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Officer Reports

dlstern: Topestest executive. Have lots of work between Sunday and now. work, papers, work. Presentation was kind of gratifying: humanities gets feedback you don't get: E.g., respect having the closing credits be a man being beaten. Nicest character is beaten to death. Mother's birthday, called her, she wasn't there. Left a message. Calling back.

lea: Dom's mean, Evan's mean. Had a weekend. Dom had a better one, giving up time.

Becky:Bio:NJ:was wearing shoes before, put on sandals.

[Happy birthday, Dave's mom into the phone]

csjackso: Lea's report ended three times. Everyone should have come to the Halloween party, there was Goth twister. Fun things: a programming language needed for class is broken on Macbook, but not the instructor's Macbook Pro. Event this week: Remember, remember the third of November. Theme: Guy Fawkes effigy cake, burn with frosting. Also famous monuments made of legos. And hand puppet giant monsters: Godzilla released in Japan on November 3. Cake probably provided by Geagle, not religious groups. Can channel mkehrt.

dom: Not telling about weekend because parts were scandalous. Bums, not marriage. Can't really talk, so people up here for barbershop quintent of Lea (sort of), Shawn, Paul, Todd, Alan for SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.

edanaher: have free time, classes stopped giving homework, probably won't last.

em: went to Swigley, Erin and self learned to drive stick by driving a car alone. Got syrup, that's the important part. Pat was in town, super awesome. Other cool people in town who noone knows, including my king/Mike King. [pennies with chair.] Weekend: zany umbrella circus: went to ARL at least twice, took back three kittens, got five. Including tiny orange ones.

cmartens: did OS all weekend, not surprising. There at midnight and at 9:00, but moved in between. Jess and cmartens have full service TA's who make them cookies.


Pop occultism: Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun. Why not in OS. A friend asks only for your time and not money. Em, how much are dues? Remember that. Also useless person auction. When you expect your opponent to yield, you should also avoid hurting them. Submit to Pravda, Dom, and we won't hurt you. Whenever possible keep it simple. In bed.

Misappropriations for wean ad-hoc - email jgrafton for wean shirts.

Shawn: Steelers committee reports will not be committing suicide, something worth living for: the Warcraft expansion is coming out.

Misappropriations for Mom Com, reports success.

Storytelling committee: Tomorrow is Halloween, so a ghost story. But need bonfires, fire here might be a bad idea. Growing up in Connecticut in 80's,90's. I-84 comes south and west from Hartford, into clover leaf to 9. When in high school (no math), 9 hadn't been connected yet, had to go through Farmington, wealthy people with nice houses, didn't like highway. But got scrapped after bridges. So for a while drove down road with empty bridges over them. High school students on them, but didn't see them because they were careful. People were EMT's, pyrophiles. Could walk south off of cloverleaf, get to overpass where brush, trees, piled. Not built up because supposed to be highway. So good place for bonfire. One night had a food 12-foot flame, 6-foot fire going, a friend pulls out propane, asks what would happen if it went in the bonfire. Then had to do it. Everyone else went away, then he ran away too, looking over shoulder to not miss it. Bonfire keeps burning, nothing happens. A car started coming, wonders about going down and checking on it. Then huge ball of fire, wonder what the people in the car thought: hit the bottom of the bridge and branched. So right as they hit the bridge... Now have bonfire, can make ghost story.

Some time ago, in midwest, was a woman who was a local affiliate news anchor, with a huge problem: overattenuated blush response. Don't understand it, deep voodoo magic in the nervous system. So would become embarrassed, blush, more embarrassed. Pancake makeup didn't work; she didn't look human. Hypnotherapy didn't help, so got pushed later and later, didn't work out. Discovered there was an experimental procedure: two nerves go from spine, over shoulder blades. Control sweating above the waist. lower heart rate, and stem the blush response. So she tried it, and it worked. Just fine for three days, then got depressed and quit the station: she was no longer becoming embarrassed, not the same person. In radio now, doing much better.

Old Business

pfennig: csjackso -> Alan, Anything which takes place inside the human nervous system.

New Business

Motion to get it over with, amended to a final motion on whether we will do booth. [csjackso chair again]. Shawn moves that KGB do Booth this year. Overall theme is small things made big.

dlstern: Two things: obligatory penis joke (too big to get out of the way). Second: as booth chair past two years, summarize: Booth is a good thing, KGB generally wants to do it, but this year, given state of cage, other improvements we need to make, suggest that take this year off, organize cage, improve shop, plan for next year.

dom: when booth chairs against, might want to listen to experience.

Glisson: in favor of not doing booth for preparing for next year, do other projects. If not do booth, should make sure we actually do stuff.

Could do an alternative project related to booth, but outside of booth.

Shawn: move to question,

Em: object, originally intended to get ideas from interested people over the weekend. Didn't get to it, nor did anyone else. Good arguments for taking a year off, also arguments against: lose almost all of institutional memory of booth. Traditionally asked to vote if willing to put in time and effort; this year has tended to be as an organization should we do it? Suggest voting the traditional way.

Tyler: [Past booth chairs; Dave, Styger.] Won't have experienced booth chairs in the future. Suggest if not do booth, send someone to meetings, so people know what's going on next year.

dlstern: Preserving institutional memory is important: KGB forgets how to do it because we never put stuff down, so part of the plan for the next year.

quuxom: Does not doing booth preclude from working on midway, is blitz booth an option:

dlstern: Blitz not an option.

Em: Midway shifts are covered by booth organization, part of the requirements; won't take groups that can't be fined. However, could take shifts for selling tickets, but boring and don't involve radios.

Akiva: willing to help organize non-booth activities, would be cool to do something different, took a year off before, did well afterwards.

quuxom: do we have a two-year booth process in place?

Baba Yaga was successful in the 90's, 2001 may have been failed, or just off, but not currently a 2-year booth plan.

dlstern: if elected, have a secret plan to get us out of booth-inom.

Vote: Not doing booth.

Alan: motion to elect shadow booth chair to go to meetings... just let Dom do it.

Akiva: establish process for doing stuff that's not booth, Out of order.

Em: Suggest all ideas for non-booth stuff sent to exec and nothing be done expecting KGB's name/materials/money not go forth without exec and possibly vetting by the general body. Passes by acclamation.

csjackso: Oh man, allocation not to exceed $75 for event. Amended to $100. Passes by acclamation.

Motion to appoint someone to jump for joy because the booth business is done for the year. Amended to motion to jump for joy because we're sick of wankery.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

csjackso: Oh man, oh man, oh man. Event on Friday, at 7:00, will be great, in a different place.

Dom: Alan; Submit to pravda by e-mailing ddagradi@andrew.

Akiva: Have dali-painting fence thing tomorrow around 7:00, will post to the bboard.

Tyler: People holding the fence have a party on the 11, may be reluctant to give up the fence.

Tyler: Not sure who's going to booth meetings, but Monday at 10:00 PM in 1212.

dlstern: Now that booth is done, will do some cage-stuff.


ESG: Tarot cards. Shawn (+ others) will be discussing them at 6:30 in PH 226B.

Jgg: on the way to meeting, saw most inexplicable thing: girl walking down street in underwear.

Almond: leave.