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Kate Krakopolsky. One of our genuine Russian speakers. Please contact Komrade Krakopolsky about any messages that need to be sent regarding the revolution.

Officer Dossiers

2VP, 2018-2019

Top Stat: Arm Recovery

Kate is a Real Russian, lending our organization a semblance of credibility. You can find Kate at Giant Eagle picking out terrible drinks for our events.

S@A, 2017-2018

Kate is Russian, which is important because it means her complicity in our organization makes it okay that we joke about being a very real and morally questionable Russian secret police force. Kate is a pillar of calm amid the turbulent waters of the rest of execs’ breakneck rock and roll lifestyles. If you look into her eyes, you will see a calm understanding that can only come from years of world weariness born with the tenacity of a soldier, and the grace of a last ruling monarch holding a fractured kingdom together through a decades long calamity. Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken. Kate is the Sergeant at Arms. She transports stuff.

  • It is also her duty to put her life on the line at a second’s notice to defend the president against deadly assassination attempts. She would gladly die for him.
Preceded by
Ian Griswold
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Mitchell Yang
Preceded by
Ian Griswold
Second Vice President
Succeeded by