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Body part of the week- buckets of snow

Abe- glorious meeting, rlambert really paranoid; animation project, like this and like this, lots of fingers bad, two fingers easy, walnut grill- awesome music

Akiva- AB Hitler week, 2 exams tomorrow, only been to one of the classes once, class canceled, not canceled, prof half hour late to review session, KGB not older than most of us

Styger- no event, going to be at concert in Chicago, that can be the event, but you have to get there yourself, set stage on fire

Matt- watched scifi movies in experimental to learn why not to eat radioactive stuff, horrible movies with bees and mayonnaise and lots of sex, pain and death, creepy

Me- also watched horrible movie, fell on ice on Akiva's driveway, wrote on board because laptop not booted, handwriting crap

Emily: christianbook.com- 4 unknown videos of prophesy, 112, bees, parent here- brought it, Akiva invited her, Jews have a leap month

Lizza: most beautiful day in existence- only day in existence, camp song, camouflage, neat hat, camping, look at snowflakes


Pop occultism committee wants to pass on ownership- audition at upcoming event

Misappropriation- pop occultism- ta collecting fortunes for some unknown project

Good idea/Bad idea- Church Brew Works quadzilla is both

Nomcom- let them know if you're interested in running from office- email arwong, not important to think about this now, disgusting, where did that come from? no doormat under window, making janitors' lives miserable, will talk to a whole bunch of us anyway, meeting after this meeting, might not have quorum

Booth- write email address if will be around during break, what determines whether we have a good booth is march- sundays at 14, come and build things

Cannibalism- dont eat vegetarians first- least likely to eat you back

Old Business: pfennig- cmartens, 211 midterms

New business:

Clairihoo- counter haiku committee- aabb, no meter, amend to people who think end rhyme constitutes poetry, committee for consonants and assonants, immaturity committee- assonants, too many rules, $2.50 to Akiva

Freeverse beatnik committee- best minds of Akiva's generation think it's a good idea, $8 to dlstern, he's chair

Assassins Committee - meeting no longer safe, Rebecca runs away [Matt wrote this]

Bylaws amendment for dues. (Intermission for Congaing) Styger is totally ready. Amendment to not [rlambert back after winnning a duel] bring it up unless there's a change, general body can overrule anything exec does, doesn't give new power at exec- just don't bother with it at annual meeting if not changing, annual meeting takes forfuckingever, dues good, less things you have to preserve quorum for also good, (Akiva swings stick with eraser), quorum check, no, no, yes, passes, motion to darkness, passes

Resolve that lea's mom completely left us a note last night (addressed to KGB lounge), passes


tshirts- Abe doesn't have designs with him, should email them to Lizza, shit, real sorry, publicly humiliated, design by lea- girl and belt and thought bubble, yellow on red by Abe, talked about that for a long time at exec


Keith- 1000 comrade points for tshirt design- Wean- turtle had smiley face, will be sad if meeting ends early- doesn't have to leave today

Motion to adjourn!

(enter Jess)

on 15-111 test had to find center of rectangle, prof doesn't know how

How many legislatures would have someone crawl through the window just to get quorum?

British house of parliament- 1000 comrade points to bohanlon

50 to Akiva, 1000 to Abe for giving them out, cdinwood 5, Julie takes 1000, Article urging students to run for student govt positions, Ivan is informed he's running

Matt's computer crashed, OS not found

Exec 03.03.05

Abe- not dying of work, game due @ midnight, Xander, cpride 1000 KP, OsotW

Akiva- classes ended early, research methods he left first, gcats go to hell, 2 easy exams

Styger- tired, leaving soon, mafia night, Bucca hates her, Manager won't call her, Xander hates Akiva

Mkehrt- [exit Styger] report about stuff

Rebecca- corsec taking notes, work, channeling through Christina

Em- $[censored], still allocations [enter lea], afternoon washout, no plane ticket home so not going, little brother has a leash, work. Abe is evil. Pfriedma. Mkehrt has good minutes says Abe, money about Mac [enter Lizza]

Lizza- exists, midterm 5 pt extra credit name 5 TAs, Are you kidding? The only reason I know the name of the proffessor[sic] is his name is on half the papers we read

Motion to make Lizza exist- passes

Lizza'- cold, thin mints in ice crea, pasta, origama wanking, Em owes her money (Xander- "all wanking version of minutes" Paper, lab, cheese party [I hate you Matt! Now emacs is going to keep yelling at me about the parentheses not matching up right, because this parenthetical doesn't seem to end]


Booth- "Yeah, like, we're definitely gonna build one of those." some design changes

DrQuuxum +1000 KP, OotW


Booth'- heads, drugs, alcohol

T-shirts- designs, money, we are EXTREME, call Styger, phone magic

booth cont Numbers, how much money? No allocation, just booth shirts, need more allocation

Aaagh Commitee[sic]- Aaaaaaagh

Judicious Exhumation- Highlander? Kinsey?

