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Abe: Wonderful things about applying to be an RA next year, pictures he drew, livejournals, T-shirt going to be ready on Friday

Akiva: Email about Attitudes and Persuasion, now next on waitlist, t-shirt size, gorgeous out, should meet outside

Styger- get board get carded, activities fair, booth Friday thing with stuff, Kage key, bear trap, want to reserve Breed Hall, auction on 28th?, useless people auction

Matt- postcards- dkaplan- postcard from Baltimore, lea- extremes of temperature, tepid- antiawesomosity, doll with eyeball on her stomach, class, food, something else

Rebecca: lots of classes, doesn't know what they are, because they're all going to change, slept a lot, don't die, because then Matt would have to take minutes, lies in minutes

Emily: cooler full of pennies and receipts in the office, smelt Canadian pennies, $[censored], beautiful email from Angie- off waitlist for 90-053, got in math class she wanted

Person over there with the green shirt: present for Christmas, making things, rode a roller coaster today, movie tonight is Ghostbusters, rlambert's parents watched it the night before she was born, scanning rolls of stuff, Scanners that like blueprints?, lea can find out

CTFWS- March 25, GREs, Abe changed credit card, didn't bill him, Greek sing, Mafia night, tiramisu full of alcohol, gave bgilbert access to things

New time for exec? 1700

Committee for gratuitous exec shenanigans, Lizza doesn't know what's going on, passes

Sichuan house closed, Bangkok something

we aren't following order of business at all

Ed and Akiva planning on performing Psyfe's play- do it at activities fair and pass out KGB flyers?

Em needs people that people signed

(rlambert, Styger, and Lizza sign Matt)

move to get busy, no second

booth Saturday 14

enlisting freshmen in the British navy

Create British navy so we can impress people into it, Akiva likes war of Jenkin's ear, passes, Styger is admiral, dlstern vice admiral

  1. define war of Jenkin's ear booth

impeach mkehrt for dereliction of duty- need 2/3 petition and a duck

Jess reading books during exec

motion to get the fuck out of here

Abe- cold woke up sleep woke up sleep woke up fuck south side cold [laughter] lebenese [sic] place. no soup fuckers tired less cold

Akiva- no stuff

Ave- going to EA

Akiva- reign of terror

Abelikes [sic] being fucked no classes Abe has a problem with door bells, brocolli [sic] tempura, why is Ed here? PVC for Abe

Styger- Event booth for d ummies [sic]. mkehrt takes excellent minutes and is cool, booth; Breed Hall. Dave is here. Alatar

[enter me].. did not used to be called the slave auction, wasn't held during MLK week last year, Spirit didn't get their "panties in a twist", can't be forced to do anything or anyone you find morally repugnant, huzzah for lmarsh, Akiva is a female wearing dominatrix clothing, Ed can do kung fu- we should buy him, bughouse a useful commodity

mkehrt- Saturday went dancing, lots of fun, woke up at 15, TV, cake, 4 am, sleep, protest at Warner, stapler?, protesting military funding, war with Iraq, Em thinks

rlambert- half the day not supposed to exist, lies, people need to ask her questions about matrix, had to get a key, took forever, late to meeting, cold, white stuff, wouldn't tray- would involve stealing things

Em- Tartan out to get her, picked up Tartan, new edition in two hours, could buy 67 KGB members or groups- everyone who got auctioned last year twice, should make her feel better by throwing things at her

Lizza- pulling an mkehrt, announcement that relates to all of us, [lights off], why aren't you at home in bed? chair dfontain is sitting on says "you will never learn anything useful in this room", rave, hiccups

Pop occultism- a good home is happiness, Lizza is playing with rlambert's hair, your dreams are never silly, Nazi artifacts in Doherty, something about rlambert and Misha doing something they shouldn't in an important federal building, new FBI, Misha not getting arrested for at least 3 days- inauguration

Good idea Bad idea- gargling with listerine, drinking listerine- drunk driving, 26.9% liquor

Campus security- In AA, listerine or Robitussen counts as a slip

Andres- made C&I and almanac in Tartan- postal service things, when the revolution comes, parking services will have their backs to the wall

Abe's hands spell like pot pourri shit

Akiva- ethics training course on NIH website

Matt- take OS, Pravda?

Lectures and political speakers- Psyfe's play Friday at 17, Kirr, show up, Ed's kung fu instructor and fellow student in C&I

Chocolate- beer more carcinogenic than original flavoring for root beer, chocolate stout- not banned yet, gonna grow chocolate tree

Booth- quick booth meeting after meeting- stay here, shawn old, Teki here for CTFWS

Old Business:

destruction of places of religious worship not mkehrt's pfault

Akiva- quarter says Old Line State, pretty crappy, so was that report

New business:

Drquuxum wants us to sing U2 song, fails horribly

shawn- discrimination committee

vkaplan- something about sinister ducks, no second

will someone please move something that will be seconded

jgrafton- Ed seconds, committee to get more TJ people on campus, can he change the motion after it's seconded? If no one objects. Ed objects, motherfucker!, in favor do something horrible and TJ-like, opposed love yourself, amended to burn TJ to the ground and blame jgrafton for it, TJ delenda est!, passes, Brian for $9, he and kbare chair

Bead committee- will make sense later, will work with sun committee, drquuxum for $4.50


Psyfe's production Friday, existentialist play, jcreed doing music

politically incorrect auction

Booth for dummies, power tools, wanking, eating pizza, booth meeting after meeting, allocation out of order, $25 for safety goggles, passes

Assassins game starting tonight- lcoyne won last game

Pravda? No one has submitted anything at all.

mkehrt doesn't use commas, had a plan to get Lucas to Dan's office so she could kill him, but he killed her first even though she knew he was supposed to kill her

Andres- get a girl drunk, offer her $5 to take shirt off, will beat the shit out of you, 10 cents shitty beads and she'll do anything, don't try to move all your stuff in a geagle shopping cart from Schlag to Mudge in the snow

Shawn- moving to Pittsburgh in 20 days, White Wolf: Noun:the Verbing, Pimp: the Backhanding, gamers misogynistic pigs who know nothing about women

Em: TA from last semester- paperwork, forgot to give her a grade

Lizza: roommates complaining that she says random things when they come in and she's sleeping and sits up and pretends she's awake, she's better than Abe, Abe said "sex, stab, zombies", Akiva should write about dingoes

vkaplan- film after meeting

Shawn- freshman roommate talked in sleep, "goddammit. Give it back,"... "I put it on your desk already,"... "All right."


Edward- Over New Year's had a really crappy time, changing clothes, shopping cart, cop car, told to take shopping cart back, found Misha- car

Lizza invited to ball- ROTC Ball, costume shop

Abe- Ceremony- played three of his requests- other people requested two of them as well, Zombie Nation!!1!

Akiva- anyone want to take shopping cart out of his garage and return it to Misha

Greg- motion to booth