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Dez Reed

Officer Dossiers

President, 2019-2020

Dez previously acted as our 1VP, creating the bridge between the org and the outside world. Now that he has captured his desired targets, he has transitioned to President to oversee their little games during meetings and events. He is highly identifiable, highly competent, and highly knowledgeable about various obscure topics.

1VP, 2018-2019

Top Stat: Poof

Dez has a backpack full of math books and all the right opinions. You can find Dez easily, thanks to his high level of identifiability.

RecSec, 2017-2018

Dez loves three things: Table Top RPGs, art, and literally anything philosophy that isn't unrigorous and false. At every KGB meeting we all get together to make him write down every insipid detail of our undisciplined epistemological debates, which he dutifully deletes from the minutes, like Newton’s razor sheering down the unruly beard of sentimentality-formed moralism. Nobody gives a smoother shave.

Preceded by
Harry Fernandez
Recording Secretary
Succeeded by
Janny Mongkolsupawan
Preceded by
Rin Fair
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Janny Mongkolsupawan
Preceded by
Ian Griswold
Succeeded by