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Important stuff happening soon. PAY YOUR DUES.

Officer Reports:

'Jared: Today is a terrible day. Graphics doesn't run because it got corrupted. File contained everything but itself. Hit head on door. Shouldn't gotten out of bed.

'Glisson: Girlfriend dragged him to A-phi-o. Twice. Now a pledge. Also got put in Rocky with golden "shorts".

'New Person' : Name: Josh. From: Providence. Major: Double major in Physics and CS. Airspeed Velocity of Flightless Swallow: African or European? Where will you be in 17 hours: In your Mom's bed. (Glisson's Mom is 59 years old)

Carolyn: Had a weekend. Lots of puzzle writing. Cooked a million things. Today was weird. EVENT! Nap time with the KGB! Milk and cookies. Bring pillows and blankets.

Nicole: Had a report. Dom isn't here with the movies despite filming it 3 weeks ago. Weekend full of dance. Dance show starts in two weeks. Dying a little bit. Exam didn't go that badly... hopefully. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA.

Drew: Has a weekend. Nap time. Sounds like a good idea right now.

Labbott: Not here. Will be here later. Delivered by Glisson: "Hi. I'm Laura. I got sick from Jared. Guess how".

Liz (also infected by Jared and so not here): Had a weekend. Made real food. Found death note on Sunday and then Monday came.

Interesting: No old people until Dr Quuxum walked in.


Determine how young Rauhit is: Thank you.

Ben Wolfe's Jokes: Just launched a joke livejournal.

Gratuitous Obscenities: Going to work at Pitt on a weekend sucks. Worse when great race goes straight through Oakland.

ITR: ITR on Saturday!

Assassins Committee: Six are left. New Rule: Battle Royal rule -- If no kills by September 21st, no kills by this Friday means you'll be taken out of the game.

Committee to Fuck with Baggers: Need more Baggers. Committee to Bag with Fuckers: Need more Bags.

ESG: Shawn is speaking. Preview of talk he is giving in NJ.

Ben Wolfe's Jokes: jokeserver.livejournal.com

Gratuitous Obscenities: Failed at making him groan.

Ad hoc thats what she said: Thats what she said.

Miss appropriate bag with fuckers: Must be where Dom is

Old Business

Rauhit gets the pfenning: That people don't find Ben Wolfe's Jokes funny.

New Business

Glisson had business but he forgot it.

$50 allocated for event.

Motion to give 100 I can't believe its not komrade points to bblum for his latest comment. Bblum got 100 komrard and i can't believe their not komrard points.

Motion to create the Edanaher Happy Birthday Committee: Purpose "Happy Birthday to Evan. Happy Birthday to Evan. Happy Birthday to Evan in Absentia. Happy Birthday to Evan." Didn't we already do this? Something about quantum stuff Changed to Happy Creationday Evan Committee (Robots are not born)! Leap year have 366/367ths of a birthday per day? Due to rounding errors, cake you eat will be a lie. Wipe Evan's memory once every six months so he doesn't develop a personality. Every time Evan has a birthday God kills a kitten. Evan's Physical form is not present, give Drew his birthday punches? NO! Motion to change to Happy Evan Creationist day -- hostile, no pursued. In Favor: Guess Evan's Age Opposed: How is Evan's age complex? Abstain: Porno Squid. Passes. Sell to $7 to ammaresc. Evan to chair.

Motion to make Jared the Guy from Blue's Clues. Purpose: "Its behind you Jared". Word of the day is now "clue". Word of the day is now "?????" (regex!) We just got a letter! Glisson is going to die now! Defenestration reports success. So much better than Dannel thought. Rauhit: What? Jared: Yes! In Favor: Point out where the Clue is Opposed: "?????" *aaaaah* Abstain: Practice abstinence. Passes! Sells $13 to Karpur

Motion to make the Blues Clues Master Detective Committee Purpose: Not the foggiest idea. (combine Blue's Clues and Splinter Cell). Equip Steve with a combat knife -- out of order. This episode of Blue's Clue written by Tom Clancy. .:lots of random pop culture references:. In Favor: Sherlock Holmes Reference Opposed: Opposed talk about how someone would make a terrible Sherlock Holmes Against: Sherlock never said "Elementary my Dear Watson" Passes. Sells for $8 to Dr. Quuxum. Aballard Ben Wolf and himself to chair.

Motion to create the Drew's True Blue Gnu Clue Committee! Changed to Scooby Drew's True Blue Gnu Clue Committee Wage war on the Gnu Zoo Review? Purpose: Spread the News about Scooby's Drew True Blue Gnu Clue Scooby Drew's True Blue Gnu Clue Typhoo Scooby Drew Luhu's True Blue Gnu Clue Typhoo Would've gotten away for it expect for that dog and its meddling kids. Scooby Drew Luhu's True Blue Gnu Clue Typhoo with Kazoos Can be referred to by *oo I choose you "Star-oo" Name changed to: Scooby Drew Luhu's New True Blue Gnu Clue Typhoo Kazoos Foo Haiku Base committee in Kalamazoo? Dr. Seuss contributes! Mr T pities this committee Reviewed? THRU! SAYS WHO? In Favor: Thank Paul for his end joke Opposed: Opposed: something that isn't ooo! Abstain: Dr. Seuss Passes. Sells for $12 to Dr Quuxum. Disbanded!!!!!!!!!!!!! (booooo)

Monition to select one member of the audience to answer some questions about Nicole, Drew's *-oo's and a random object of your choice. (Karpur chosen)


Event! Let Carolyn know if you want non-milk. Puzzle hunt needs people! Labbot is not here. PAY YOUR DUES! Pay your dues. Bylaws is happening real soon now! Your dues that you paid last year expire tomorrow. Start thinking of cool booth ideas.


Happy new year from Ben Wolfe. Bring Dr Suse to Nap time? Yes? Rocket club. Last day to order rockets is tomorrow. Nicole has Dance show next Thursday through all of October. Gallery crawl and events are possible. ESG: 6:30 in Wean. What currency is the pfenning: Bahamas! Who has the list! Right behind me!

Purpled and getfoed!