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Officer Reports
Is sick
Rocket Matt is Jboning for the day!
Played frisbee
Confuse-a-frat failed because of guest list
New People!
Orin, MechE, Iowa City, from Iowa
Nicole, Physics major at Pitt, cleveland, names of profs
Had a weekend
Similar to weekend you heard about
Frisbee, failed frat party, edgar wright night
Wants to find the Iowan that he played FFXI with
Event! Arts and Crafts, in preparation for Masquerrave
Had a boring weekend
Something about art
Had a weekend
Played game at kjones's
Had a weekend
there was interesting stuff in the tartan!
Had a weekend
Running Jumping Climbing Trees
Went to Cambridge Footlights Show
Did lots of work

Steelers Committee doesn't remember the titans
Scack Babbing Bum Scag committee says Sunday Gaming with TF2!
Culinary R&D reports 3 success with megaroni, fried plantains, and pumpkin custard
Time Travel Committee has nothing interesting
Martin Luther King Committee dreamed about the useless people auction quite oddly
Fortune-Telling Fish Committee says you will meet a clown
Inappropriate and Awkward Musical Accompaniment says Maija is ghostpuncher
Ditto Committee reports some slow success
Row of Matts, stealing hats wants to steal hats
Storytelling Committee tells a story about injuries

Old Business
Caroline Colombo gets the thing - computer science is not her fault

New Business
Create the Dual Committee with purpose "Don't worry, its for SCIENCE" and "It seemed like a good idea at the time"
Append to purpose "encourage dueling between KGB and non-KGB"
Change purpose to "...wizard dueling..."
Sold to Xander for $3.
Create the "Spoken Song Lyrics" committee with purpose jessie's girl
Sold to Tim for $45, chairs everyone who gave money
Allocate $50 for the event
Create the rdmarsh Rules of Order to Roberts Rules aren't good enough
Sold to Shelby for $3, chairs all guys she's molested
Create KGB Ultimate Committee to bring out KGB's inner bro
Change name to Antipenultimate Flying Frisbee Committe
Sold to kharring for $3, chairs anyone who wants to play frisbee (especially Alex)
Create Pun Committee to make puns and release everyone's anger
Rename to Benjamin S. Wolf memorial committee
Rename to Benjamin S. Wolf "Jokeserver" memorial committee
Sold to quuxum for $28, chairs jokeserver and he

Event! Arts and Crafts, Porter A19*

Glisson is doing call of cthulhu this weekend, zombies later
TF2 on sunday, bring headphones
Freshmen should join #cslounge
Avi wants to buy a PSP