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Officer Reports
Had a summer!
It was enormous
Went to Egypt and stuff - it was crazy
Had a summer!
Worked in Baker - is mayor on foursquare
New People!
Mckayla, H&SS (to CS?) from Minn. likes black olives
Max, IS from NYC, wearing a shirt.
Aaron, Math from north carolina, brown hair
Tim, from Wisconsin in H&SS, his parents are not renting out bedroom
Alexandra, from Washington State, CS major, came because she liked the hat
Brie, psych major from san diego, short fingernails
Had a summer!
Worked in california, decided he didn't want a real job or money
EVENT! Potluck in Flagstaff Hill on Friday, rain in PH A18*
EVENT! Underground Tour! next Friday
Had a summer!
Disappeared to avoid Russian military services.
Worked and went to Wyoming, met lots of italians (?).
Had a summer!
Worked for a small company, had fun
Had a summer!
Went to camp and got paid for it.
Walked dogs and got paid for it.
Cats don't need to be walked, apparently
Bought a fedora
Had a summer!
Was in pittsburgh doing research.
Watched between 10-15 Disney movies
Was an OC

Shawn & Quuxum variety hour - Shawn is 36!
Shawn has decided that he needs to interact with KGB to not age
Shawn will give a speech after the Underground Tour
MLK Memorial - Glisson had a dream about a bald girl hitting on him
Committee to Give Scorri Sugar - success
Fortune-Telling Fish Committee - found out about cursed room too late
Scott Pilgrim Committee - Reports Success
Committee to Not burn down R7 - they remodeled it and now it is SWANK
Darwin Committee - every sunday 600, play Natural Selection!
Ad-hoc Ruin Delta Committee- ruins delta after shitty flight experience
Pop Occultism Committee - does the fortune telling mocking thing
Ad-hoc Road Trip Committee - reports lots of places on a motorcycle
Time Travel Committee - reported last week
Assassination Committee - hello
Story-telling Committee - origin of committee
Puzzlehunt Committee - needs people to make it happen
Inappropiate and Awkward Musical Accompaniment - has a song! (Tetris)
Pittsburgh Steelers Committee - who is a steelers fan?

Old Business
Goes to Avi - suprisingly deep amount of hw is not his fault

New Business
Jkeller to create "dude you need to shave" with purpose dude, you need so shave
Change to "Evil Twin Committee" friendly
Sold to rntz for $7 chairs him, sully, jkeller
Jared to create "Classified Committee" with purpose classify parties with monocles and top hats
Add "and fedoras" to the purpose
Sold to kevin for $3 chairs him and Matt
Dbesse to create "Doctor Professor B Committee" with purpose treat president as our teacher
Change to "Herr Doctor Professor B Committee"
Sold to Rocket Matt for $3 chairs jboning, anyone who is a president with last name ending in B
Glisson to give Goob a round of applause
Shawn to create "Amazingly obvious advice committee" to give out advice that should be obvious and unnecessary to anyone at CMU but isn't
...lots of wankerous advice of the sort you would expect
Sold to Shawn with chair him and anyone with advice to give
Shank to create "Deviant Orchestra" to create orchestra with capes, top hats, etc
Motion to change committee name to include purpose and then repeat the purpose redundantly
Change purpose to "...crepes and capes and top hats etc..."
Append to purpose "...and a german oom-pah band"
Sold to Shank for $13 with chairs her, anybody who deviously orchestrates events, orchestras
Zsparks allocate $50

EVENT! - pot luck on friday at flagstaff hill
Pay dues - $10 for the semester or $15 for year
Meetings are in normal place
Pravda - submit to it! Arsenij can't do it himself

Zizzy wants help to rearrange cluster
Jared needs help to do research with a professor - play video game