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(I am pretty sure I got the date wrong here 7 years after the fact. Sorry. -Xander (RecSec 2012-13))

Body part of the week: "Integral"

Abe: new year, mumblemumble, break, breakish, A in OS, better than you unless you also took OS and got an A, class in CFA- go up 3 floors to get to the 3rd floor, teacher doesn't know how to speak, um and um and um and Abe certainly doesn't do that, door into some mystery place, muddy footprints

Akiva: had a break, slept and read a lot, after you graduate they don't kill you, Janie and mtolan, living room changes colors, New Year tree, talked to Matt, decided to get a grant for an art project doorknocking and proselytizing scientific method, babies on New Year trees?, things to do, responsibilities, new people- Lucy, no major, has two feet; Jake fine art, nose hair; Dan, likes sociology and film, loves clouds, Carmen gets 1000 comrade points, art people get 2000 for bringing new people, comrade points redeemable for cash and prizes

Styger: Get Board Get Carded, food, bring board and card games, pneumonia sucks, spacequest- can tell what to say for headcount so they don't bitch at her

Matt: blight in middle of room, went skiing, Montreal, A in OS, Pravda?

Rebecca: read, tetrinet, hard drive broke- computer always breaks at parents' house, had to use parents' computer- Windows ME- installed 36 patches to make it "usable", checked history on it- mother doesn't know about livejournal, 4 cheeses

Emily: bitterness- KGB could buy only 33 copies of vector mechanics book, vacation cool, a lot of family, more family, more family, mom made her sleep with dog, bookmark permanently attached to book, written by someone named Beer, lots of people not members, not cool, pay dues, pay twice so you can vote twice, Tartan one page thick, lots of bad money, two smushed pennies, Venezuelan money

Lizza: taking care of two dogs, one ate the other's poo, slept with her, call people puppy kickers- nothing worse, walked on thin ice, fell through, cold, so was Brewer, who also fell through thin ice, hiked mountain, old buildings, watched a guy make shoes, gonna make candles next fall


Pop occultism- family one of nature's masterpieces- Picasso, Akiva will steal your heart, deep appreciation of arts and music- family painted by Picasso

Committees to destroy Ohio and Kentucky- abject failure because of Tetrinet

Timecube committee

Ministry of truth- architectural revolution

Booooooooooooth- going to start happening more regularly- Saturday at 14 booth stuff at Kage regularly, cookies covered in sawdust- how Ed likes his women

Haiku- success

meta committee- success

kinky- horse gear

Esoteric- people might laugh at you if you define progeny as the result of a creative process

Old business: pfennig, but Soviet pfennig better, Functor isn't Ed's pfault

Old person- present at founding of KGB- Shawn's former officemate, freshman in '86, UCC- now Cyert, blueprints of buildings with cable plans- dumpster dived, includes tunnel maps, digital scanner, put online

New business:

Move that whoever that guy is is awesome, passes by acclamation

Committee for lectures and political speakers- Will Wheaton- he'll sleep on Roselawn 7 couch, we'll give him ramen, Julie's discretionary fund?

Committee to find or build Abe a brain, girlfriends are backup brains, anaaktge give him a button to create a girl, passes, cdinwood for $5, she's chair, Lizza cochair

Committee to tell Wes that Functor's broken- Functor's broken, $8 to rlambert, she and mrwright cochair, Functor's broken

More piercings in 2005, no second

Styger- allocation <=$50 for commestibles, commestibles or combustibles?

Allocation to buy combustibles for the event, out of order

Committee to choose mumblemumble targets, amended to blahblahblah selecting targets and build an artificial sun, Styger for $5


Event Friday, games, food

Committee for lectures and political speakers- Creidieki, make posters like the CS dept, if you want to give a lecture on any topic talk to Ed


Luke came late today

Submit to Pravda?

Tetrinet server cssd1.phycist.pitt.edu [That's what it looked like on the board, should that actually be physics?]

sign attendance sheet, Functor broken


Em hates us- $2.49 Canadian, 98 American, 2 smashed pennies (money appears on table)

mstephen- 90% chance moving this week, needs help moving stuff

DVD player- remote had an any key

Xander is not suspended, Functor broken

Akiva's sister cheesebuyer at Whole Foods- every meal had cheese course

Florida seceded, other stuff

Wes- something about long hair and nutrition

Devon's teeth hate her

Assassins- games starting tonight, don't email gwillen, email shiue, read assocs.kgb.assassins

rweldon- slept through all her classes today

Ed- erototoxins- link between pornography and serial murder, rape, wikipedia

dlstern- show, guy threw drumstick at him

shawn- first day of Modern Chem II, forgotten more chemistry than most people ever knew

Ministry of truth- Vicodin- great way to start semester

Administrator got a call at 9:00 am on a Saturday- Julie is evil

mrwright doesn't know how to use a digital camera but can write an OS

vkaplan has short hair, haircuts