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Officer Reports

               Looks like scunning
               Very shiny shiny days
               The real jboning is OWNED
               I had a weekend, turned 21!
               No new people
               Maskerrave was fantastic, bananas was awesome
               Saturday was fun, played shadowrun
               Did no work
               Event! Halloween party, porter A18*
               Had a weekend, did some work
               Did some work for Appel
               Didn't sleep that night
               Translation work instead of sleep
               submit to pravda
               Made some cake, went disk golfing, did some work
               Studied, played some ITR
               IV thing - made smores
               Weak showing of coins
               Improv show, played sh-charizard
               Disk golf, saw RED
               Did work


       Kgb as a groundhog for winter says its not snowing
       Historic leaders committee says amusing things
       Airship piracy committee shoots something at jboning
       Alternate Universe committee points out the KGB has a president and CIA has a chairman
       Zsparks SML dungeon with make CS majors groan reports there was a lot of pressure for the new intro course to be taught in matlab
       Fortune telling fish committee says someone will turn into a newt
       Time travel committee assures you you will get better
       Shiny day committee is disappointed with lack of festivities

Old Business

       Goes to Glisson, anything that glistens is not his fault

New Business

       Booth committee
             Zsparks says if we do phantom tollbooth, he will work on it really hard
             Avi says magic school bus has been done but poorly - apparently this is not a big deal
             Legos and 8-bit are probably easy to build and lots of things to do with it
             8-bit seems unique to us and other people might not like it
             We should remember that 8-bit and legos are easyish to make art
             Art is probably not going to happen but it potentially possible
             We went to the moon happened already
             KGB is good at making structures but less so art - pick something that lets us build something cool, not so much art
             Building large legos would be hard, but we would avoid most of that work
             Are toy story and into the toybox different? the general consensus appears to be yes
             Is copyright an issue? Apparently not so much...
             Maybe we shouldn't generalize so much about what skillsets we will and won't have
             8-bit might have been done already awesomely
             We can make a 2-story booth but not higher because it's not allowed
             8-bit would be pixel art instead of about video games
             Choose a theme (number of votes - everyone gets 5)
             Legos (27)
             Phantom Tollbooth (31)
             Magic School Bus (16)
             8-bit (25)
             90s nickelodean (9)
             Into the Toybox (2)
             Harold and the Purple Crayon (8)
             Science Fair (8)
             Toy Story (3)
             Went to the Moon (7)
             Sideways Stories (4)
             Power Rangers (10)
             Ninja Turtles (6)
             Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (18)
             Walkman (8)
             Blues Clues (7)
             Vote on the top five (number of votes - everyone gets 2)
             Legos (12)
             Phantom Tollbooth (26)
             Magic School Bus (16)
             8-bit (15)
             Mr. Rogers Neighborhood (11)
             Decision will be made on wednesday, post to bboard
       Allocate $60 for entrance fee for booth - passes
       Allocate $50 for the event - passes
       Create Interrupting Cow Committee - fails for lack of a second
       Create Committee to get rid of C0, purpose to get rid of C0
              Change name to get rid of c0 and ice-naught
              Change name to the committee that makes a CS joke
              Change purpose to "make CS jokes"
              Sold to Zsparks for $6, chairs him and stephen brookes
       Create the backing into the ground committee to discourage CMU against anti-disabled policies with walking to the sky
              Jwatzman has amusing photos of his girlfriend in a wheelchair attempting to go up walking to the sky
              Sold to jwatzman, chairs him, his girlfriend, and anyone who hates walking to the sky
       Create the KGB - an informal social organization to create an informal social organization
              Sold to rocket matt for $14, chairs him and anyone with an out-of-phase evil twin


       EVENT! halloween party, zsparks isn't attending BECAUSE HE SUCKS
       We need judges for CTFWS, email exec!


       Poker night on wednesday