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KGB General Body Meeting 05/11/08

Officer Reports!

President: Lightening meeting. Not nice outside.

First VP: Not Glisson. People studying. Philly, CS studying for final. New York. Math. Failing final. Rec Sec fails at hearing names.

Second VP: No event. People will be gone and are bums. Two finals tomorrow.

Cor Sec: Just did last final. Moving. Roommate finally spoke.

Rec Sec: Final final too. T-shirt.

Sergeant at Arms: Final final tomorrow.

Treasurer: Weekend. Move stuffed. More stuff to move.


Gratuitous Obscenities: Something died.

Pop occultism: Romantic evenings. Seek reconciliation. Excitement and intrigue. Great men don't ignore simplicity of a child.

Portal Gun: New map pack!

Steelers Committee: Penguins are up!

Stalking Freshmen: We've begun.

Misappropriations: 251 torture: failure.

Misappropriations: Gratuitous Obscenities: Broke glasses.

Assassinations Committee: Did well on exam. 3 courses left.

Story Telling: Bears in the basement

New Business

4:30 is now 5:30

Tickle me Ivan committee: To market Ivan as the next holiday toy. Changed to tickle me Peruvian committee: Changed to tackle me Peruvian committee: Changed to bait and tackle me Peruvian committee: OVER NINE THOUSAND motions to change it to punch meme committee Changed to baits motel tackle meme Peruvian committee: In Favor: Holiday day toy of Christmas past Against: Awful Christmas toy Abstain: strain of cabbage. Passes: Goes to Paul for $3. Laura to chair

Kick Teki in the ass committee: up for reauction In favor: Kick Teki in the ass Against: Kick someone else in the ass Abstain: squid! Passes: 14 to Quuxum

Fugue State Committee: Three blind mice... IN favor: fuse two songs Opposed: Something impossible Abstain: Complain about impossible nature of opposition. Goes to Greg for $2 Shawn and Greg to chair

New person! Julie: Pittsburgh. Goes to Villanova. Bio major. Likes to ski.

Motion to create the committee to take over the world by cloning KGB. To let little brother start another KGB. Feed him lies! Find or build Abe a girlfriend: Been to Edenburrow and approves. In favor: Hit Sully. Except it was Shenders. .. Opposed: Hit Jared, because hes dumb. Abstain: Hit Jared, because hes dumb. Passes. $4 to Chris Napolitano. Her and brother to chair.

Motion to #define Shenders Scully2.0 Passes by acclimation.

Motion to create the committee to hold a formal lan party In favor: XKCD reference. Opposed: Complain about no new thought. Abstain: Abstain. FAILED!


Next week, be fashionably late, front steps of Doherty.


Evan is leaving! Thank you Paul. Will miss us. Will return. SUBMIT TO EVEN PRAVDA! Only person who cried was doctor. Slapping even bad idea.

Val leaving too. Needs to dump furniture.

Ivan has his own misc-market thread.!