is the total number of elements on the list. This ensures that elements towards the top of the list are given higher priority although all elements have a possibility to be drawn.
   4. Additional optional motions
       4.1 Scrying
           A motion to ”Scry x” causes a vote (strict majority required) to allow the top x elements of the list to be read aloud to the general body. The body will the individually vote on whether the different elements will be put back on the top of the list in the order they appeared originally or removed from the top and placed at the bottom. All elements that are removed from the top are placed at the bottom in an order at the discretion of the chair. Note for the sake of time all calls to Scry a non-positive integer valued x will be dilatory as will calls to Scry x: ∀x > 5 and no more than 5 elements cannot be scried per meeting.
  • Do you guys not have phones?
  • And your hash is good
  • Mr. Pawesident
  • The chair
  • All hail the omniglyph
  • Motion to #define I play pot of greed which allows me to draw...
  • All hail the Oracle®©℗™℠
  • This committee is brought to you by the R7 Colonial Committee, the I'm a Physicist and I Hate My Life Committee, the Broken Records Committee, the Stupid History Committee, the Comics are Bullshit Committee, the Broken Records Committee, the Stupid Power Rangers Facts Committee, the Culinary Standards Committee, the Broken Records Committee,...
  • All hail our savior, the Rec Sec, and also the Dead God
  • RIP Tumblr porn
  • If you enjoyed this, consider tabling it for another 5 years.