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Officer Reports

dlstern: firstestest ocifer to ocifer report. Did interviews, found out that as you compose punk songs, you get dumb. This week, more interviews, then flown out to Chicago for more interviews. There were fetus-picture protesters on Forbes. (Psyfe was turned on). Made Dave hungry, because skipped lunch and meat is meat.

lea: found post-it notes in the hallway earlier. People should submit to Tartan comics, and to Dom. These with be in Pravda? Birds and fishes. Adam Lederer:ECE:Alexandria Virginia:Lives in New house. Alex:ECE:TJ/Texas:Eats pizza every day.

csjackso: Name is normal! In computer music, watched a boring video for an hour and a half, learned two things: professors looked the same for 20 years, and computer music was all about bad horror movie music. Have an event: KGB camping. Like summer camp! Smores, activities. On Friday 13.

Dom: Just got a submission to Pravda?! Homework put off until Friday. Pravda next week, so should submit! to! Pravda?! Send submissions to ddagradi.

edanaher: Grading and complexity, have chair and halo, now.

eleather: Had a lot of fun this weekend, saw stuff, gaming, have cute kittens, good at climbing other things. Subject of loving: No Sacajawea's. Ten dimes are better, unless soldered together.

cmartens: not here, nor is substitute cmartens.


Steelers committee: Oh God No!

Pop occultism: German proverb: no trees touch the sky: didn't realize Jimmy Hendricks plants trees. Deep, deep faith illuminates fear. Deep water illuminates your oxygen supply. Love is a present that can be given every day you live. Also, STDs. You look pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty and witty, and gay!

Misappropriations: Propagation of random art on campus: point of interest: campus police has a running pool for which organization gets flag on top of walking to the sky. Campus police badge would be interesting. Underwear committee adds suggestion.

Almond: request report from stick-figure exec. Not here.

Misappropriations: Kinky answers previous question.

Assassins: starts tonight, needs more people.

Quuxom: request report from committee to kick Teki in the ass.

Committee for really annoying realizations reports that banks are closed on Columbus day.

Kazoo assassination committee reports that friends don't let friends play kazoos because friends don't like stabbing friends through the eye with kazoos..

WWW victory committee reports pretty posters.

Storytelling: Parental advisory sticker? Filthier corners of the English language. Kurt Vonnegut's favorite joke. London Times did thing on limericks, including contest, publish top three limericks. They tend to be off-color. Not normally published, but in this case, would make an exception. Lots of submissions, third one: good , filthy. Second was better, but awful. The first one was agreed that it should never see the light of day. Everyone finds the author: She was 40, living in Oxford. Want to know what she wrote, won't tell. Interviewer has famous program, decides to interview her. She's honored to have him, invites him in. Wants her on the show to tell her story. Read the limerick, but can replace any word/syllable with something nonsensical. She agrees. Talk about her, everyone knows she's going to read it. Will replace any uncomfortable syllable with da. Says: da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da fucking cunt.

Misappropriations always thought that Kurt Vonnegut's favorite joke was the universe.

Old Business

pfennig: Glissen: pudding. Blamed for jello in CMU cafe.

New Business

Motion to create the book committee: Doomsday committee likes books. Fold spindle, mutilate committee reports that books are hard to read without eyes. Also hard to read books inside of a dog. Passes, auction: Paul $4, chair self.

Motion to make supermanatee the KGB mascot for at least 30 minutes. Dave: Fuck you! Hilarity with the projector. Passes.

Motion to pass this motion by acclamation. Fails.

Motion to create the committee to promote elder gods. Change to create the committee to promote bespectacled avuncular elder gods. Passes: $4 to mstephen, chair is self.

Motion to create the committee to abuse the NY Times. Purpose: to abuse the NY Times for the fact that they missed NY nukes. Because it's the early edition. Respectable avuncular god committee reports that each nuke brings us closer to Aziroth. Motion to change NY Times to Pravda? Not friendly, or pursued. Fails.

Motion to create a screenshot of a salute of the president fails.

Motion to create the Greg Zearfoss memorial committee. Purpose: to speak of Greg as if he were dead. Greg approves. If he were here, he would approve. Passes: $8 to Quuxom, chair self.

Motion to declare jcreed a hero of the people so we can have a party for him. Request jcreed to strike a heroic pose. Passes by acclamation.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Still have an announcement, same, will be on bboard. Nothing interesting will happen.

Assassins begins midnight.

Booth: will decide real soon now, if interested in being chair, should do it! It's fun. Have to be a CMU student. Maybe can have unofficial chairs.

CTFwS: November 10: tell Ed Ryan! Pretend to be a cute girl.


Em: CMU is weird: got an e-mail that everyone gets late days because they couldn't write it again. Third out of four, wouldn't give them. Asked to be on code review committee. That's Honor code.

Should see SnS on Saturday.

In the last two weeks have written screen play on fictional empire, also working on a real empire.

Motion to adj---