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Officer Reports

dlstern: stuff happened, dressed for company info session because he wants to work for consulting. House now has one more kitten than before (1). Kitten is after me lucky charms. They sound not unlike dry cat food.

lea/dlstern: In D.C. on an architecture trip, or on a bus back. Or got back. Has work maybe. Peter:ChemE:can dislocate thumb on demand. Luke:MCS:Occasionally pace when thinking. Kat:Archie:left handed. Carla:Archie:can wiggle ears. David:MechE:Have double jointed thumbs. Justin:ECE:Wearing a black shirt. Damin:IS:Not wearing a black shirt. Alex:ChemE:8th person to say name Samir:CS:Didn't care when facebook changed its layout Jackson:CS:Likes pizza Johnathon:CS:Wearing a black shirt with yellow letters. Cass:CS:Own four different brown sweaters.

csjackso: Event is on the wrong side. Event: Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees. Bring stuffs! Meeting in front of Doherty.

Dom: Body part of the week is Edward Fingerforks. Had a week full of bombs, awful, then made pretty pictures. Everyone should submit to Pravda! Including manifestos. E-mail ddagradi@andrew or kgb@andrew. Submit anything alive, dead, corporeal, incorporeal, preferable written and/or 2-dimensional. There are side effects to submitting to pravda?

edanaher: did homework. Have broken attendance sheet.

em/dlstern: Long anecdotes about day, but told quickly. KGB treasury, if we absconded to Bermuda, would pay for one and a half point 18 7-day-vacations. We need a table.

cmartens/gwillen: I'm chrisamaphone, small and cute. Did OS over the weekend and it was awesome and done now, and OS TA's are dumb, and I got a kitten and she's pretty. On Friday I was a real live OS zombie: painted like one and did OS. Got a kitten.


Pop occultism committee: does anyone know what Triple Helix is? SuperDNA! It will be meeting outside in the grass. Anyone can memorize things but the important thing is to understand. What is the distance between the eyes and the soul? Descartes: 3 inches. There are two ways to shine: be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. gwillen can be the moth. Your future is whatever you make of it, so make it a good one, because the future is where you and I will spending the rest of our lives. Anyone can memorize things but the important thing is to understand. I don't get it. In God we trust, all others must pay cash. Classic: It takes sweet. In bed.

Totally fucked up weather committee reports a high of 81 and a low of 45, 40% chance of ``violent thunderstorms.

Misappropriations committee reports time-travel committee went back 33 years and discovered that 33 years from then, he would turn 33 years old.

Real time travel committee reports: Oh God! Bioengineered algae. And if you don't know why, wait two weeks.

Assassination committee reports success.

Mornington Crescent committee will report when Greg shows up.


Messing around in boats part three. Before, bringing stuff back would use Dutch sailing ships, throw one to pirates, the rest get away. Now we throw things in big standardized shipping containers. put them on big slow ships. Still have pirates, but generally get boat going into port slowly. Go to one particular container, take it. Captain and crew watch it occur: insurance covers it, and the guys usually have automatic weapons. Straights of Malacca: cuts 220 miles of trip from China to west, but have to go really slow, and guys keep taking stuff. Ship going through, guys on boat, climb up, then take bridge, hold everybody hostage for about an hour, then they leave. Nothing taken, noone hurt. Apparently practice.

Report: lea: there are architects! In D.C., kind of sucked, lots of monuments, saw lambert, hit on cook who was kind of old. Dave and jcreed are preppy. Didn't get much sleep, drawing outside in the rain for 9 hours. Went to Mount Vernon. There was an eighteenth century craft fair which was European stuff of the wrong social class. Kept setting off cannon. Saw a girl dancing naked in her window across from her hotel room.

Old Business

pfennig: Gwillen: lateness of grading of project 0.

New Business

Conner: we're boring.

csjackso: Motion to allocate no more than $30 for event.

Todd: turning in receipt for receipt, will show up to exec.

Ivan: Motion to create the committee for practice. Purpose: to practice. It makes perfect. Target practice? Practice of Law? Motion to table the motion so he has to do it again. Can we practice? Not a practice vote. Tabled.

Jared: Motion to create the committee for stick-figure exec. Purpose: to make stick figure exec. At some point last year Jess wes making stick figures of people who live in Sherbrook. Also opens up for paper doll exec for next summer. Passes: Auction: $2 to Todd, chair is Carmen, with self backup chair.

mstephen: Amontillado committee: no motion.

Committee for intoxicating puppies moves that kittens get intoxicated.

akiva: Motion to change Dave's name to montresaur. Could just put Dom back behind the boards. There's booze involved. Passes.

Paul: motion to create the vaudeville committee. Purpose: to get better at a thing, do it more often. So purpose is to practice. Apparently it makes perfect_

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Gwillen: I got a kitten! I got a kitten!

csjackso. Have an event.

Conner: violent thunderstorms tonight.

Val: Got interviewed yesterday by a NY times reporter, mentioned KGB, so might be sending a photographer.


Tmoss: Motion to leave.