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Officer Reports


Talking to robotics instructor. She told him about some really cool robots. Cool robot people in France. Doesn't speak French (or Cat). Hallo'een. Has shaved beard to freak people out each Hallo'een. Is it a good plan? Think Jared should shave? Tell him out cute he might look if he didn't have it. Think he shouldn't shave? ... More people thought he should shave.


People that have not been here before: (lies)

Todd, History, Jersey and Missouri, Kid that had Cancer stole his hair, n + 1 bacteria.


Pledged a second frat? ZD-something. Glisson/Nicole Rivalry has sprouted into violence! Nicole is covered in chalk.


Event! Hallo'een party! Dress up/not-up Exec.

Had puzzle hunt, physics homework. Register for puzzle hunt.


Dance finally over, but not over because of filming. Can go to KGB event in October for the first time! Hoffman lab due Friday and today, lots of "fun". SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!


Ignoring 23rd letter of the alphabet. Can't use his name. id instead.


Desperate House... and other stuff that the rec sec missed


Not school days the same as school days except not school. Don't cuss on the attendance sheet just because you are not in the right spot.


Committee to Groan at Jokeserver's Jokes

Success at Friday's event.

Pop Occultism

Turn off the TV and the computer in favor of a good book -- esp the book that has the names of everyone that has paid their dues.

Your existence has a positive contribution to mankind -- make grass green someday.

An exciting opportunity lies ahead if you are not timid -- paid his fucking dues! (misread as "humid")

Learn Chinese: gooseberry (in bed)

Talk is cheep. Barbers give it out free in haircuts.

Some fortune cookies contain no fortune. Reminds him of famous statement by del.icio.us founder once yelled "THIS SENTENCE NO VERB" in a lecture hall.

Misappropriations (Jokeserver)

If you have a perfect 2.0 GPA, are you a c-compiler?

Livejournal Committee

It is UNDEAD JOURNAL for no good reason.

Foreign Freshmen

"Its going to rain this Tuesday. Or sno'. I don't kno' sno'???"




Amazing... come back to me.

Progress Quest


Lord of the Ring Theory



Adventure Time!

Crazy Russian Explorer and a building that had all the crazy stuff he found.

The Bible

"Adventure" for the ATARI-2600



Prom Night!

Urban Exploration!

Inside the Couch at Sherbrook


Steam Tunnel Spelunking

Oregon Trail

The Famous Star * that isn't "Trek"

Escape from CMU

Text-based booth!

CYO Booth!

Adventures of R-somebody.

A booth of passages, all alike.

Committee to Speculate about Rauhit's Age

N has become N+1

Rauhit got married on Facebook... explain?

Storytelling Committee

In highschool, had an acquaintance. Only guy that jointed a Fraternity. Uptight about people calling a "Fraternity" a "Frat" because you do not call "Country" a "Cunt". Vote next Tuesday.

Old Business

Glisson has it. Location of a certain old person's name on the sheet is not his fault.

Not Old Business

$75 for the Event. Passed by acclamation.

Committee to make Conner a Robber-Barron

Purpose: To make Conner into even more of a Robber-Barron.

Changed to the Committee to make Conner into a Robot-Barron

Already have a robot conner committee? Only if he dies.

Change purpose/name into make Conner into a Rumba-Barron

Changed to Robot-Robber-Roomba-Rumba-Barron

If Conner had been here, probably say "Hey. I'm not going to clean the carpet because you bit the octopus in the middle of the eyes".

Misappropriate Pigeon Holing: Approves

In Favor: Jared is staring at things -- ponder this.

Opposed: Proclaim the extent that you hate robots.

Abstain: (missed this).

$5 to Todd. Todd and Conner to chair.

Motion to create the committee to use KGB has a groundhog for cold-season

Purpose: KGB closes the glass == cold-season.

Groundhog Day: Staring the KGB

Doesn't October signify cold-season in Pittsburgh?

Groundhog Day: Staring the KGB

In Favor: Say sets of letters that have meaning.

Opposed: Complain about robot-terribleness

Abstaining: Heavenly Squid.

$2 to Alan. Alan and the glass to chair.

Groundhog Day: Starring the KGB

Motion to create the Committee for the Advancement of Tentacle Creatures

Ad-hoc Henti Approves

Changed to Committee for the Advancement of Tentacle Preachers

KGB Chaplain Approves

Rank determined by number of tentacles -- no, determined by the uses of your tentacles.

Have six.

Ad-hoc for little Asian Girls: Resists at first, but then approves

In Favor: OH GOD!

Opposed: OH CUTHULU!

Abstain: uhhhhhh...

$12 to Dr. Quxuum. Glisson Dannel and Dr Quxxum to chair.

Motion create the I accidentally committee

Purpose: To verbs, and if this is dangerous

Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo...

I accidentally 2 kernels in one semester... is this bad?

After eighteen years, finally going to accidentally.

Accidentally the question!

In favor: accidentally

Opposed: Question ho' to accidentally?

Abstain: *question*?

Passes. Sells for $6 to labbott anyone that accidentally to chair

Motion to create the Elmur Fudd Accent Committee

Purpose: To make the rec sec lose.

(y' guys actually said some funny stuff here.)

In Favor: aaaaaaah!

Opposed: aaaaaaaah!

Abstain: porno squid!

$10 to Zhouyuan, he Quxuum, to chair.

Motion to create the "? is Committee Formed" Committee

Number of committees today? OVER 9000!

? is P3 formed?

Green President need food badly.

Truly sorry for your lots.

In favor: ? is committee formed

opposed: Ask about the location of the punchmeme committee.

Abstain: punchmeme reports success.

$10 to Labbott. Disbanded!


EVENT! Hallo'een! Party shall be neat-o.

If you paid your dues are not on the list, email exec, don't yell at dbesse.



ESG. Msteven talking about magical yatzee.

It is cold-season.

Groundhog day, staring the KGB!

KGB day, staring a groundhog!

23rd letter of the alphabet count

One. I missed one in "homework". Crap. That makes two. Er, make that three.