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Body Part of the W: I AM A PINEAPPLE

Abe: Saturday symphony orchestra, conductor looked like he was conjuring spells, bus stop full of college students, a bunch from Pitt, gangsta, "Remember in Adagio For Strings? She was stroking her instrument real good."

Akiva: Things, drowning in work, Abe did lots of work, motion detector in his house, don't live there, painting, stuff with wiring

Styger (lea): Things are orange, if Styger doesn't show up, we'll make up some shit

Matt: printed an attendance sheet and left it in lounge, will get it in a few minutes, dancing, when he was running for CorSec, promised an all-manifesto submissions, going to do that, Lizza should submit things instead of posting to assocs.kgb, kung fu is pretty cool

Rebecca: printed attendance sheet, asked mkehrt to pick it up, he left it in the lounge, HAM radio license, failed Morse code, but 7 consecutive characters, applications, baby food at Eat'n Park

Emily: Janie and mtolan in town, 2 meals and an afternoon, trying to convince Luke to live to Boston and live with them, in withdrawal- finished ball of yarn, Italian yarn called Austermann Candy, three prices, 1630 of them, would rather look at the yarn than the model, dancing, dancing, dancing, 8 hours dancing, another hour Thursday night, probably abs hurt because of ten minutes of crunches yesterday, 213 exam tomorrow, throw pennies at controversial people

Lizza: Brutally honest just to see what will happen, learned how to knit, apparently ambidextrous, learned how to make fondue, wonderful stuff, anyone who thinks it's made of chocolate is a horrible person- perversion of the fondue world (Akiva- campus is on fire), works for Tartan, 18 people asked if there was going to be something about Shabazz in Tartan, L EXAM SCHEDULE, faster than chain mail, needs to learn how to do it with wire, don't forget about t-shirts


Destroy Ohio- OSU president on ebay- will ruin undergraduate experience, $100,000,000, is KGB willing to overbid this? No.

Styger: At 5 am- spider on ceiling, same one that bit her in the back and gave her ulcers, spent an hour trying to trap it, KGB clue- reserved a billion rooms, meet in 2210, game, awesome, real death, real lead pipes, Can Laurel die?, only clue KGB will have all year, BYOC- bring your own candlesticks, Lizza in 7500 with revolver, still spider in sink, drugged, isopropyl, threw top of CD tower on it

Abe has a fine collection of alcohol at his house, consumer whore, most alcoholic substance lemon extract- 168 proof, vanilla only 70

Committee to assassinate president in billiard room with ?

Booth Sundays at 14

Nominations Committee- Abe, Ed, Xander, Luke, wubwubwubwubwubwub, might question you, going to make slate, don't need to listen to it, wank, stuff like that, anyone else can run

Esoteric entities- fruitless report

Kung Fu- props to mkehrt and Julie

Assassins- back, will be getting email soon about upcoming game, last one before break, read bboard

Vague threats- campus organizations annoying to certain other campus organizations getting what's coming to them maybe

Bylaws- amend article 3, dues, exciting, look at Dave- he's really excited!, we aren't excited if dues aren't changing

Old Business:

dlstern- the fact that he caught the pfennig isn't his pfault

New Business:

Allocation to dlstern <= $540 for tools

Appropriate $3 for a red herring for this week's event, communism is a red herring, Swedish fish, amended to $10 for Swedish fish, amended to all food and drink, withdraw it and Styger will include Swedish fish

bgilbert and Wes spent 8 hours trying to get KGB a new web server, all the hardware in the office doesn't work- flaky network cards, VAX, wants Mac Mini, allocation to Wes <= $700 for web server, less prone to 1337 h4x0rs, small and cute, new hardware easier to administer- right now it's on Abe's server in New Jersey, doesn't trust the servers he runs, neither should we, won't be here forever, we don't know what the hell's going on with that crap, hardware doesn't work, new hardware good idea, KremSparc, not getting extended warranty- Wes would void it within a day

Xander- Jets committee- would rumble with the sharks, West Wing the musical, $5 to Xander

Sharks committee- flaying them and giving Lizza skin so she can climb palm trees more easily, $7 to dlstern

Allocation <= 10 for zip guns for Jets Committee- Committee to destroy Ohio should do it in Columbus, if we give it to him we lost money on the committee, fails

Allocation to Styger <= $25 for Swedish fish and murder weapons, communism is a red herring, passes

Em has less clothing on

Lizza- Allocation <= $15 for chocolate fondue at move on, withdrawn

Ministry of Oral Gratification, dead awful, fails horribly

Akiva- allocation <= $15 because everyone else is doing it, Committee to bring KGB down from the inside- wild success, Leah wants $15, fails

$5 to fund War of Jenkin's Ear, impressment is awesome, were all recruited for War of Jenkin's ear when gave t-shirt sizes

$250 for carnival committee, gwillen disapproves of carnival- passes


Allocated $1520 today, four allocations failed

Laurel's birthday Monday, mkehrt's birthday Wednesday

Submit t-shirt designed, can't contact shirt company

rnathan requested to mention AB special events- showing Jaws in the pool


Microsoft representative in Wean talking about how to write secure software

Kivers saw poster for winter carnival, got scared

Now can we sing happy birthday to people?

If you're having a birthday today, your parents were real happy that finals were over

Be nice to lea's mother

Student activities idea of group activities involves blindfolds and nylon

We have a committee to hijack protests and campus tours, ask if you want a real campus tour, Em will be leading campus tours, 1130 every weekday be in the lounge, female acting plan

Akiva's money comes from DARPA, Matt's from NSF