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Officer Reports

dlstern: Had a weekend - mostly work. Playing music and burger and stuff not remembered. [phone]

lea: Got yelled at for daring to leave studio 15 minutes after it ended. Went to dinner with Ross's parents and people. Nothing interesting.

Jimmy:MechE:Middletown, PA:

dlstern: didn't finish before. On Friday before Halloween, shaved off beard, now it's back.

csjackso: It was a weekend. Parent's weekend. So old people around. Event is CtfWS: if you didn't know that, Thbt. Wean 7500 7:00 for rules. Show up later, get yelled at. Judging room is 8427 Wean.

Dom: Went to Chicago to get suspenders. Also for ex-girlfriend and Dad. Went ``shopping for suspenders. Back for good now. Also got voice back, from concert, so SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.

edanaher: [stare]. End report.

eleather: a thing due in 17 minutes, so no report yet.

cmartens: So confused, no pennies on the ground. Have pants!


Pop occultism: There's absolutely no substitute for a genuine preparation. Always, always practice humility: no matter how much it's practiced, can't get it right despite excellence in everything. Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. If that means a person with Asperger's who is in the NY times, so be it. Copyright Wizards of the Coast ... Age 13+.

Time travel committee reports November 3, 2002, November 3, 2002, November 3, 2002, Suzuki, we don't know either.

Steelers committee invites guest speaker Paul: We should remember that for most of the game, they played really well.

Greg Zearfoss memorial committee reports no undead Greg Zearfosses this past Halloween.

Ectoparasite committee reports it wants to suck your blood.

Ornithopter committee: airspace above Wean/Doherty is neutral ground.

Misappropriations committee: in the future everyone will have his own jcreed committee: some might be John Lennon. [with glasses]

Committee for Vaudeville is going to sing for 4 hours.

Postulate if instead of air steak wrapped in bacon around Em asks to picture jcreed in a boat on a river.

Storytelling committee: on fire. Eastern Pennsylvania has a thing for coal. A fair amount of high quality coal. Many towns prospered on it. In the late 60's, a town called Centralia. Fire in the town dump, nobody cared, fire burned. Bureaucratic: someone should put that out. Too late, people noticed that a seam of coal had come up, and risen to ground under the dump, so the coal was on fire. So, you, over there... It'll go out. A year later... it'll go out... for the 70's, Centralia was a town with a fire under it. Underground, no problems. In 1984, crevesses opening up, roads breaking up, plants dying. Federal government: we'll buy you out: we'll buy your property, eventually buy whole town. Government gives you money, you take stuff, then backfill everything, lay down sod. People stayed because they had some rights to the coal underneath them, waiving by leaving. Today: there are three houses left, a general store, but sidewalk, street signs still there. So entire town plan full of empty grass lots, well tended by the federal government.

Greg Zearfoss: what are you doing here?

Em: Not sure enough money to repay for the day just spent. Group members. Get a chair because Evan is scared, scared/intimidation is good. [pennies!] Pay dues if you haven't. If you have, pay again. listen to Shawn. Gets dues again for gratitude.

Old Business

Pfennig: jgg; broncos.

New Business

Shawn: Motion to create the Dom is a sexy bitch committee. Purpose: to remind everyone that Dom is a sexy bitch. Vote: Passes, Shawn: $5, works cause he paid $20 for second dues.

Motion to create the Anthrocyte versus Bittumen committee to discuss different types of coal. Amended to boring discussions about coal committee. Passes, $17 to Quuxom, self and Alan chair.

Motion to create the never again, the boring times committee: Passes, Andrew $8 chair

Motion to create the committee: committee to get caught sneaking into stadia. Steelers committee would like to press chargers. Passes, $2.50 to gzearfoss, self chair

Motion to use KGB's money to buy Dom a monocle. Amended to allocation not to exceed $10 to buy Dom a monocle. Okay, the way committees are selling. Amended to an allocation for a whichever member of exec exec feels fit to wear it. Committee to bring KGB down from the inside supports. The next round of awesome exec photos should be using the monocle. Dave will be the monopoly guy. Vote, Passes.

Motion to allocate money not to exceed $100 for CtfWS things.

Misappropriations committee move that committee to speak about Gzearfoss as if he were dead would like to memorialize gzearfoss about that time he bought that committee about stadia. Fails.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

csjackso: still an event, still NNnnnnnn... (Also know as CtfWS). Now has a place and time: 7500 at 7:00 for rules. If we're not their, early or late, so go to judges room 8427, and will laugh, and let you start playing.

Alan: W3VC solicits suggestions/contributions for how to advertise NNlll this weekend, preferably in Soviet style.

cmartens: we have a wiki. wiki.cmukgb.org: can go to it, get an account, add and edit things, encouraged to do so. Will post LJ and bboard and get old people.

dlstern: If interested in judging for CtFwS, it's not too late to e-mail exec. Tomorrow, will send out e-mail to those who are interested. Also, if expressed interest, a meeting Wednesday after exec to discuss judging - what judges do, etc. Rules are on website, wiki. Did not change from spring rules.

akiva: melting the fence thing, hopefully advertising CtfWs, but people there will be there for a while. Working tomorrow night, and if getting fence, lots of work.

dlstern: after meeting, a brief meeting on planning how to plan awesome things - process for making stuff happen. Pushed to next week.


vkaplan: [NY Times] So weird, it has made national news.

Dom: Dad's giving a concert at Duquesne, 7:30, New Orleans Jazz.

Shawn: ESG tonight: Alan speaking on Sacred Geometry. Pythagoras, Plato, golden ratio, pi, and stuff. PH 226B.

Paul: next Saturday, 8:00 Bellfield at Pitt, three guys from Tuva who can sing chords.

Akiva: filming a movie on campus. Have fun.