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Puzzle hunt! Really well! It was great! ITS OVER! No more time-sink! Ray tracer. (I hardly even... WITH MAYONNAISES!!!)


Weekend! Puzzle Hunt! A lot of dancing. Hurt everywhere. Puzzle hunt was awesome.

Speaking of awesome: EVENT! CTFWS! Capture the Flag with Stuff! Bring everyone you know! (And people you don't know) (But not random hobos off the street)


Three exams this week. Two programing labs. Problem sets, HW... lots of them are surprises from yesterday or today. But dance is done! SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!


  • bouncing* Puzzle hunt was awesome. Homework on Sunday because he was doing puzzle hunt not quite so awesome.


argh blargh labbott report


Had a weekend! Spent way more time doing puzzle hunt stuff. Then mythbusters marathon on discover channel. Gone through three OSes with three different problems. Bubbles! Computer that actually works! Ubuntu!


Matthew Glisson Memorial Self-Injury

Judging CTFWS, but doesn't keep him from harm.


No ITR this week! CTFWS! Also, we have an Akiva!

George W Bush the Center Square on Hollywood Squares

Vote Tomorrow

Rauhit's Age

Argh! Can't vote! (Can't even vote when he graduates)!

Not burn down Roselawn 7

CTFWS after party at 9 on Saturday

KGB Groundhog

No longer winter

Time Travel

Back to 2005 to Salute Akiva.


Because of Puzzle Hunt: Success.

Unitarian Jihad

Fill supersoakers, forcibly accept people as they are.

Some committee

KGB the Movie 6 is now on the YOUTUBES!

KGB donors

In debt to KGB

Booth Committee

Booth Theme. Carnival is Epic Adventures. Theme ideas?

Choose your own Adventure/Soviet Scientist discover (in soviet russia, adventure chooses you)
Russian Knight Dude Tale that was sent to the list is pretty awesome. Has to do with slaying dragons.
Unix Time: Epic Adventure. (No, thats EPOC. Not EPIC).
A brief history of Thyme.
Going to a KGB meeting! (Don't want to scare children)
2000 Leagues Under the Steam Tunnels.
Outside of the Aslyum/Zoo
Rejective Science Fiction Ideas
Happyville, a cautionary tale
Slavador Dali: The Experience
Esher vs. Salvador Dali
Exams (Not Epic Failure)
Nethack (Don't want to kill everyone that enters the booth)
Alone in a Dark Alley at Night (would pay for itself)
Walking to the Sky
Journey to the Center of Ben Wolf's Brain (game: How many licks to the center Ben Wolf's Brain)
THE INTERNET! (don't want to scare the children)
ESCAPE TO CANADA (depending on the outcome of the election)

Old Business

Glisson has it. Mayonnaises is not his fault. Everything else is. Including the outcome of the election.

New Business

$50 to replenish stuff for CTFWS. Passed by Acclamation

Necornomicnations Committee

To make sure there is at least one Zombie Candidate for each Zombie Position when Zombie KGB Elections are run.

Changed the Nerco-mana-mana-ican Committee.

Read my lips: Braaaaains!

In Favor: Braaaaains!

Opposed: Liveeeer!

Abstain: Haaaaair!

One Zombie Dollar ($6) to Quxuum. Himself, Zsparks, Dannel, Alan to chair.

Committee to Bottle Sunshine

Purpose: To create stockpiles of sunshine.

Why will sun go away for four months? Its Pittsburgh!

Taste the Flavor of the Sun

Tried Bottling Sunshine, easier to move California

Sounds like a Bright Idea

Could be used to seer people who make jokes like that (worth it)

Pretty Hot idea.

Ad Hoc to build a GIANT PARABOLIC MIRROR approves

Powerthirst: Electrolights/powerlights/MOVE LIGHT THAT YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR!

No Child Left Unblind: Approves


Opposed: Electrolights!

Abstaining: WTH?

$6 to Ben Wolf. The Sun to chair.

