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Officer Reports


Robots. Capture the flag. Puzzles. Party. More Robots. Carolyn is not here -- at a conference, wish her luck curing Cancer. Mother 3.


Fuckton of work. Did a shitton yesterday. What is a fuckton - shitton? Crapload?

New People

Roman. Math Major. NYC. From Russia before that.
Emily. RI. Not in college yet, no major. Kempy's sister.
Alan is now Mander.

Building a robot. Joined a frat. Now in two frats... multi-classing eats up his experience.




Sad, because Jared thought Laura went next. Puzzle hunt that wasn't very good.


RecSec gets to say what "actually" happened. KGB puts on a better puzzle hunt that Microsoft.

Glisson Again

More New People

Scott. CIT. Mech-E. Showered this morning.
Tara. Art. Pittsburgh. Just got Coffee.
Kris. Boston. Material Science. Cheesesteak for lunch.
Apoorv. Mech-E. Ohio. 
Katlin. Art. Maryland. Just spent three hours making her face out of vinyl and putting it on the floor. Also, wearing clothes.


Has a kernal. Liz is giving her report. She had a weekend with a lot of kernal and vomit but gets lots of karma points.


  • points to socks* These are wool socks bought freshman year. Still owns them == awesome. Weekend, awesome, dragged group of Mississippi people around downtown. Party with Rauhit.


Gratuitous Obscenities Select Subcommittee for Rule 34

Cut off by Jared before the screen is played

How young is Rauhit?

Crazy stuff happened. Jokeserver in room... was confusing.


Predicted the Steelers would go 6-10. Now 5-3. Stands by prediction. Unconvinced pick-up KGB squad would lose.

Pop Occultism

Car died on Saturday, didn't make it to Rauhit's party. Meeting After Historical Election/Highly politically charged edition.

 Many people will travel to hear you speak -- Lots of people in Chicago.
 Knowledge is power -- Nice to have president with real power
 Be calm and collected. Peace is a virtue -- Nice to have virtuous president.
 Life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility -- thank god we elected you president.

Committee for the Advancement of Tentacled Preachers

Found a poster that had 3rd parties and their mascots. Voting for the Squid.

Unitarian Jihad

Wage war on Quxuum


Narrowed down the voluminous piles of crap.

Sonic 					   - 0 Votes
2000 Leagues Under the Sea 	   	   - 15ish
Space					   - 7ish
Center of the Earth			   - 15ish
Dobrynya Nikitch (Russian Dragon Slayer)   - 12ish


2000LUtS: 21
JttCotE:  21

Booth chairs will figure it out.

Its a Trap

Admiral Akbar won election, because scramble(Barak) = Akbar

Misappropriate Committee to Break Alan's Brain


Groan at Ben Wolf's Jokes

According to 410 staff, Free with every Malloc. Free shouldn't cost anything.

Ad hoc for "What the Fuck happened last week"

Event called "Drew the Porn King" is scheduled for now.

Profound Historical Misquote

Fidel Castro: Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar

Committee to Encourage George W Bush to become the center square on Hollywood Squares

No more years.

Old Business

Jared has it. P3 is not his fault.

New Business

Drew the Porn King Committee

Changed the Drew the Pr0n King.
Ron Jeremy does not approve.
Glisson is a fish, Drew is a fish. KGB exec slowing becoming sea life.
Starring... the KGB
Submit to Parvda.
Committee to make exec act like kittens... must approve.
How Young is Rauhit: approves.
Back when Shawn was a officer, password for the KGB andrew account was chosen by concatenating two words.
Will need to put a disclaimer on our door, everyone will click yes anyway.
In Favor: Point and Laugh at Quxuum
Opposed: Go aaaaah at Dannel
Abstaining: Go I don't care anymore.
$20 Dannel. Quxxum, Dannel, Drew, Dom, and Rauhit to chair.

$50 for Event

Good idea

Motion to create the committee that will turn every exec member into an animal

Take polls, see what animals we should turn exec into.
Bunny Labbott.
Yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff yiff bananaphone!
Someday... this can only end in catgirls.
Possibly include turning exec members into various flavors of cupcakes.
Committee to make exec act like kittens approves
Necro-mana-mana-icon disapproves
Vet bills withdraw from treasury? Not?
Really glad conner isn't here... on subject of puppies...
Missapropiate pigeon holing: approves
Killer Bunny amongst exec?
Tabled for Storytelling Committee

Storytelling Committee

Friends who stick ingredients found in fridge into Google to find recipe. Make it for dinner. Blair Witch project was interesting because it was marked via a website. Website better than the movie. Trailer for AI had ghostly aftereffect. Was an URL. Formed a Yahoo group to figure things out. People writing puzzle made mistakes, but watched the people solving to see their mistakes. Had to write fast enough to keep up with solvers. Phone number that needs to be called. Head Solver calls Head Writer. Head Writer recgonizes voice. Finally had to end, but left one final evil puzzle. 20 writers went to eat, was 70 by end of eating.

Back to Motion to create committee that will turn every exec member into an animal

In Favor: Wave your arms. 
Opposed: Wave your arms.
Abstaining: Wave your arms.
$9 to Aballard. Aballard and Exec to chair.

Motion to create the 2000 Legumes under the sea committee

Purpose: Navy Beans. To bring about World Peas. Admiral Lentil.
Length of average legume?
Not the Veggie Tails committee
In Favor: Radar!
Opposed: Ladar!
Abstain: Nadar!
$9 to Quxuum. Paul and Quxuum to chair. And Matt Almond.


Carolyn is not here. But event! KGB Improv! Snacks! Improv games!


Register for Egyptology

 Homework and Pop Quizzes that are for bonus points if you fuckup Midterm or Final. Shouldn't fuckup midterm or final.
 Field trips. To Carnegie Museum, go through Egyptian exhibit. Also pile into cars and go to Cleveland, which has an amazing Egypt museum.
 Sign up! Shawn is celebrating.


 Tarsis is not the subject. But she is talking about Yoga.


 There for people who punch in ingredients into google.

Dead bird outside the window is upside down. Blends in better. Also Mushrooms.