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Ocifer Reports

dlstern: firstestest ocifer. had a weekend, don't remember much of it. Not drunk, just don't remember. Next weekend will be different. Half of costume idea figured out. Now just need to buy stuff. Bunch of essays to write, interviews.

lea: Good things about things that committee for random art on campus might report on. Had a weekend. This many, not this many wrong. Eating lots of tasty s'mores. Addiction is bad. Got to see people rock out, without Alan. No new people. But should be someone from Wean.

csjackso: It's near halloween, so candy is super cheap. So buy candy from across the street. Event: Halloween party. come in costume, ridicule because costume was made 10 minutes before the party, or because you spent too long on it. Decorations and dancing. PH A18 7:00 Friday.

ddagradi: Had a weekend. Lotta weekend. Played music. Got married to lea on Friday, divorced a few minutes later. The bum is the trick. Six pages of pravda?. More pravda? if people submit to pravda?

edanaher: Weekend was this many, because of grading 212 midterm and assignment 3.

em: weekend was a good length. Three. Didn't use fingers, so it's the right number. KGB has enough money to buy an infinite amount of Candy-corn at after-halloween prices. Eat a bag for lunch, a bag for dinner. Sent an e-mail to Qatar, asking about bringing plants and a kitten. Allowed to bring dogs, so maybe kitten?

cmartens: mostly invisible weekend, did OS. Have simics on laptop, don't have to live in cluster. Lost wallet on Beeler, another OS student found it, gave it back in cluster.

New Business

Chris chairs meetings for booth again.

Shawn: to make meeting go faster, a lot of discussion last week was a lot of people wondering about firmer ideas for Booth or other ideas. More to say?

Em: report from Tyler on dates?

Tyler: this week, theme and where plots are. By next week, need to have individual themes picked.

Tyler: next week, midway layout sketches, week after individual themes, plot sketches. Rules committee, contracts on 11/13, finalized by 11/27.

Em: find out overall theme, decide if we have a theme.

akiva: after last week, heard a lot of people interested in alternatives, came up with huge list in a half hour. Lots of awesome ideas, suggest that we do these things instead of booth. Could do booth and some of these things, but booth takes a lot of energy, and care/will/space in cage is used up by Booth, so suggest not bothering with booth. Also pink hats for $4. Also, started working on one of the projects: have a bunch of plaster posts to go on top of the fence. Can do stuff without a deadline!

dlstern: first, feel like if we want to, a lot of those things could be done at the same time as booth, but would probably be served best as an organization by taking a year off, making internal improvements, organization, cage inventory, preliminary planning for booth next year.

Em: that was a good point, been in discussion, hasn't happened. Before voting to not do booth, in the organization's interest to find out what the theme is: problem with past years is that we've done off things with the theme, didn't impress judges or people. If it's a good theme, maybe do booth anyway because we won't get another good the for a while.

Motion to vote on attending the meeting to find out if we want to do booth. Passes.

Em can go to the meeting.


LJ committee reports: some may have heard that LJ has a crazy bargain with the Russian Telecommunications Company. So Russian livejournal users changed icons to "Beware the KGB". We are not spying on them.

1992 edition of committee for secret affairs reports that we are spying on them.

Pop occultism: Last week's report was embarrassing. This week will be funnier. There is no substitute for hard work. Will you marry me? Don't give in to cynicism - until after you've seen your midterm grades. Our first and last love is self love - will you marry you? A small gift can bring joy to the whole family. Like ebola. A frivolous gift is a gift nonetheless. Ebola. No greater pleasure than seeing your loved one prosper. With ebola. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Don't want to be entire hordes of Japanese school girls throwing them at self. A merry heart does good like medicine. Do it because you love it.

Ad hoc committee for planet control reports glee!

lea: when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, because that's what inside.

The tartan is convenient for covering chickenwire.

Committee to suggest random archery target on campus redefines campus as a region of control sort of thing. SCA has another week or two of archery campus.

row of Matts. Roll call.

What happens if you squeeze a blood orange?

Shawn; Steelers committee reports Panthers doing well, Penguins doing well, lots of things to be happy about.

