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Abe: mkehrt takes minutes will be quizzed sick, not allergies, styger on allergies sunday night Beeler house poison was sickness, has receipt what is it for? candy corn! probably for Halloween party, what is Indian Corn? Statute of Limitations on Allocations. More receipts. Other things EA, mkehrt minutes. Assignment due Sunday. Order

[enter rlambert]

Akiva: Attitudes & Persuausion- Jon Mendelson, 2 frat guys, guy who doesn't speak English very well, playbill, Pravda?, dingoes eating parents

Styger: Don't do activities fair, stupid, KGB fliers at the play, need to overhaul the quiz, event, event Shawn, antibiotics on crack

Matt: sick, sucks, feeling kind of good, Tylenol vitamin cold things, make sore throat go away, make him really dizzy, really really like sort of (Akiva- "You have veins popping out of your forehead."), hyper, took on empty stomach, consent forms

Rebecca: cold, tired, office hours- 2 people came, including mrwright, more than he had for 251 office hours

Emily: money, KGB communal real doll, busy- auditions, got into top 3 pieces- 3 hours dance/week, 72 units, trying to hurt herself, doesn't like memorizing things, receipts from Styger- Styger's cool and gives her receipts and writes her name on them and what they're for

Lizza- wonderful day, wonderful week, wonderful like, full of wonder, flute, real doll for KGB in office, Tartan recruitment meeting, got Aladdins

Booth- event Friday, history of booth, going to be a pack of lies, don't mention the word bitter, people don't believe Ed when he says booth is fun, make something full of simple shapes, War of Jenkin's ear, vacuum, Home Despot

Someone said KGB can't get booty- should do a survey

Bylaws- need to have a meeting

Tshirt committee? We gave it to rnathan and she disappeared. Didn't she say she wasn't going to do that? Yes.

Ordinary Tshirt committee- Lizza will chair- Tetris (Rasputin), Actions, More generic shirts? We have artists now. CTFWS shirts, variant for judges?

Is there a limit on how long committees can go unpaid?, members in bad standing, for auction don't get 60 days- 2 weeks

Ed picked up APhiO's pig just for Abe

[enter jbeckens]

bgilbert- Web server that we're gonna have real soon now, LJ about rebooting machines, Abe's livejournal gets read every two minutes

Keys to Gesling?, Kevin- voodoo magic, locksmith that doesn't care about do not copy

We've been talking about relevant stuff 40 minutes- boring,

Julie- what coference room is used for when we aren't here: 25 people at 2 am a few nights ago with big mouse heads and pig heads

Lizza- deep sea animals washing up on shore because of tsunami, hoax

Jess- shells on beach

Styger's endorsing checks

AB tech support? Dramatic lighting

Lizza questioning Styger about colors

Ashlee- coworkers suck- dirty old ladies who like to grope anyone in range

Luke was half an hour late to work because of traffic, people should read securing windows part of website or not use windows

cclub playing Brazil tomorrow, awesome, should come

Akiva- not having a meeting (no officer quorum), Jared going to give Abe's report, stuff, mumblemumble, warm in CA, cold here, haha, fuckers

Akiva- free food, loose women, 1VP hat, in a play Friday, hates people who didn't come, now a song aboug hating him, new person- John, ECE grad student, way the hell young, Joanna, painting, weight training, Mike, art, creative writing, likes orange juice

Don't need officer quorum- nobody cares

Em: "Look, Styger's coming!" (enter bohanlon)

(Akiva with knife, as styger) Event, useless people auction- buy 6 hours of people, money goes to KGB, email shawn if you want to auction yourself, Friday, 19, probably Breed, check bboard, come, it'll be awesome, buy and sell people

(Akiva as Matt; stands on table) In a play Friday, awesome, submit to Pravda? like Akiva did- don't want a Pravda? entirely of Akiva submissions

rlambert- anthropology homework- had to write observations- mrwright climbed a wall and pulled magnetic tape out of the ceiling, people took apart a power supply to charge a capacitor and shock gwillen, magic smoke came out, anthropology class going to be confused

Em- 50 Arwen pendants, new people will understand why she was putting things in their hands

(Akiva as Lizza- bouncing) traying, useless stuff, Kage, do boooth


No pants- rlambert, success twice

Good Idea/Bad Idea- Good idea- learning life skills in high school, bad idea- killing and skinning a guinea pig and rabbit in school- committee to destroy Ohio wants to recruit him

Assassins- no game this week- something will be posted to bboard about game next week

Doomsday- need more officers

Booth- if you have an ebay account and can bid on bust of phrenology head

One of Akiva's committees- retrophrenology

Committee to burn TJ to ground- microwaves good idea

Kung Fu- get drunk

Secret affairs- Chuck here, none of us cleared to know why

Esoteric something- Keith making up words

Wes- Paper seems to be doing aerobics

Committee to tell Wes that Functor's broken- Functor's broken

Timecube committee

Colored hair committee- Busy tomorrow, come to Laurel's room with hair and die (not sic- I like it parsed that way)

O.B. mkehrt has pfennig- pigfucker- lack of people his pfault, pigfucking not- that's Abe's- does someone know how to be Styger and post that?

N.B. Creidieki- move to awarding a commendation, Ed can lick his elbows- Em says he has to pay dues again

Destroy Foxburrow, MA, Akiva didn't hear that, heard Destroy Heinz Field

Committee to be a committee such that a committee is created at this meeting, amended to a committee such that a committee is created committee, amend to this statement is true? fails, dlstern hates us all, passes, $4.50 to drquuxum, Chuck is chair

mstephen: committee to destroy KGB- committee to bring down KGB from the inside thinks it's redundant, Chuck thinks it's redundant with the purpose of KGB, Ministry of Truth: Even if the KGB were destroyed, it would still meet every day (WTF?) in MMA14, creating it doesn't violate bylaws- succeeding would, not true- if we can get enough signatures to dissolve it, it doesn't violate bylaws, can we recruit Spirit to help? Not talking about that given this week's event. Redundant with nomcom?

(Enter Styger) Can start the meeting now- officer quorum.

(Akiva as Abe): did stuff Akiva- did stuff (Akiva as Matt)- Pravda Pravda Pravda Styger- car accident on Beeler and wouldn't let her pass Em- give me money Lizza- stuff

motion to make all the committees we just said existed actually exist so we can get money, passes- meeting we had just happened (we didn't create committee to destroy KGB)

Motion to 1, By induction, bohanlon is fucked, Keith thinks rational numbers are better than one, amended to 3 1/2, in favor count to 3.5 on fingers, opposed give yourself 3.5 fingers

(enter mkehrt)

Motion to censure mkehrt- no second

jhr- would like tail call optimization on this meeting

Motion to censure drquuxum- censure or censor? linear superposition, KGB likes money- bad idea


submit to Pravda?

Event- auction, email shawn if want to volunteer, selling points to pimp yourself, bylaws committee- see her after this meeting

random guy who wrote Pravda? submission in 40 seconds, ashamed, wants to resubmit

Akiva was 5 officers today- awesome

mrwright- interest in creating security awareness club for stuff like recreational lockpicking, talk to him

love advice at yourmom.com, address it "Dear Charles Manson"

Styger finally got her laptop back after bureaucracy, forgot to repair it

mkehrt- sick, did lots of work, class went on forever

Creidieki in CS lounge Tuesday- five art students assigned to find space in Wean/Doherty and get to know it, made up some customs, initiations on each other, men in suits came looking around- from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, did major call- art, physics, math

One paper figure sucking organs out of another

Luke- watched heart valve implantation in class, had to get air bubbles out of it