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Bubbles: Had a weekend, improv was 5 hours of improv goodness with 45 minutes of limelight. Lots of fun thanks to all who came. Saturday he went to pirates games and by coincidence was 1 section and 1 row away from Scorri and her family and got a ride home. And so on. On Sunday he did work.

Tvaughan . Looks like falk. (yelling that I can’t comprehend)

New people: Ryan. Tepper. Long Island. Tepper

Tim 2: Had a weekend. Is slick and fly. First was improv night which was stop that guys that is really distracting!. Improv night was fun and there was a lot of limelight. On Saturday he returned to Ravnica and plans to spend money on it. Made a decision to finish the essay a full day in advance and did so and is now hella prepared for this worktime. WE HAVE AN EVENT: KGB digs its own grave in Breed Hall at 7 PM. Bubbles is a publicity whore. Has a publicity pimp. It should be a good time.

Margaret: Weekend Improv, a lot of fun but a lot of work but ultimately limelight. Went shooting with Kesden, which was interesting. Made cookies and had dinner with cake and watched Dr. Who.

Xander Had a weekend! Image all of this around rewriting my lab report . Involved improv and then a failed party. Which was not at all my fault. Then there was a draft for Return to Ravnica, which was oodles of fun, I now have a kickass Golgari deck. Then there was Chronicle, which was fun, but also interesting, considering I had never been to an AB film before. On Sunday there was an expedition downtown, in which I learned that nothing is ever open on Sundays in Pittsburgh. Then there was take the freshman to dinner, in which I performed awesome magic tricks. Then there was supposed to be more work, but I ended up sleeping instead.

Kelly: Had a weekend. Was sad to not be at improv but was in California instead with Alex and Thomas. The plane wifi was down so no work got done. Watched HIMYM instead. Had an interview and slept instead. Sunday was take freshmen to dinner and Doctor Who and is screwed with work. Dues are still a thing.

Marlena: Had a weekend. Started with improv, which was fun. Did more work. Went to gun trip and shot no walls. Was super fun. Got sushi to make up for waffle house adventure. Sunday did food with freshmen and spirit of the century and her knitting went from this big to this big

Ad Hoc nightmares in GO: Distributed systems

Time travel: First!

Fire reports: Intentional fire as a prank with toilet prank. And a metal cup filled with lighter fluid in which the fire was bigger than the cup

Ad Hoc stupid shit I read in the tartan: Police responded to people attacking others with hand sanitizer

Puzzling: Hunt is happening in 12 days. Form teams and sign up at mazeoftwistypassages.com

Ad hoc keep an eye on egladdin: failure

Booth: we are voting on themes! Do that! Go to the facebook page for the link.

Daniel John Kirby is so full of himself: New noise regulations, expect to see less of him:

Shark puns: seven wondrous counts of 7

Burn down r7: failure due to released reports.

Storytelling: Arsenij does not live in Russia but has to join the army. Was a fugitive for some time due to bureaucracy. There was an old lady who had to show up at an apartment where one semi existent child lived to deliver a message to someone who was not there. This started a long time ago and continued for months until someone answered the door, telling her that Arsenij had not lived there for years. She then tells the guy to give a letter to Arsenij if he sees him. She continued showing up until years later when the paperwork saying he did not live there went through. He also owns 1/5 of an apartment because COMMUNISM. Also an implied 3/5ths joke.

Xander had the thing. Allison wants the thing. Any and all apocalypses, plagues, and or floods not her fault

Passes. Sold to $18 to McGinnis. He, Daniel John, Oren, and Brian will chair

Keep an eye on egladdin
To keep a better eye on egladdin
Ethan: Whaaa?
Eforney: Spoken song lyrics: You know what it is…
He know when you are sleeping…
Committee to bring Shank to campus approves.
How does this feel about keeping a hat on Ethan (appended to purpose)
One of us will have to buggy every day to keep a proper eye on him.
Passes. $6 to falk. Everyone but Ethan chairs

Accelerated divine intervention
Get Dan to date crazy chicks on OK cupid
Not that this has ever stopped us before, but don’t we have this committee already
Daniel John is able to get crazy chicks on his own, thank you very much
Our lady of blessed accelaration: are you on a mission from god and have you seen the blues brothers
Change purpose to dating crazy trains on OKcupid. Friendly
Not misappropriated Daniel John Kirby nightmare In dreamland : he and Kim jong il went to the balloon snake deli for snakes.
Going on a date with a paper crane!
(I play crazy train on the bagpipes)
Passes. $5 to McGinnis. He and sacunnin will chair

Mao committee
I cant tell you.
Change the name – no.
Card for talking.
This is a great leap forward in committees
McG has Hannah Montana deck.
Bubbles gets a card for discussing the rules.
Passes. $5 to broman. He will chair

Promote literature in children
(50 shades of grey)
It is worth noting that we recognize the cover from many feet a way
Better as twilight fanfic
Name changed: promoting: literature in children
Change purpose to rickrolling with literature – friendly
Purpose to lickrolling – fails
Purpose to sick bowling with literature – friendly
Passes. $3 to Tim 1. DISBANDED

Allocatin not to exceed $100 for food and supplies for the next 2 weeks. It’s a good idea.

Allocate less than $600 to eradicate as many furbies as we can - fails

RRA: We have an event: KGB digs its own grave. Breed at 7. There will be some of the usual stuff.

Booth: Fractured fairytales. We need a theme. Go to the website to submit themes. Make them as specific as possible. The more themes, the better.

DUES. Pay them if you want. But you should.

Sweatshirts! If you did not sign up on the attendance sheet, contact us if you want them.

Puzzlehunt: we need playtesters for October 6th. Email tbroman@andrew.cmu.edu

Shmucks: Contra dancing this Sunday from 4-7 in skibo gym.

Tim 1 has a rpg which needs playtesting. Fill out the form on the facebook group if you are interested.

Sign up for puzzlehunt.

Shennanegins committee. Has paint brushes and stuff. We should take the fence.

There is a knitting club called yarnivores. Meeting at 7:30 sometime. Talk to Margaret

APEX is building a buggy soon. Talk to ethan if you are interested.