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Officer Reports
it was his birthday - no longer a teenager
is getting sued for hitting a little girl with his car
went to two formal dances in a row
lots of work
new people!
Ellen, CivE from Baltimore, likes dogs
Deanna, bagger from Pittsburgh, had a turkey sandwich
Lauren, voice major from wash. state, has an ordinary fascination with animals
no event - he IS the event
EVENT: end-of-year picnic in Farpark
Got a corsec email about what he's supposed to do
More reading than everything in class so far
Not enough sleep, lots of work
Maybe wearing pants
Raining, which was sad; cloak which was happy
Made money at useless people
was terrified by throwing money
went to useless stuff - purchased hula hoop
OC training, which was boring (with FIRE?)

Frozen wasteland committee - thunder is awesome
Destroy everything committee - not enough boobquake people
Romance novel committee - read some disgusting romance novel
Pop Occultism committee - read some fortune cookie fortunes
Time Travel Committee - congrats to Jboning
251 Torture Committee w/Ditto committee - every NP-complete problem is awesome with pokemon
Groan at Ben Wolf's Jokes w/pop occultism committee - reports the haunted coke can
Oh Shit What Have I Done committee - who let katie near liquid nitrogen?
Alternate KGB Committee - welcomes JBoning & his despotic rule
Fortune telling fish committee - don't go outside, exec
Glisson Bodyguard committtee - probably disbanded (Glisson objects!)
Schroedinger's Committee - pics or it did and didn't happen

Old Business
Half to BSWolf

New Business
Jared creates Committee for "It Feels Weird to Sit in a Chair" to know how weird it feels after being in exec
Change to "It feels weird to sit on the chair of this committee"
Amend purpose to include how weird it feels to stand after sitting
Sold to Dannel for $3 - chairs Jimmy, people who chair committees
Drew Besse creates Committee for "Canadian Exec" to promote the values of zed sparks
Change to "Russian Exec"
Change to "Prussian Exec"
Change to "Crushin' Exec"
Sold to Drew Besse for $6 - chairs mrwright, anyone with a crush on exec member
Mander creates "KGB Achievements Committee" to create achievements for KGB members
(Ex: Outbid Quuxum at an auction)
Sold to Mander for $16 - chairs himself, anyone who emails him an achievement
Avi creates "Committee for Evil Seafood League" to bring together all seafood committees together under one banner
Change last word of purpose from banner to barnacle
Rename to "Ministry for Evil Seafood League" friendly
Sold to ... for $7, chairs himself, anyone subject of a fish-based committee who can bring him a seal from bad horse
Caroline creates "Committee to have gwendolyn's minions to force her to wear pink" with purpose success!
Change to "...hot pink..."
Change name to "...hot-t-t-t..."
Sold to Quuxum for $24 - chairs himself
Rocket Matt creates "Good Advice Committee" to provide good advice to KGB
Sold to Mander for $4 - chairs anyone who provides good advice to KGB
Zsparks appropriate $150 for event - it's a good idea!
Kharring create "committee to test recsec" with purpose antidisestablishmentarianism your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Change purpose to "the character which means the artist formerly known as prince"
Much Wankery from bblum, quuxum, etc.
Motion postponed indefinitely
Matt creates "Typesetting committee" with purpose to create comic serif
Sold to eforney for $18 - chairs herself, anyone in CFA

EVENT! - picnic, friday, leave at 630 from black chairs for Farpark
Glisson has parts to sextant
Eforney suggests doing the "being nice to people during finals" thing

Bswolf has a petition about amending bylaws
Quuxum is about to turn > 5 bits