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Officer Reports
Had a weekend
It did not involve lots of sex
Lots of doing last spring's 212 homework
Had a long weekend
Lots of water
Feels like it is the 8th week of school
New people!
Eric, IS, from NJ, wearing blue
Deborah, french/art, from NJ, has brown hair
Stephan, from NJ, mech-e, from north jersey
Todd, from SC, CS major, hates tourists
Dan, physics, from NJ, wearing white socks
Jennifer, from alabama, technical theater, is wearing blue
Had a weekend
Played shadowrun and video games
EVENT! Underground Tour, black chairs at 7 on friday
Had a weekend
Lives in fairfax now (apparently)
Lots of doing work
Submit to pravda
Had a weekend
Did homework, got sleep
Had a weekend
Lots of coins were thrown
Had a weekend
Saw Scott Pilgrim a third time with OC floor

Committee to use the KGB as a groundhog for winter - it is winter!
Time Travel Committee wants to salute one former president
Break in the new treasurer committee - paid in cash a lot
Shawn & Quuxum variety hour - likes having a russian in exec
Injudicious exclamation and not burn down r7 and gratuitous obscenity - r7 party!
Evil Seafood League - new fish that reverses
Time Travel Committee - will report last week
Classify committee - should wear capes, monocles, etc. to tour
Fortune Telling Fish committee - wants to report but can't
Storytelling Committee - tells stories about messing with pizza guys
Puzzling Committee - wants people to help with puzzlehunt

Old Business
To Mcginnis - this month is not his fault

New Business
Zsparks allocates $100 for burgers and stuff for underground tour
Klipper to create "7 evil ex-presidents commitee" with purpose to orchestrate 7 fights against jboning
Sold to shawn for $4, chairs the evil vice-presidents
Mkaemmer to create "Cooking R&D Committee" with purpose create food the likes of which mankind has never tasted
Sold to tvaughan for $8, chairs him and all matts
rnts to create "committee you meant to create" to rename or repurpose committees into the committee you mean to create
Rename to "the committee you didn't mean to create"
Change the purpose likewise
Rename to "the committee you didn't mean not to create"
Rename to "the committee to rename itself"
Sold to rntz for $4, chairs everyone
Jared to create "stack-babbing bumsags committee" to call people stack-babbing bumstags
sold to Quuxum for $6, chairs him and jared
rocketmatt to create "one from road committee" to tell stories that resulted from road trips
sold to zmmcord for $6, chairs rocketmatt and everyone who's been on a roadtrip
jimmy "committee to change names of all committees" purpose the same
sold to rntz for $2, disbanded
Glisson welcomes back nicole
zsparks to create "truest committee" to make a room full of nerds laugh
change to "most truerest committee"
change to "truthiness committee"
change to "CMUKGB"

EVENT! - underground tour
EVENT! - ut planning at 630 in PH A18*
EVENT! - activites fair
Print out a bunch of posters and tape them up with masking tape
Chalking Tuesday night

j4cbo and others will be lurking for underground tour in legitimate places
r7 party saturday at 9pm