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Officer Reports
New People!
Jarrett, MA, physics, reads books
Katie, LA, mechE, wearing flip flops
Matt, MA, math, wearing glasses
Xander, washington DC, molecular bio, cell reactions
Rachel, chicago, H&SS, drinks coffee
Rosina, south carolina, SCS, showers naked
Shawn, math/CS, nashville, proven to exist
Gun, Thailand, ECE, about 6 feet tall
Phil, physics major, MA, 2nd to last person
Leah, Math major, vermont, handful of cereal
Ashley, archie, minnesota, uhhh....
Ivy, creative writing, cleveland, has brown hair
Had a weekend
Did things this weekend, it was a good time
EVENT! Get board get carded, PH A18*
Weekend with work
104 people signed sheet at activities fair
Lots of them were named "toto"
Submit to pravda
Had a weekend
Underground tour, r7 party
Had a weekend
Color in her hair
Underground tour, r7 party
Double underground tour

Puzzlehunt committee wants people to help, will send out email
Drew sounds like JFK committee can go to meetings
Resurrect exec after three days
ITR Games this weekend at 10pm on saturday
Darwin committee = cluster gaming on sunday, bring headphones
Ad-hoc committee to make exec make out with each other reports success
Row of matts committee - lots of matts
Report from committee to kick techie in the ass
Committee to not burn down r7 reports optimism
Assassinations committee reports the vp rescued himself
Culinary R&D says don't combine cooked eggs and sugar
Time Travel Committee says stuff
Ad-hoc committee for video game accuracy says hold the sword right

Old Business
Aballard has the thing - running out of space for new people is not his fault

New Business
Zsparks allocates stuff $50
Create dwarven forge commitee to ... and my axe
Change name to injudicious excavation committee
Sold to rdmarsh for $13 chairs him and his axe
Create valve time travel commitee to be determined next week
Sold to mcginnis for $7 chairs to be determined next month
Jboning gets added to chairs of ITR
Create Row of Matt's stolen hats commitee to dammit zsparks
change to row of matts, science cats committee
change to Bro of matt's stolen hats committee
change of row of matts get all your cash committee
Create the wait what did I miss committee when you come in late and don't understand
Sold to aballard for $8, chairs people who are confused
Ditto Committee to Katie Nestor
Commitee to paint exec seafoam green to paint exec seafoam green
Sold to twright for $10, disbanded
Committee to give exec puppies to paint puppies seafoam green
Change purpose to make jvirdo dye puppies green
Sold to rocket matt for $2, chairs jvirdo and seafoam green hair
Create the what the hell committee to give an explanation that leaves the person asking more confused
Sold to a new person for $4, chairs him
Create Counterpoints, Hawks are awesome committee to tell us about hawks on campus
Append "get a capella to sing hawks are awesome" to purpose
Sold to eforney for $10, chairs her and anyone who sees the hawk
Create the over committee to engineering is over, and we're never going to the moon again
append "furthermore, security is over, and we're all going to jail" to purpose
sold to sully for $20, chairs rntz, him, nwf
Create KGB plays Uru committee with purpose online version of myst
sold to aballard for $6, chairs people who use the bboard

EVENT! Get board get carded, bring your own games
DUES! Pay them!
OMG Underground tour thank you for not breaking shit with a stick

Pittsburgh Ren Faire - next sunday the 12th? poke zsparks about it
If you want to hang out and have food, go to resnick/trucks with us
assocs.kgb.rpg.omg exists now
Tim Vaughan wants to start a jam band
People want to play ITG on thursday, everyone should show up
ITR on saturday at wean 4
Sunday gaming in the cluster
Mary-kate wants bits of dead computers