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Officer Reports

               Best weekend ever
               Friend from HS came to visit
               Mander and Carolyn stayed at his apartment
               Puzzle challenge, we got 4th at CMU
               Chill and relaxing, worked on 545 - his board has video and audio!
               Kiltie band, got sunburnt
               Saw Rocky Horror, it was good
               R7 party
               Did sorority stuff which was awesome
               Ignored commitments and did work
               New People!
                   Alex, CS major, freshmen, from NJ, holding a tube of paper
               Captured beer with his stomach
               Captured water with his shirt
               Linear Logic cafe for lunch - don't worry about it
               Tried coffee and it was really fucking awful
               ...more stuff in whatever language this is (italian, apparently)
               submit to pravda (in italian)
               Disk golf, Kiltie band, Rocky Horror, R7, work
               Her brother visited for CTFWS
               Got a screaming monkey!
               Did the puzzle challenge with jboning and had a great time
               Emus - they are really funny I swear
               Did nothing yesterday and it was nice
               Current state of the treasury - can get ~8 round trip visits and one 1-way visit from csawyer - so we get to keep her!
               Went disk golfing, kiltie, Rocky, R7, had fun
               Did work, raise your hand if you had those zip-off pants that became shorts in 3rd grade

Committee Reports

         Spoken Lyrics Committee is awesome
         Booth committee planning meeting on Sunday 1pm in wean 5328, posted to the bboard wrong and will be fixed
         Quote of the night committee reports "you can't win at sex" "maybe you can't"
         Spoken Lyrics COmmittee is awesome
         Shawn & Quuxum with gratuitous obscenity committee misappropriates committee to win the internet to say their friend was plagiarized by the Cooks Source magazine and was told everything on the internet is public source, the magazine was ddosed out of existence, now is on "know your meme"
         Classify committee approves of marodrig
         ITR this weekend 10 on wean 4!
         Anti-penultimate frisbee committee wants to play glowstick frisbee, has a post on the bboard
         Some wanking about the meaning of anti-penultimate
         Quote of the night committee reports "it's because you don't eat chinese like a jew"
         Committee to burn down R7 reports failure
         Give scorri more sugar is saving money for an emu egg
         Spoken Song Lyrics committee is awesome
         Fortune Telling fish committee makes a very clever dick joke, which is followed by more dick jokes
         The KGB says happy birthday to Shawn's Mom
         Storytelling Committee tells stories about freshmen year humor, followed by guest storyteller Glisson talking about the fbi trying to order pizza to a psychiatric hospital

Old Business

       Tbroman gets the thing - ITR is not his fault

New Business

       Create the Breakfast of Champions Committee to Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and Woodchuck Dark & Dry
              Append to purpose " to eat tiger woods"
              Sold to Krieger for $7, chairs him and the monkey
       Create the Committee for the registration of KGB's stuffed mascots to keep them from getting out of control, disupting meetings, and reproducing
              Sold to dbesse for $9, chairs him and bunny and clam
       Allocation for $50 for milk and cookies - it's a good idea
       Create the EEEEEEEEEMMMMUUUUUUU committee to provide for the amusement of others by finding things stupidly hilarious
              Fortune-telling fish committee predicts resistence by ostriches
              Sold to scorri for $32, chairs her, anyone who helped buy it
       Create the manipulating ostriches committee to be the tallest person in the room
              Sold to quuxum for $4, chairs him
       Create the stuffed animal mascots rights committee to overthrow exec and replace them with stuffed mascots
              Append to the purpose " ...EEEEEEEMMMUUUUUUU" fails
              Sold to mbritton for $20, chairs DISBANDED
       Allocate $50 for a donation to the person who invented CTFWS if we're allowed to
                Instead, investigate the permissibility of this
                Postpone until next meeting!

Annoucements EVENT! KGB takes a nap, PH A18*

       Booth discussion planning meeting wean 5328 1pm sunday


       Food drive? Other organizations do this, we should contribue
       Bring big suggestions up at exec before the general body meetings - Wednesdays 430 in the UC
       Midnight glowstick ultimate? post to bboard
       ITR saturday, wean 4 10pm