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Officer Reports

Jared: Kung-fu. ITR. Sore.

Glisson: NEW PERSON: Liz. CS. Junior. Drinking Mountain Due. From Indy. Played ITR. Went to concert. Both inclines.

Carolyn: UNDERGROUND TOUR! Friday! At eight! Dress inconspicuously.! Had a weekend. ITR. Did some cooking.

ntr: Uhhhhh... weekend. Too much HW. Yay!. Sturdy table. Submit to PRAVDA!

Drew: Facebook! Booo!

Shawn is Labbott! Enough money to buy lots of Zimbabwe Dollars. Pay your dues!

Liz: Lots of cookies. Maybe watched season one of Scrubs?


Pop occultism: Your help will be needed in an embarrassing situation. Mumble mumble mumble. (1) Adjust finances. Approve standing. Pay your dues. Good beginning is half the task. An exciting opportunity lies ahead of you are not timid. Mumble mumble IRON CHEF mumble. (2) Simplest answer is to act. No drama majors. KGB never goes with simplest answer. A sound mind and healthy body bring happy events to your family. Mumble mumble mumble. (3)

Assassins Committee. Glisson is the first VP. Foster fellowship amongst the KGB. Going to run a game of assassins. Assassins is a game where you get a target. Your job is to kill them. Sock, Nerf gun, whatever. Email Glisson at mglisson@andrew.cmu.edu. Will make you paranoid.

Andre was a giant. Was in the princess bride.

Committee to suggest trebuchet targets. New Doherty-Wean B-level entrance. Might be over powered...

Row of Matts Committee: Wants a truce. Only one Chris, doesn't accept truce.

Steelers Committee: A little frightened. Mom got tickets for steelers game for season opener at 50 yard line in a luxury box. Get to go down to the sideline and get autographs.

Matthew Feld Glisson Memorial Self Injury Committee - Table is still in once piece. Matthew Feld Glisson Body-Guard Committee - Jared leave (no!)

Conjoined Twins Triple Amputee/Om Nom Dom Zom Com - Mumble Mumble (4)

Committee that won't exist reports

History - History Repeats itself Find or Built Abe a Girlfriend - Check his LJ. Success?

Storytelling Committee - Hacking the LED sign. MIT not the only one that does hacks.

Old Business

Showing up to KGB events is not Kartik's fault.

New Business

Motion to make an allocation to to exceed $100 for underground tour.

Motion to make the Mumble Mumble Mumble Committee (To make Rec Sec write "Mumble mumble mumble" a lot in the minutes) Chicken Chicken Chicken? Its a mumble mumble mumble idea In Favor: Falcon PUNCH! Against: Falcon Kick! Abstain: Quarter-circle punch? $3 to Dr. Quuxum. Drew to chair.

Motion to create the Ben Wolf Body Guard Committee (To protect Ben Wolf from people)

 Futile idea. Matthew Feld Glisson Body Guard -- Can't save every one
 Motion to change it the Ben Wolf Body-Spray Guard Committee
 Changed to protect Ben Wolf from US
 Motion to amend name to "Ben Wolf Right Guard". "Keep Ben Wolf Clean and Fresh all day long!" 
 "Strong enough for Glisson, made for Ben Wolf." 
 In Favor: Favorite Commercial Jingle.
 Opposed: SHUT UP!
 Abstain: Porno Squid.
 Auction: $5 to Dr Quuxum
 Ben Wolf and He to chair.

Motion to create the *censored* committee. (to talk about illegal stuff). Changed to secret word committee.

 Made English teacher fall out of chair when word of the day was Quintessential.
 Injudicious Exclamation: Mumble *ahhh* mumble *ahhhh* (5)
 In Favor: Mumble! (*aaaaaaah*) (6)
 Opposed: Blemum?
 Abstain: *aaaaaaah*
 $3 to Liz. Shawn, Greg, Dom and Herself to Chair.

Motion to Create the ITR committee (to schmuck ITR during meetings and not schmucks) (IDK MY BFF JILL? Committee) (not friendly)

 Are you happy?  
 Happy and you no it clap your hand!  
 Glisson was the Kobold King. Running back to talk to minions. Killed by a minion.  
 In Favor: Abra-ka-stab-ya
 Opposed: Heal
 Abstain: Vampire!
 $10 to Ben Wolf: Carolyn Greg and Ben Wolf.

ESG: Schmuk ESG during meetings and not Schmucks.

 Loophole that will get abused. People that will be bidding on this committee have jobs...  
 Committee to get Dr Quuxum to buy more Committees to buy us money approves.
 In Favor: What do you want to hear about at ESG
 Against: Talk about how KGB is going down the hill.
 Abstaining: Fall Over          
 Sells to Liz: for $2 Shawn, Greg, ESG officers to Chair.

Motion to Create the Silly Stuff Committee: Any weird stuff Glisson does fits in one box.

 Overlaps Matthew Felt Glisson Memorial Self-Injury Committee.
 Overlapping committees overlaps money.
 His room redefines Overlapping
 Changed to Mathew Glisson Overlapping Committee.
 Changed Mathew Glisson Overlapping Fish Committee  
 In Favor: Tell Ben Wolf he is TOO LATE!
 Opposed: Make a fish face.
 Abstaining: Make a squid face. 
 $10. Glisson to Chair and any fish in the meeting.

Motion to Create the "She lived as she died Committee" Purpose: IN SPACE! ON FIRE! SURROUNDED BY MEN! AT EXTRAORDINARILY HIGH VELOCITIES!

 In Favor: Talk about extra-terrestrial velocities.
 Opposed: How can you be on fire in space?
 Abstaining: Fly to the moon!
 $10 Kempy Greta and Sam to chair. Greta to pay.


Event Underground Tour! Confuse a-becca story will have a special guest!


Activities Fair: 4:30 (I think) CFA Lawn (I think)


Rockem-sockem Robots Committees Success?


ESG: Meeting tonight at 6:30 Wean 5316. Down the hall from the old CS Lounge. Conner will be speaking on the High Altitude Research Project.

Like Role-playing games. Interactive Flash DnD Dungeon for v 3.5. Send Glisson an email. Call of Cuthulu one show. Send Glisson an email. glisson@andrew.cmu.edu

Misappropriation Committee / Recursion / Secret Word - Changed secret word from mumble (8) to 'AAAAAAH!'. *AAAAAAAAH*. Sergeant At Arms doing a good job. Give her a hand!

Sig Tau wants people who like to do stuff who are sick and tired of the quad and want to be off the quad and are men. Guitar hero tourney tonight. Website. Check us out. Legend of the Hidden Temple themed.