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Officer Reports

Jared: Sick as three kinds of dogs. Head on collision with a cold. Get board get carded lasted forever.

Glisson: Did *this much* stuff. In *this much time*.

New People!

 Caroline. Cincinnati. Physics. Four siblings.
 Matt. Shower in the past week. Doesn't know major. Thinks he is a sophomore. From Philly.
 John. Texas. ECE. New Joystick.
 Maryam. South Carolina. SCS.
 Maria. NJ. SCS. Brown hair.
 Brendan. 'burgh. CS. Fallen asleep in every class today!

Carolyn. EVENT! Jump climb and run trees! Flagstaff hill! Bubbles! Act like small children! Had a weekend. Didn't do much, dead of cold. Did ITR. Awesome fun.

Nicole: *does a dance*. Had a weekend. Danced. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!!!!!!

Drew: 1000BWC. Conner is awesome. Wall-E was awesome.

Liz: Counted cards. Made a movie. Lots of HW. More HW on weekend means less HW during week.

Laura: P1. Gluten free pancakes. Were tasty. 710 shares of Lehman Brother's stock.


Matthew Felt Glisson Memorial Self Injury Committee: Fail

Committee to take over the world by cloning KGB: Having trouble convincing people that KGB is *not* a communist organization.

ITR: Insane, but again next week.

Ben Wolf: John and Dan. Were out hunting a cougar. Kill it. Who gets trophy. Split it in half. John loses the coin toss. Cat-as-trophy.

Steelers/Gratuitous Obscenities: Power went out. During steelers/browns.

Assassins Committee: Reports on status of game

Defacto Committee for finding Rauhit a companion cube: reports failure.

Pop Occultism:

 Many hidden talents will become obvious to those around you. When snarfing Gatorade.
 Born with a sixth sense and suburb insight: Attend Charles Xavier's school.
 All happiness is in the mind. Attend Charles Xavier's school.
 Don't give up. Beginning is always the hardest.
 The purpose of argument shouldn't be victory, but progress.
 Giving will make you smile. Ask a man with STDs.
 Prosperity makes friends. Adversity tries them.

Conner Sites Bowen Memorial Robot Committee Project manager is doing work for Lehman Brothers.

Umbrella Committee: Pittsburgh has winters. Here are some recommendations: Wind-proof coat. Good shoes. Wool Socks.

Story-telling Committee: WW2. Things look bad for Briton. Want to blow up a dam. Drop a bomb from the lake side. Crunch all the math to make it work.

New Business

Type Theory Bar Jokes Committee

 Purpose: Bad Ben Wolf Joke
 *People try to beat up Ben wolf* "Chair does not recognize yo' ass".
 In Favor: Groan.
 Opposed: Wave your hands
 Abstain: Complain at Jared
 Sells for $9 to Rauhit. Kartik and Ben Wolf to chair.

Allocated $50 for the Event

Dead Puppies Dead Kittens Committee

 Pigeon-holing Doesn't Approve. Stepping on its toes.
 Intoxicating Puppies doesn't approve. Stepping on its toes.
 Dicks dicks dicks dicks dicks
 Dannel is no Ed Ryan
 Requesting brain bleach. But out of order.
 In Favor: Chain "two men enter. one man leaves".
 Opposed: Cheer Glisson.
 Abstain: Porno Squid.
 Sells for $6 to Dom. Dom to chair. And Connor.

Motion to create the the committee to inform frosh whether or not these are real committees.

 Power thirst. When god gives you committees, find a new god!
 Assassination committee approves!
 Has this ever stopped us before?
 Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki!
 In Favor: Act confused
 Opposed: Turn your head in a weird way.
 Abstain: Wave your hands.
 $7 to Jwatzman. Disbanded.

Motion to create the Drew Besse Kinda Sounds Like JFK When He Gives Reports Committees

 So Drew Besse can give inappropriate speeches and be a womanizer!
 Assassination Committee Approves!
 Pigeon Holing Approves!
 Ask not what you can do for your committee, Ask what your committee can do for you.
 Need committee like I need a hole in the head. (too soon!)
 In Favor: Kill Drew!
 Opposed: Protect Drew with your very life!
 Abstain: Jump from an explosion!
 $6 to Dr. Quuxum. Shawn Paul Drew and himself to chair.

Secondary Coup Committee encase first coup fails No second.

Motion to create some committee with "boing"'s "glub"'s and "boom"'s in the name.

 Whop foop thing approves
 In Favor: Boing
 Opposed: Glub
 Abstain: Boom
 $6 to Quuxum: Conner and Jokesever to chair.

Motion to Create the Scott Pilgrim Committee

 Purpose: I dunno, its not even that good.
 To debate all of KGB's evil ex-boyfriends.
 To protect the worlds. From devastation.
 What about the twins?
 In Favor: How heavy is a mithril skateboard.
 Opposed: Measurements of weight in measurements of distance.
 Abstain: Bad star wars references.
 $1 dollar. ITS A TRAP! $8 to Zachary Z Sparks. Everyone who has read Scott Pilgrim to chair.

Do the Whop-Foop thing


Climbing Jumping and Running Trees. Run around like crazy people. Meet at black chairs if you don't know where flagstaff hill. Black chairs at 6:45 Wednesday. Bylaws committee. Discussing NomCom. If you have something important to say, please come Pay your dues! Talk to labbott if you want t-shirts. Puzzle hunt. We want a lot of people to help run it. Like writing dialog and acting and puzzle writing. Email chrisamaphone at cmartens@ Assassins starts today at 5:30. Starts at 5:30 or when you leave this room. Whatever comes last.


Friday is talk like a pirate day! TOC, pretend like its talk like a pirate day! Rauhit: How do you join Assassins -- too late. How many times can you miss spell my name? Conner is running steam punk DND. ESG. Rocket club. Ordering Rockets.