Nomcom- met. obligation met. apathy, bgilbert- thunk

New Bidness

Funny and clever- fails for lack of second

World revolves around Em's words- "lack" [is that supposed to say luck?]



Body part of the week: pi

Abe: spring break, good, hopes we had good spring breaks, small talk, NYC, pretty good, US Airways, overbooked, offered free ticket anywhere in US including Canada, could have gotten bumped off the next one too, joke's totally on him because they're going out of business, gates still up in Central Park, orange and orange and orange, tasty food, bar and grill and bar, dim sum, other stuff, Turkish food, dragged shopping, didn't actually buy anything because all the pieces of fabric had commas in the prices, horribly untrendy, trip back got into Newark, flight canceled, bumped into Boris at the Met, next flight sold out, one from Philly in a couple hours, cab, detour near some kinda crap like Princeton, lost, bad directions, old taxi driver rule not to get women or Hindis, learned that they're going to put an entertainment complex 15 min south of where he lives in NJ, metalands, gonna call it Xanadu, Finklestein occupying UC- one of those controversial speakers making the Jews angry

Akiva: Went home, ate a lot, played vicious games of Scrabble with family, cutthroat- dad dead now, attitudes and persuasions- attitudes toward same sex marriages, thing most correlated with attitudes toward it is thinking carbonated sugar water is called soda

Styger (rlambert): in Chicago with Mym, saw rlambert and pfriedma- randomly called from Northwestern parking lot, present to throw at Em, event- Mafia night, dress up because we're mafia and shit, reservation to 30, RSVP to lbs

Matt: writes Pravda? sometimes, bgilbert, fashion god, got a haircut, NY- Manhattan, fallout shelter, Ethiopian food- mush on bread, really good, like Indian except sour, bread instead of rice, playing with lead plates, radiation, do not lick, making Pravda? this week, submit Manifesti/Manifestoi

Rebecca: Chicago visiting pfriedma- hid piercings from dad, tied up him and bf, partially to each other, strings on pants, museums, train didn't derail in Ohio

Emily: counseling- health services royally fucked up website- pay someone to fix it 31.15 times, big chocolate penny from Styger, bad Moroccan money, mostly lived at Sherbrook

Lizza (Ed): orgtracker, all student organizations, Lizza's position on JFC, ski club's constitution- article II: "Ski & Snowboard Club promotes the sport of skiing & snowboarding on campus, provides times and locations for CMU undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff who enjoy skiing to engage in the sport, both recreationally and competitively, informs Ski & Snowboard Club members of and organizes trips to local and distant mountains as well as support inexperienced or novice students of Carnegie Mellon in developing their skills. It is our fervent belief that skiing, due to its prodigious cost, is chiefly a past time of the elite. These elites perpetuate the capitalist super-structures that preserve our low socio-economic status. To combat the unyielding class homogeneity inherent in ski culture, we, the proletariat, secure funds and disperse them freely to help the common, working class Carnegie Mellon students (as well as their capitalist overlord fellow students) to participate in and to subvert a principle bastion of neocolonial patriarchy - skiing (and snowboarding).", She, Ed, Brewer, Jess went to Ohio for backpacking, fearful cold, zero trips to hospital, but Ohio extended icy cold grip and yanked pipe down through bottom of Ed's car, shiny new muffler


Destroy Ohio- failure

T-shirts- going to submit orders, design by lea, one by Abe, ginormous allocation, but going to sell them and get money back

booth happened, cool, a lot of small but important things got done, large but important things got done, bought supplies except the stuff we don't know we need yet, large truck going to be coming in front of Maggie Mo ass early in the morning Sunday, cbook full of lies, one thing absolutely everyone can do- take things and move them from one place to another, give Ed phone numbers, claim ignorance on cbook and call everyone anyway just to get new recruits, Ed will sleep through cell phone and we'll have to beg and plead with Home Despot, every Sunday will be building and reformatting platforms, platforms can become walls, painting later