Motion to Create the Luis Von Ahn Memorial Committee

Purpose: Make Livejournal spam go away

Really a job for the assassination committee.

Livejournal: approves

Assassination: Already told you no

But what will happen to all the rankmaniacs?

Twitter committee: remains untouched

How to get extension on 251? 251 torture approves.

In Favor: HEART!

Opposed: What kind of lame power is heart?

Abstain: Porno Squid

$10 to labbott. Everyone who is a rankmaniac to chair.

Motion to Create the Historical Misquotes

Purpose: Speak softly but carry a big stick (Ron Jeremy on porn carer)

Time Travel: Isn't sure if it approves

A general goes to war with the army hes got.

Committee for having Historical Figures Endorse products approves

Drew Sorta Sounds like JFK when he gives his Reports approves

In Favor: Dynamite! Opposed: After party! Abstain: Make fun of Jared $11 to Quxuum: Quxuum, Ammaresc and Ben Wolf to chair.

Motion to create the NetHack Committee

Purpose: Text Based

Why are the a's b's?

Change Purpose: Recover the Amulet of Yendor and present it to your god.

Change Purpose: Recover the Amulet of Yendor and you are dead. (not friendly, not pursued)

Everything suddenly goes dark. It Bites, it Kicks, it bites, it kicks... you die!

In Favor: Read a scroll of regeneration

Opposed: Act like you have teleporitis

Abstain: Covered in A's!

$4 to Aalum (the B's are A's...) and Jokesever. Bblum, Jokeserver and anyone who plays nethack to chair. (how do Rauhit get Nethack account?)

Motion to #define "I have a job" as "20"

In Favor: *noises* Opposed: *monkey noises* Abstain: be surprised that we have birds. PASSES!

Motion to make the committee to make exec act like kittens

Ceiling Exec is watching you...

Robotic Cat Herding probably approves. (IT DOESN'T)

Committee for Intoxicating Puppies Approves.

Every time you create this committee, God creates exec?

Don't want to be a little allergic to exec.

Are sure we are all housetrained?

Throw yarn balls!

In Favor: Act like a kitten

Opposed: Act like a dog

Abstain: Act like a lolcat

$11 to Alan. Alan and Exec to chair.

Motion to create the Jared and Delilah

Purpose: Shave Jared's beard s.t. he loses his strength.

Moved to table indefinitely. (want to postpone, not table)

Motion to Table this Motion


Motion to create the end of existence committee

Anticipate the re-turning-on of the LHC

KGB + ceaser shift 1 = LHC

Surprise buttquarks

Can the LHC divide by zero?

I accidentally a quark, is this bad?

Large Mayonnaise Collider

Hawking Cat is watching you radiate.

In Favor: Collide.

Opposed: Complain that Jared did something stupid

Abstaining: Abstain

Sells for $5 to zhouyuan. Higgs Boson to chair, if it is found.

Motion to create the maniacal laughter committee

Purpose: Muahahahaahahahaha!

Like Dark Horse and his terrible death whinny... The thoroughbred of sin? I meant Gandhi

In Favor: Wonder how Jared could've forgotten the name of the committee

Opposed: Wave Hands

Abstain: Words

$7 to Zsparks. Zsparks and Derek to chair.

Real Relevant Announcements



Booth Themes

Post ideas to the bboard/exec

Not much publicity for CTFWS. Cover the campus with posters, fence with paint. Contact an officer to get access to paint if you get the fence.


If you can vote, and havn't already. Vote tomorrow. Seriously.

Also, register for 98-030, Egyptology. Shawn's victory lap. W at 7:00 to 8:30. Loads of fun. Akiva took it... spent time doing 213 homework. Doesn't know the guys third son.

ESG. Weird PA shit with Conner.

A KGB Alumn has pointed out that you people can see your feet when you vote, so catch the coin. Also more seriously, bring money as there could be a bake sale.

Sudo apt-get install nethack. Played 10 minutes. Wait, I want a good GPA. sudo apt-get remove nethack.