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Officer Reports

               Did no work this weekend, this is not entirely excellent
               18220 I am hosed
               Was sick because of so much work earlier
               Worked on halloween costume
               Didn't go to orchestra
               Looks suspiciously like Rocket Matt
               Worked on programming, wasted time
               We have an event! find out later
               His parents visited, so he got his robe back
               It is a sexy sexy robe
               Brought this Chibborashka
               Met a prospective business major
               Went to Cedar Point, it was crowded and he didn't go on rides
               submit to pravda
               Went and visited Facebook
               Did some work, not enough
               Did laundry, went applepicking
               Carved a pumpkin
               Made masks, found minutes from 1988
               Went to cedar point
               Did work, was tired, not as tired

Old Business

       Xander has the thing

Committee Reports

       Shawn & Quuxum with bswolf reports a joke about mysql
       Booth! There is an app at kgbbooth.heroku.com, we will finally decide next meeting
       Wondermark committee reports success
       Spoken Lyrics committee is awesome
       Martin Luther King committe dreamt about the useless people auction
       Culinary R&D will be meeting before maskerrave to explore bananas
       Spoken Lyrics committee says mandelbrot is in heaven
       I'm not there committee reports I'm not there
       Rdmarsh's rules of order reports fuck it, do it now
       Fortune-telling fish committee reports that twright will get what is coming to him when the KGB makes a porno
       ITR on saturday at 10!
       Evil twin committee reports working on it
       Make October 25th shiny day will make the 25th shiny day
       Row of Matts replaces all adjectives with "glisten"
       Oh shit what have I done committee reports I told you so
       Storytelling Committee tells stories, aresnij tells a story about his father and the military, shawn talks about egypt
       Give scorri more sugar reports success

New Business

   Create Historical Quotations committee to enlight people with famous quotations
          Sold to tbroman for $26
   Create This Officer is a Spy to make masks of exec
          Sold to aballard for $7
   Create Zsparks SML Dungeon to when you want to bind more than variables
          Sold to Zsparks for $25, chairs all 212/312/clogic/etc TAs
   Allocate $150 for supplies/AB Tech for event


       we have an event! also dancing
       Submit booth themes


       KGB goes bananas