Pop occultism- try a new system or a different approach- email shawn if want to take over committee, love of gardening will take on new meeting in Ohio- plant seeds from Libyan terrorists in Ohio

New business (out of order):

bgilbert- move to amend the bylaws of the ski club (order of business stuff just suggested, doesn't know what the hell the bylaws say about order, supposed to read minutes, can do it in whatever order unless someone appeals the decision of the chair), passes

Old Business:

pfennig- cmartens->anaaktge, Ed not answering cell phone

New Business:

bgilbert- allocation = $4.89 for webserver mumblemumble, passes

Lizza- Allocation <= $1800 for 5 shirts- Carnegie Hellon, old booth, two CTFWS, my actions are not endorsed, selling shirts, we have enough money to build two booths and buy these shirts, mcrouch second booth chair, going to be done by next Friday, wanna paint fence at some point, if they don't sell this year, we can sell more next year, (enter Lizza; reads random part of a book- neverending story) allocation correct, will have shirts on time, sell for $10 for members, $15 for not, large profit

motion to purple 20 times

dlstern- allocation <= $1024 for booth supplies

Move to amend US Constitution, need 2/3, passes

Ed- create Funding and recognitions committee- fund and recognize organizations per student Senate bylaws, Men's club, students for grass, if real student senate won't recognize Xander's organization, this one will, funny gestures at Lizza, $7 to quuxum, paid, booth loves him, Ricky is chair

Committee for amending shit, no second

Terrorists win committee- terrorists have already won, kind of outdated pop culture reference, amendments, confuse the recsec, House UnAmerican Activities Committee, $21 to dlstern, he's chair

Motion to piss away all our money in one meeting, withdrawn- not funny enough

bgilbert- allocation 250 kb for piece of pie, conversion btw Canadian pennies and kilobytes


Lizza needs tshirt designs

Mafia Night- Italian food, rsvp to styger, esp if have car

Pile of blueprints

booth Sunday ass early


Greek Sing Saturday

bohanlon flew, saw Spamalot, awesome and glorious

drquuxum and people saw tunnels yesterday- 14 foot pillar of ice, read latest livejournal post, not someone's wife, not loadbearing

Boy Scouts invading campus, worth 30 points for their heads, A Phi O ushers at Greek Sing

Spent $2500 in allocations

Allie's family didn't want her for spring break, but coming next weekend, sister at CTFWS, has message for Abe- "Watch your goddamn mouth", out of Ed's league, doesn't want to talk to any boys that don't play travel soccer

Carmen's sister also going to be here- 16- legal in this state

dlstern- long distance company on campus should have something spiky and filled with tetanus in eye sockets, let him know if you want housing see a house on Negley and Wilkins Friday

Abe wants a job

Exec 03.16.05:

Abe: (drinks juice midsentence), no stoplights in Nantucket, Roselawn gets bed of salt every time it snows, people track salt into house, fine and good except not, stepped on salt, is a slug- it hurts him, piece of glass, not salt, blood all over, if there are blood stains in our room, Matt, it's probably mine

Akiva: feels like crap, group presentation, done with bumbling incompetent group, crap happened probably, Abe says Akiva should put that in a livejournal entry, wrote a lot of crap for Pravda?, so Matt should make one, bitch!

Styger: Buca di Beppo, transportation, CTFWS, campus police, room reservations, Abe can be sure there are posters, lea's managing fencing- freshman (enter Lizza), What paint to we have? seafoam green, other stuff, dlstern can make paint run plans exist, bus route to station square- switching to the T? Bad idea with 30 people- they'll get eaten by bus monsters, buses took Safewalk training- travel in groups of three and never stop for strangers, 50-something

Matt: In high school school store called jigger store, Pravda?, work, likes cake, should get Emily some, probably won't, haven't received any useful mail, including bank statements, has a feeling there's some other thing he's supposed to be talking about, emailed Pravda? to Abe for website

