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Officer Reports

dlstern (kazoo wielding overlord): Kazoo.

lea: Hates Dave. Had a weekend, archies, over, half left before movie. Also, uvula. Been cat dancing for a few hours: click-type-click-type-click-type. Doesn't want to give meeting back to Dave.

Katie:1st year grad student, robotics:Boston/Seattle: Jamie:1st year business student:Phillie:ticklish. Bob:NY Times, was photography::...

csjackso: Tempted to give report in interpretive dance. Enhancing credibility on blackboard. Event: KGB feeding frenzy. People bring food. Yay food. CTFWS: Friday, Nov 10. Kernel not due. The one event that everyone should go to because it's awesome. (Em:) 7500, 7PM. Comments on rules should be submitted to exec@cmukgb.org.

Dom: Got to watch Mackie imitate Cummings for class. Platinum is poisonous: need to submit to Pravda?: Dave and Shawn. Everyone should submit to Pravda? It's delicious. Submit anything! Everything! kgb@andrew. Also, submitting to Dom. A family friendly organization. We condone, but do not endorse.

edanaher: Attendance sheet! Exists. Had a weekend.

em: Had a weekend, busy, fun, singing, other cool stuff. Look at self. look at neighbors. They're missing their souls: KGB's budget is all souls, plus some cash. Should pay dues if in the non-members part of the list. Members get to vote, support stuff, cheap shirts. Multiple memberships get same discount, more help paying for both, get to vote additional times, except elections. [Pennies]: pennies good, smaller, higher value good. Canadian bad, other foreign currency goes into the 5+year old jar of foreign currency.

cmartens: Had a weekend: Full of OS again. May be a trend. Wearing the same shirt as jcreed, so feels awesome. Maybe can steal brain waves.


Cecil Rose Committee for the extension of the British Empire yields to time travel,

Short-haired committee reports that Elise has short hair.

Pop occultism: Shawn joined short hair committee. Imitating Herr Vogel. A thing of great beauty with bring you great joy and gratitude. You don't get in life what you want, you get what you are, but sometimes if you try, you just might find, you get KGB. Principle business of life is to enjoy it, KGB, enjoy, CMU: it got cut off. Never forget a friend, especially if he owes you. Paul owes for the time back in 1992 when he paid his bail... Dave owes for blowing Kazoo in face. Not funny, back to physics.

Misappropriations: partial success from mstephen, queen of the desert committee: has a hat made in Melbourne, Australia.

Steelers committee: did not lose a game this weekend, hope trend will continue when they play.

Character assassination reports success.

Morning Story Crescent telling committee: Nine pages long: Table Fencing:

``We with take a short break from committees soon for a brief reading of Ulysses on Kazoo.. It happens.

Alan: only three people have ever known how to play Table fencing. One is dead, one is in an asylum, and Paul lost the appendix.

Row of Matts assembles and rolls out.

Old Business

Pfennig: Gzearfoss: Overdue homework.

New Business

Allocation for $10 for drinks and cups for potluck. (Note: everything else must be provided). Passes by acclamation.

Motion to create the assassinate kazoos committee. Purpose: too assassinate kazoos and people playing kazoos. Committee to assassinate the president approves. Vote: Passed. Auction: Greg for $2.50. Chair self.

Motion to create the committee to drag this out a little bit longer. No second.

Motion to create the committee for small companions of dwarf stars.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

csjackso: event: still same event, still written on board. Also, CTFWs. Also, Dave is dumb. Also, cheating.

Dom: submit to pravda?

Gwillen: assassins is happening: lcoyne or bboard if interested. Game where you have a target, goal is to kill target by hitting with a balled-up sock. Rules and stuff posted to assocs.kgb.assassins.

Shawn: if only more organizations would cultivate paranoia by hitting people with socks. Like, the UN. And Bush.

Dave: Alright! (He can talk!) Booth! Part of Spring carnival. Midway - has booths with games. Spend time and money on it. Deadlines starting to come up. Need booth chairs. Had three last year, all either graduated, or not doing it three years in a row. A significant amount of work, but lots of fun. If interested, e-mail exec@cmukgb.org. If curious about being a booth chair, e-mail dlstern@andrew, cause he did it twice.


Tyler: people who ordered shirts from jgrafton should do stuff.

Alan: * and self, and Tibeten shirpas will run a game of Table Fencing between now and the heat death of the universe. Probably in 7500. The year.

Em: Too lazy to move hands during relevant announcements, but should pay dues. Will matter for booth vote coming up soon.

Dave: went to pay rent, acoustic music works across the street. Got a thing for guitar. Got a $1 kazoo.

edanaher: have a chair, not on the floor.

gwillen: Request out of order report from the conga line committee. With kazoo music.

lea: people should submit comics to the tartan.