May have noticed snow today. Having lived here since 1990, come to some conclusions on how to deal with winters. Cold, but not cold enough to be dry. So if walking around outside, walking through slush, or on ice which breaks into slush ankle-deep. How to deal with it: wool socks. Keep feet warm, keep feet warm when wet with icy water. More wind than you think. So wear something wind proof. Please buy a good hat.

Storytelling/Challah bread. Many reasons to go to Italy, one to go to France. One for Italy is to stand six feet inside a building in Florence: as far away from the Baptistry as it is tall - in 1415, someone painting a painting right there. He was an architect and sculptor, not painter. The first time anyone used perspective to paint a picture. Unfortunately, put a visitor's center there, so it doesn't work so well. One reason to visit France: in the Cathedral at Chartres, a little before, the people who built it put a pattern in tile on the floor, one pattern was a labyrinth. Not a maze, just one path, but trick is to follow it. Christian reason: oriented W-E, so approaching and receding the altar. Pilgrims had sticks - three hour masses, no sticks. Put in chairs 16th century, decided labyrinth was Pagan. Remained until 1995, when labyrinth enthusiasts from Southern California got on a plane, went there. Two stayed in the cafe across the street. Other 38 went into cathedral, calmly, respectfully picked up chairs, moved off to side, each walked the labyrinth, bishop is bemused, put the chairs back, thanked the bishop, and walked out. Now at the cathedral, every Friday, noon-5 take the chairs off the labyrinth. Also, this campus could use a labyrinth.

akiva: wandering around near house in Cambridge, found pattern spraypainted into a parking lot.

Alan: some committee: in Anglican Christianity, labyrinths are having a revival, a labyrinth project to put them in public places, KGB should get them to make it. Could work with cross-seekers on it. You go right ahead.

Old Business

Pfennig: csjackso: blue.

Untable discussion on committee which will take seven years to pass. Call to question, objection. Motion to destroy this motion and erase it from the annals of time. Amended to motion to destroy the motion for 6 years and 364 days. Motion to amend ... shawn saves us. Shawn: move to postpone the motion indefinitely.

new business:

Akiva: motion to make someone other than akiva bring Kosher salt to the next meeting, so it can be destroyed properly. It's like a slug. Passes.

Ross: just saying hi to lea. Resolution to recognize today as the most accurate mole day we'll have for a century. 6-10-23

Allocate at most $75 for food/decorations this week. Passes by voice vote.

Alan: motion to designate November 3 as vole day. Passes.

Akiva: motion to make an allocation not to exceed $30 for Dali fence stuff. Could or could not reference KGB. Idea: make fence look like a Dali painting. Making fake plaster fence posts that are kind of melty, as well as an additional fence post, melty stuff. No cloth pocket watch yet. Would like money for it. Hopefully be up soon: posts are basically done, just want to paint and do cross-posts stuff. Maybe night before Halloween. Apparently Sig-Tau will be holding fence for a while. Move to amend to $100 in case we buy new paint, and also use melted fence to promote CTFWS. Snow/rain shouldn't be a problem, since it's plaster. Passes.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Event! Halloween party, come in costume. Secretly won't ridicule people, or will ridicule people secretly.

How to post to the bboard. CMU has bulletin boards - cmu.misc.market - sell, buy, flame wars. KGB has a bboard: assocs.kgb - post events, stuff like fence, this is funny, stuff. Go to the folders tab on webmail. Pine is also easy. Just remember folders. If not on campus, have comrades, a list that's a mirror. Post to bboard by post+assocs.kgb@andrew.

Also LiveJournal community.

Also, CTFWS in three weeks. Will post to bboard and LJ community - need judges. Email exec@cmukgb.org if want to.

exec@cmukgb.org will tend to find officers really fast. Not just for judges - generically for things that need attention.

Booth meeting tonight, if people from KGB want to give input on theme, may want to show up. DH 1212.


shawn: Eclectic studies group: 6:30: PH 226B: Alan and Shawn doing sacred geometry.

dlstern: People should have hats. Never remember to buy knit caps, and always lose them. Have crafty friends who need projects. So if you need a project, Dave needs a hat.

Akiva: Still the case that KGB could buy everyone one of those hats.

Aument: if any girl has size 12 shoes or larger: (Halloween costume).

Paul: chimney is falling apart.