Rebecca: made pie, leftover flour, has to find more stuff to cook, can make Akiva covered in flour, Saint Andre cheese- really good, can't stop eating it, but will have to stop when there's none left, Ivan's insurance company sucks- Ken Lalonde at Geico never is in his office- only works two hours a day, never answers messages

Emily: laptop being fixed, most of treasury is imaginary right now, sad and scary, t-shirts better start selling themselves soon, no bank statement, Abe wants a single- kill mkehrt or live in basement, has no idea what checks have been cashed- no bank statement, loves bgilbert, Lizza is an awful human being- hasn't made it to the tshirt place, will stab herself in the palm with her pencil, hates signed blank checks without dollar amounts on them, Abe finally sent Lizza the drawing, has an extra treasury, list of sizes ordered in what shirts, we like people that don't pay dues, buy lots of shirts, then pay dues, also like ex-members who hand us large checks

foo: Lizza: no shirts yet, tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning, work, gonna buy pastries for morning class tomorrow to butter up professor, blueprints, biscuits are made of butter, whip butter with sugar, flour, deep fry, garnished with crack, wes has a car, so does quuxum, Lizza should tell shirt people when we need them, there are people with baseball bats backing her up, if they can't do that volume, postpone Carnegie Hellon and booth, tabling


tshirt: goto foo (* minutes loop forever now, but it's ok, because I wrote a comment saying they loop forever *)

Misappropriation: tshirt: dream that they had awful poofy gold stuff on them

Booth- 7 things should be doing, handle on 5 of them- Saturday lumber truck comes, move wood, 3d portions- bottle- Jose Cuervo over Jack, photoshop, if he sends it to Abe, he'll have it done sometime before Carnival, should get new bottles in a week and a half, roofing materials, game- from the earth to the moon- fire a cannon at the moon, can it fire steam-powered robots? Mine cheese from it?, steam and PVC cannon recognition, first year mechies have an assignment due this week where they launch things- talk to some of them, different baskets with point values- plastic shit, more cheap platic shit, fake moustaches, we can run out of them and not tell people about them as long as we have enough plastic shit, glowsticks are great, plans will be approved in the next week before we start constructing sections, will start doing Friday stuff, need to build some and reface others, refacing is easy, some of the wall sections wanna become floor sections, buy food, post to bboard saying there will be food, once we have lumber, the hammer comes down, not spiralling out of control- kind of meandering, perambulating, whistling a jolly tune, what do you do with a half-built booth? Give Styger power tools, only dues-paying members who are activities fee paying students on midway, another shirt contest in about a week? FDA has gallery of old medicine

Judicious acclamation- mkehrt has to talk to people, remembers what he has to do

None of this can actually be happening, because the minutes are still looping, so I can say whatever I want here.

CTFWS rules: no proposed changes, not on Good Friday next year, Mkehrt likes kangaroos, hold on Saturday? Abe will take care of posters, ~kgb, send posters, needs volunteers to judge, rules meeting, Julie should invite administrative higher-ups

Old business: no

New business: thing disappeared from office- USB serial converter, gaming club hates us, someone moved all our stuff, president of gaming club claims four members have access to the room and closet, and he trusts all of them, check accesses? Get a lock for the new server?, put it in the ceiling tiles, throw it out the window, lock it to the desk and several cinder blocks, cover it in the stuff from poison ivy that makes you itch, lock it to/in the tshirt box, fan side up, 1981 Zenith- we might not care about protecting it


Schmucks: post office in Germany closed after "bomb threat"- malfunctioning female blow-up doll


Abe- no idea what the hell's happened over the last week, some days in it, exec, event, tiramisu, lots of rum in it, mkehrt ate more, someone has a laptop with aim sounds

Akiva- booth, we should work on booth, large pieces of wood we can clang together and make noise, his job is to foster fellowship with the community in addition to recruiting freshmen, if we work on booth, that would make him a great fellow, bohanlon's name is something unpronounceable, new people- Todd, directly battling things, history- already happened- can't be that hard, if you stew cranberries, something about rhubarb, Auffie (That's what it sounded like- I'm sure even if I heard it right, I misspelled it), following jgrafton around, Chris Jackson, CS, one finger double jointed, Luke, biochem/cheme, should all be cheme, Jewish holiday- Purim- get drunk and crossdress, sex

