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Officer Reports

dlstern: Ticky boxes: breathing, watched Monkey Island, bread, party, ticky box! If too much money on plaid cash, exchangeable for micro brews.

csjackso: breathing, bear bread. party. Elise's boyfriend, and ticky. Event! Something about zombies. A walking tour of Oakland involving tours, walking, and pretending to be zombies. Lea will be training people in zombie makeup. Report is full of millions of people talking. After tour, there will be zombie moving showing at ~10:00.

Dom: no breathing - zombie. Went to party, ticky. Made pretty prints, but not pretty princess. Have stuff to submit to Pravda?. Should submit to Pravda?

back to lea: New people:

Adam:ECE:Washington D.C.:Likes spreadsheets. Paul:MechE:Brooklyn:Enjoy calculus. Arin:CIT::Feel tall today. Jake:CS:Texas:. Phil:CS:Orlando:had lunch. Andrew:CS:Maryland:Enjoy pasta. John:CS:Rockville, MD.:Ate a banana this morning. David:SHS:Buffalo, NY:Smells like bananas today. Daniel:CS:Peru:Might have had breakfast, but it didn't really count. Linda:SCS:NJ:Likes octopus legs. Evita:Math:Texas:Skirt is lopsided. Duncan:MCS:Amarillo Texas:Wearing a shirt that does not say anything. Ian:ECE:NY:From NY Matt:CS:Pennsylvania:Not on fire. Frank:CS::Side pockets of shorts have velcro. Zander:CS:Milwaukee:Likes penguins.

Lots of cool new freshman. Happy. Ticky: Ticky, breathing.

edanaher: ticky, NOT complexity theory, breathing, Spartacus.

eleather: not as much homework as should have, don't remember time. Got new computer. Don't hit with pennies. Getting kittens because everyone else has too many. Ticky, breathing, and most certainly Spartacus. Pay to become members - get to vote for real. Can also pay dues twice or three times. Could add a fourth option if enough people pay four times.

cmartens: tikky! Not Elise's boyfriend, though am Chris. Not sure. Not Matus. Had party. Had awesome cinnamon bread. Finished Monkey Island three. Slacker, did not do OS. Probably breathed. May have been suffocated by mkehrt. Not Spartacus, am a free man. But not a man.


Time travel committee reports that even from a 15-dimensional point of view, it's still going really slow.

World wide web victory committee: WBVC wishes to solicit stuff for propaganda posters for the KGB. E-mail: groenbjorg@gmail.com

mkehrt: dance committee to chrisamaphone/wes. ?? to Akiva. chair to Dave. SOCK PUPPETS: ON FIRE.

Pop occultism committee: Use your instincts now: if you fire your proton torpedos right now, you will destroy the Bush administration. All progress occurs because people care to be different. We are all individuals. Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress. No shirt committee asks lea to take shirt off. She's only wearing one. No-shirt committee reports ``damn. From twilight zone: top line is cut off: just says judgment. Response: let's come back here. Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience. He is still here because of patience, but if he were genius, wouldn't be here. You will be wise not to see too much from others... in bed.

Storytelling committee: has cold. two stories: pirates and submarines: this week is submarines. Messing around in boats. Submarines useful: skulk around and noone knows where you are until you throw stuff, or because you're listening. Problem: they ran on diesel engines and batteries. Run on diesel above nearby, then batteries underwater. doing this off of Pacific shore. Under naval fleet, they were found. So they tried to get out, but couldn't. Ran out of battery power, tried to surface. But everyone found them. Three days of this. Dying only as people on submarines can: diesel had fouled the air so everyone had a carbon monoxide headache, going to high ceilings. On covert mission: if they service, never any news ever again. There are worse things: like being trapped on a diesel sub. Surfaced, hailed by a vessel from the soviet fleet. Hello, unidentified ship. Soviet fleet thanks you for participating in a training exercise, will now escort you to International waters.

Old Business

ghannema had the pfennig. Bad reads are not Almond's fault.

greg4: resume discussion on the committee that will take seven years to pass. Tabled.

New Business

motion to create a committee called mornington crescent. Directly to vote: Passes, auction: Paul. Chair: him.

Motion to commend president for ``the monklike ferocity of Kevin Shui. Passed by acclamation

Motion to create the committee to prevent giant holes on campus. Will also prevent giant buildings from coming out of giant holes. Motion failed.

Motion to declare Akiva prettiest pro temp. Did not hear a second.

Motion to create the committee to promote giant holes on campus. Removing walking to the sky would leave a giant hole. Passed: Auction: Todd. Chair: self.

Motion to make an allocation not exceeding $5 for ketchup and mustard from barbecue. Acclamation. Settled by returning stuffs.

Motion to create the recoupment committee. Purpose: to do whatever Dave likes, whatever he likes. Dave likes to move it, move it. Also a fan of large posteriors and will not prevaricate. Does it remind Dave of anything? No. Passes: Auction: dlstern. Chair: self.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Event! Nonsense about title. 2210 at 7:00 for zombie shamble, 10:00 for movie.

Lea: If anyone knows halloween makeup available now: Spotlight costumes, South side.


Avika: stole a table and asked people to join their organization, got a page of signatures, only ~10 obviously made up, largely actual people who signed up because mkehrt and self great. Promised wouldn't sent them e-mail, but will track down SMC's and write letters.

dlstern: At activity fair guys going around trying to get student leaders to sign up for things. For student leaders who want to make a difference. But are there any conferences for student leaders interested in fucking around?

ghannema Feature picture on A2 of Ivan in Cthulu mask with a caption which shall not be read.

djreed: Surprised to buy a bag of chips with two Bible quotes: entropy sells fundamentalist potato chips.

lea: used to Devon reporting about fleas, kept replacing the word potato chips with fleas.

Alan: fundamentalists are like fleas.

Shawn: fundamentalists are usually schmucks.