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Officer Reports
Was going to wear his My actions shirt but didn't
Had a good time at the picnic, dancer's symposium, studied
Had a not-so-nice monday, still workdeathing
Mafia night, wednesday night, lots of food!
Movie night, friday night
Not here
Watched She's Too Young - recommends it to everyone
Got very little done this weekend
Is selling shirts now
Worries about Scorri/Jboning eloping

Committee Reports
Ad-Hoc Mander - You're not allowed to leave reports you're not allowed to leave
Ad-Hoc give KGB Members in 211 more extra credit reports success
Seaform Green Protectorate thanks the KGB for an awesome 4 years
Dannel passes some chairs of committes on
Fast-talking goes to fast-talkers
Destroy everything is disbanded
Make exec trip goes to j4cbo & nsaphra
Correllary Story goes to Rocket Matt
Kesden adds Rolph Brown
Ad-Hoc add hug committes
Sub-steam tunnel mafia to everyone who has ever explored in a hat
Semantic Proof to zsparks
Successor of bblum to bblum
Sully & J4cbo best friends forever
Jboning breast inspection to scorri
Turn Exec into muppets to every drama-production
Alternate KGB committee goes to jkeller
Original Parents goes to people with international names
Seaform Green Protectorate stays
Storytelling Committee held in escrow by quuxum and shawn
Pop occultism
Live in this moment
Don't treat yourself like a mistake
History Committee
Notes that history repeats itself with the exec as examples
treasurers are cute
president is popular
1st veep is funny
recsec is nerdy
2nd veep is gregarious
sargeant at arms keeps order with weaponry
Storytelling Committee
Shawn once seduced a tiny asian chick
ITR committee reports this saturday 10PM
Cluster Rave Gates 3000 Friday
251 Torture Committe is not to blame if jboning failes
Darwin Committee reports marines have eradicated the aliens & are playing TF2
Successor of Bblum committee remembers Dannel

Old Business

   Jared gets the thing - this meeting's length is not his fault

New Business

   Allocate $0 for event
Create the Who committe purpose "sir we found the murder weapon, it was a drill" "looks like he got screwed"
Sold to Avi for $4... disbanded
Mail Nicole one of the shirts she designed
Have to find her new address in France, staying there for the summer

Allocate $20 for the purpose
Give stuff to include in the box

   Reboot Kremthing
Create the Activities Bros Committee to restate Committee Board statements in bro form
rename "Super Activities Bros Committee"

Passes - sold to twright for $3

   Amend the bylaws
Reduces entrance fee for zombies

Motion passes by a very large margin

Come to mafia night