Styger- no event, CTFWS, 7500 at 1900, need judges- volunteer, lots of people, a lot of fun, pretty fucking nuts, bring all your friends, tell them to bring us money, fencing- take the fence if you can, particularly later in the week, but also now, sit on it and call all your friends, post to bboard, we'll paint it, lots of awful primer, awful colors- seafoam green, chalk tomorrow night, unless it rains, read bboard, posters all over campus, shirts- sell them in front of Doherty Thursday

Matt- wearing red, blue, white- French, almost finished Pravda?, this week amazing- dancing twice, kung fu twice, booth, went to protest and watched large crowds of people shout a lot, they didn't end war, but they decided it was bad, large paper mache puppet, drums, dancing, flags

Rebecca- booth, Christian pamphlet- YOU WILL DIE, YOU DESERVE TO BURN IN A PIT OF FIRE

Emily- email, 97 sets of tshirts that were just printed, where a set is one as every t-shirt, vaguely disappointed in the entire world- no Tartans, New York Times- top of it is all about dying, Bush decided to interrupt his vacation to decide whether parents or husbands should be in charge of deciding what to do for someone in the hospital, didn't do that over more important issues

Lizza- business meeting- can't come, not abandoning us forever, spring started, cool, free ice cream, pretty outside, hopefully will get even warmer


Booth- move on is in 2.5 weeks, we've got some shit to do and are going to do it a lot, booth Friday starting at 13 until 17 or 18 at Maggie Mo Kage, Sunday 14-18 Maggie Mo Kage, this week maybe also Wednesday 13-16, platforms to reface/build, fun, need to get a lot of it done, freshmen have a lot more time than any of the rest of us, become a pineapple, has to go now, someone should pimp the hell out of booth during announcements

Pop occultism- donate your time TO BOOOOOTH!

Fanfiction- Gratuitous amounts of Lars

getting t-shirts Wednesday, need another small allocation, don't have booth design for this year- another contest, running until next Wednesday's exec, read bboard/livejournal

Ad hoc committee to pimp the hell out of booth- pimps hell out of booth

jgrafton, celeste, csjackso get 1000 comrade points, someone else points for $1

Doomsday- move on in 2.5 weeks

Body hair- no one wanted this committee when she was giving away committees last year, tell her if you want it

Destroy Ohio- don't destroy Ohio by moving booth there- too far west

Timecube- above academic comprehension, mumblemumble

Assassin- new game starting Tuesday-ish

Overly wankerous politics- bill in Senate- refusal to pass without a roll call vote, needed quorum, called cslounge

Long coat committee (misappropriation) approves of Carmen's coat

Tower of Babel booth shawn's freshman year

Old Business:

pfennig- Ally- CTFWS-related injuries/powerpoint presentation

New business-

Committee to possess and give out the funds of KGB, that's what exec is for, committee to bring KGB down from the inside approves, mstephen wants check for $1000, committee of the whole already is that committee- more committees means more money to give out when we have the committee to give out the money, need pfriedma off bank account, wait a week or so, HUAC thinks it smacks of communism, throw money at each other, COMMIE! ZAP!, roll call vote, passes, $11 to mstephen, can't suspend rules of order to get allocation

Declare KGB the government in exile of Delaware- Delaware does not exist, tabled

Motion to create Delaware, passes, untable previous motion- how do we cross said Delaware- with a boat, motion to table to create stealth boat, motion to create stealth boat, passes by acclamation, untable, passes, $8.50 to Akiva, mkehrt, Styger, they're chairs, and Keith and rlambert

shawn- Allocation <= $_ for paint, _ = $60, passes

mkehrt- Allocation <= $40 for stopwatches for glyphs, passes

bgilbert- allocation <= $40 to fix suckage caused by people stealing things (Styger stole the Mac Mini), we lost a USB serial adaptor from office- need to replace adaptor and get a lock, passes

eleather- allocation <= $400 (only actually need 200-300) for remainder of tshirts, company not the one that originally produced Carnegie Hellon- will do Carnegie Hellon later, paid half the money, want the rest of it, so it would be cool if this passed, passes

allocate $10.46 for Gatorade and stuff to stop people from dying during CTFWS

We don't need to allocate to give shirts to people that designed them, but we do anyway

