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Officer Reports

               Weekend is over
               Slept some
               Did some homework
               Ninjas against domestic violence
               Doesn't have a speech impediment
               Improv night
               New People!
                   Susan, mechE, NYC, wearing shoes
               Shawn is Zsparks for the week
               Steelers lost
               Zsparks is here!
               He did a lot of week
               Is serving as a table for this chair
               Boring weekend
               His family lost power
               His father is in Russia
               Email stuff for pravda to akouriat@andrew.cmu.edu
               submit to pravda
               Improv, buggy, DnD, Easy A, Ra Ra Riot
               Slept a lot this weekend
               Won't sleep enough this week
               pay dues!
               Ran Improv Night FOR FIVE HOURS


       Help Kdanger not fail art wants flash drives
       Awkward and Inappropriate Musical Accompaniment has an amp
       Storytelling committee tells story about Science!
                    How to make gold melt
                    Germans were idiots during WWII
                    How a quick-thinking Jew saved nobel medals

Old Business

       Mjrosenb gets the thing, encasing tvaughan in obsidian

New Business

           We should build a booth
           Bubbles made a flowchart
           We have enough to do booth in the treasury
           Jared says we didn't not do booth, it was boring and sucked
           Freshmen should ask questions!
           Afalk can donate metal
           Shawn points out through statistics that it doesn't take up that much time
           Greta says that booth was worth the effort
           Kharring says that balancing the time commitment isn't that hard
           Nicole says bitterness is not that big a deal, apparently
           Klipper says bring people with you to booth
           Email about being a booth chair, show up on wednesday
           Glisson says he was a booth chair 3 times, it is awesome
           Sam says building stuff isn't that hard
           Tbroman asks about what the booths were in previous years
           The theme will be picked soon
           Jchauvin says that allies booth sucked
           Zsparks doesn't like booth because he sucks with power tools
           Nicole says we need art stuff too, it sucks if people don't help
           Sam says we always flop a little on decoration
           Drew says booth isn't THAT GREAT
           Rocket Matt says there is art and construction, and they tend to meld
           Sam disagrees with Rocket Matt, they argue a bit
           Shawn would work on it if he could, but he can't because he's CMU staff
           Wear jeans and shoes that you don't care about
           Greta says old people can teach new people
               40 in favor, 1 against, some abstaining
               The KGB is doing booth!
               If you want to be a booth chair, email exec and come to exec on wednesday
       Create They're a Clone Committee to tell the rest of membership about clones in KGB
              Sold to Shelby for $4, chairs her.
       Create Make Maija the Patron-Saint of the Pearshape, purpose she likes big butts and fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round
              Sold to Mbritton for $6, chairs Glisson
       Create Airship Committee to think about airships
              Change to Airship Piracy committee
              Sold to that guy for $6, chairs him, dan kirby, maija
       Create Letters of Mark and Reprisal Committee to give letters of mark and reprisal
              Change name to "...Mark Stelhik..."
              Change purpose to "... and advise undergrads in CS"
              Sold to Shawn for $7, chairs him and exec
       Allocate $50 for the event


       EVENT! Karaoke night
       If you want booth chair, email exec


       Trenchcoat weather is back
       Selling stuff on misc.market
       If you left stuff in 1914 over the summer, get it back