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Officer Reports

               Did some work, not enough, this week is going to be eh
               Did work on friday, great game of frisbee
               Got CMUBash'd
               Lots of food and reading and etc.
               7-page essay due wednesday
               New People!
                   Johanna, MatSci major, from Norway, eating skittles
                   Vicky, Japanese, from pittsburgh, from pittsburgh
               Watched Scott Pilgrim twice - totally surprised
               Cleaned his room, vacuumed and stuff
               Has one month left until grad school apps are due
               Event! KGB Classic! we play old video games / new video games that remind you of old! Bring stuff!
               Boring weekend
               Did work and more work and not knowing what work needed to be done
               His cat apparently eats ice cream
               His family is visiting Russia for the winter
               You know who else did that? HITLER
               submit to pravda
               Was sick most of the weekend
               Went to rolls, did some work
               Girl talk album! WOOO!
               Watched Scott Pilgrim
               Got lots of free food this weekend
               Ultimate with fantastic weather then darkness
               NPP Show
               Booth working / planning / organizing - the kage is organizedish

Committee Reports

         Positive reinforcement committee says you are good people
         Misappropriated no pants approves of exec
         Mnemnonic Committee says the word for lobster in russian is roc
         Egyptology Committee says bleh
         Dr Who's weird fashion committee says bowties are awesome
         Classified committee reports success
         Storytelling committee (glisson) tells a story about a guy who purchased a lot of chicken and peanut butter and pudding cups to get free airlines miles
         Martin Luther King Committee had a dream that his room was redecorated by nicole, and that he visited the space station and then went to brunch at a british private school

Old Business

       Aballard has the thing - planting stuff in people's dreams is not his fault
       Re-postpone the motion to allocate $50 to the guy who invented CtFwS, until we know whether it is legal

New Business

       Create Dante's Minecraft committee to wake up on a beach and build stuff forever
              Sold to tvaughan for $10, chairs him and leonardo dicaprio
       Create Committee to do FWAAAAAAA to FWAAAAAA
              Append to purpose "also recursive committee"
              Sold to twright for $5, chairs him and tvaughan
       Create the Row of Matts, Classy Cats committee to juxtapose people named matthew
              Sold to quuxum for $6, chairs anyone not named matt
       Allocate $50 for shit for the event - it's a good idea
       Create the Hipster Committee to It's pretty obscure, you haven't heard of it
              Change purpose to "invade azerbaijan"
              Append to purpose " to obtain an obscure number of kegs of PBR"
              Append to purpose " everybody has syphilis"
              Append to purpose " that picture of adam's brother"
              Sold to zsparks for $25, chairs some guys you probably haven't heard of and him
       Create the Closeau Committee to I will not stop until the case is solved
              Zsparks says Dean Martin is awesome
              Sold to quuxum for $11, chairs him and any other animation snobs in the room
       Create the you're fired committee to you're fired - out of a cannon - into the sun
              Append to purpose " and to make pottery"
              Sold to shank for $19, chairs her and anyone with a "giant cannon"


       EVENT! KGB Classic! Bring Video Games and more consoles
       Sweatshirts - KGB on front, "...what steam tunnels?" on back - enough interest to talk about it
       Booth meeting on the weekend, people should come


       All-university Orchestra concert on friday
       McGinnis is turning 21, we are advising that he gets REALLY DRUNK