Raise taxes in Delaware 35%, passes

committee to obtain pigmy goats- no second



Do booth but don't die before CTFWS

Work on booth

After CTFWS allowed to die during booth

Go to Luke

What everyone else said about booth

Beta rules for CTFWS posted tonight, comment, final rules will be up

No event this week, don't show up to Wean 7500 at 7 pm

Luke says we need an equivalent of I need a Standing Ovation from playfair, rlambert wants a standing ovation, gets one, rbiggs wants a standing beat down

The corner gave Abe sticks, Emily heard coroner

gwillen wants RPG, mstephen too

room draw- rlambert wants to give someone a room

bohanlon- 7 computers in room, got Mac Mini

Exec 03.23.05:

Emily excuses bgilbert from booth obligations

Abe: had a week, no pressing work or exams, (random guy enters and asks if we're Spirit; we offer him Girl Scout cookies), TI89s and symbolic manipulation are pretty fucking awesome- helped him pass exam- midsemester grade was R, so that's good, other crap like t-shirts and a game

Mym: grading midterms- gave them all the values, could have done horrible integration, someone tried it

Akiva: Abe: How about the real 1VP gives a report? Akiva: Why?

Styger: people that aren't Akiva talk about contacting campus police and giving Lizza her check, everyone should make real allocations like Styger- $30, need Abe on the account so we can take him off it again, bohanlon and dlstern are officer of the week, xander 20 consolation, 1000, 15 days OMGWTF, magic Styger piece of paper, is this still Akiva's report? No- Styger was recognized, but Akiva will take credit

Matt: printing Pravda? tomorrow, corresponded with people giving us free jigsaw, could KGB be a charity?

Xander's not an officer

Rebecca: got minutes from Matt, going to post them tonight, sleepy, got Emily and Purple the apartment they wanted, Wes won't change all instances of "Owner" to "Pwnz0r" in the contract, worked on booth

Emily: We have $[censored], black and red paint, we're ok, have we talked to anyone about selling shirts outside? Matt asked about getting a table, they haven't said anything, in theory we get one, if we don't we can put a table in front of Doherty anyway, spacequest, tomorrow a better day to sell things- not forecast to be raining, people can table

Lizza (Akiva): We have t-shirts, might sell them or something, would offer herbs, spices, kicks to the head, but doesn't have any, cookies covered in chocolate, Akiva finished designing his experiment, so we get to be experimented on real soon

Booth: afternoon class canceled- super secret mission- build wall sections, Saturday getting paint/wood/more wood, got most of what we needed, Emily wants a monetary idea, dlstern doubts more than $[censored], Abe wants to see shirts, buy some, Friday 13-18, Sunday 14-18

NomCom chugging along kinda slowly, going to have a slate

OSPAM: orange duct tape

Enter tshirts

Event- most of pieces, going to have cheat sheets and rules, posters? Abe needs to finish and print, has a class, going to try to have them printed before class, otherwise around 20, staples, pneumatic staple gun, shot down in lounge- wand of vengeance race condition

Committee to Declare KGB the Government in Exile of Delaware- 26th- Jaws in the pool

Committee of the Whole- rules presentation- any thoughts about Ashlee volunteering? Sure, Alisa says put the tape on the tape, we have enough judges

We should have an event next week, fails for lack of a second, have a wake, 15 minutes of 8-9 standard events, we've had a lot of generic parties, we've had movie nights, lea has terrible movies, masquerade ball takes a lot of preparation, booth of popsicle sticks, not many rooms left, we can get chapel- seance, Bible study that has A18C reserved doesn't usually use it, showed up for Halloween party when people were piled on the floor, 3 rooms near each other, rooms for 30 people, full of desks, Scaife is full of sadness, 2210 open, KGB scares away whoever else is in A18, we get 5 rooms, CTFWS, booth, generic party, board, scavhunt, movie night, geek eat, we still don't have the first movie from Chuck, linear regression, []/useless stuff auction, UG tour, Mafia night, KGB travels through time, the Kompleat KGB [brdgd], n vwls t ll, vrbtn (the spelling changed about 5 times here)

Alisa is going to need allocation for stuff (~30), can't make allocation until Monday

Paint in fence? Seafoam green primer, might rain Thurs night, tonight optional, but definitely rain, build tent over fence, need someone to get paint, Mym can go to Home Despot, currently red, white, blue, we should paint it black, Christina compliments of Giant Eagle, need a good poster for shirt table

Don't step on Alisa