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BPOW- your hands, your roof-supporting muscles, your brain

Abe- OS,OS, no OS, CTFWS, bgilbert made rules, alisag made stuff

Styger- no event, will have time to read, free food with your mom on Thursday

akivamkehrt- finished kernel, book report for OS

rlambert- ran around looking for pieces of felt, not much else, crappy food, free food Thursday

Em- will see family, new steel toe, favorite Thanksgiving food is gravy, 37000 oz gravy, Tartan censored an ad

Lizza- going to Texas tomorrow- will she mess with it? relatives, food she can't eat, tornadoes ok


Pop Occultism- C is for cat, what else begins with the letter C? Cock! Magic 8 balls

No pants committee- mind-numbing, jaw-dropping success- jauwaert, shiue

Committee for Lectures and campus tours, I mean political speakers- email from Will Wheaton, $5000 and 3 beautiful women (travel/lodging), looking for money fountains, will pester Dean Murphy, will request allocation later, can he stay at Roselawn 7? Feed him off freshman meal plan, residents of 7 are not beautiful women, mkehrt not a woman- has the Akiva section

Booth- carnival theme- Great inventions/how things work, need booth theme tazers, vodka, chocolate/drugs, siege weapons, nuclear submarines, Chernobyl/meltdowns, Tesla coils, booth, cantelevers, centralized campus heating systems, kernels, freshman meal plan/dining services, nuclear weapons, human reproductive system, political process, existentialism, Mir, Turing machines, Abe's girlfriend, theremin, will be continued at next meeting

Recursive committee calls for the recursive committee to report next week

No shirt- dkitchin (under jacket)

Old business- Creidieki lost Cuban pfennig, golf token, used THE FUND for Gatorade and chocolate, 7 used THE FUND to pay for booze and whores

New business-

allocation- 4 scooters, n segways, n (?)

Committee to find or build a fucking theremin- electronic musical instrument you play by moving your hands around, $10 to drquuxum, he and gwillen chair

Committee such that the proceeds of this committee go to Roselawn 7, no second

motion to adjourn

committee to keep 2 minutes of conversation while Styger's on the phone, $3.50 to dlstern, he's chair

Allocation <= 70 for things to make people stop bleeding and dying

Motion to physically restraining dkitchin's return to Texas- (if he runs off now, he can escape), Creidieki has key- someone can steal his ticket, install WoW on computer at house, comes out at midnight, passes, dkitchin not leaving

Announcements- booth


jeep trying to run over ref

Bahrain- woman disguised as bearded shiek to lead prayers

lawyers suing Warner Bros. for suggesting Alexander the Great was bi

Amy wants to borrow Dell power cord

  1. define pieces of paper the tartan, fails

jauwaert- jury duty over winter break, dog senile, same medication as grandmother

rweldon- health inspector- former place of residence

guy whose name I don't remember killed Josh

Fred- visited Eric and Laura in Seattle, museum of science fiction- different levels of membership, Penny Arcade

bgilbert- blahblahblah

dkitchin- Pittsburgh for the weekend, fun

rlambert- stood up by dkitchin yesterday

dkitchin- really hung over yesterday

Ed owes Lizza money

lea- single use rave lights

bgilbert- adjourn