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Officer Reports

               Relaxed some this weekend
               Slept for 14 hours, then spent time alone
               Lots of masturbation jokes
               Didn't sit alone in her room
               Had AUO concert, which was fun
               Not much work, going home tomorrow
               Term paper due next week.
               No new people
               We sing happy birthday to Andrew Carnegie and are terrible - he's 175
               Still has the ability to write a 6-page paper in 2 hours
               Never realized there was a door in the back of the room
               As of friday, hadn't slept in 3 days
               Has a legitimate job offer, did an interview, but maybe it's a shitty job because of a bad business plan
               He single-handedly rewrote the guy's business plan
               Got cookies from scorri's mother
               His laptop is still broken
               submit to pravda
               Did literally zero work
               Advance wars
               Was choked by Zsparks
               Looking forwards to thanksgiving
               Has no work due until after thanksgiving
               Looking forwards to thanksgiving
               Threatens the lives of exec, especially Bubbles, Twright, and Zsparks
               Classic gaming, super bomberman, saw harry potter
               Laughed at an inappropriate moment in harry potter, it was great
               Booth meeting, we have a floorplan!

Committee Reports

         Don't worry it's for science says zombies are gone, stop killing CS majors!
         Oh shit what have I done committee says no they are not
         Quote of the night committee says what are you doing to that pineapple
         Pop occultism committee makes jokes with fortune cookies
         Forgetful 2vp committee reports there is an event! Movie night!
         Time travel committee has a dr who scarf
         Shawn & Quuxum variety hour says any movie after 1991 is crap
         Fortune-telling fish committee says Jboning will be a good trophy
         Committee to waste time congaing starts a conga line
         Committee to use the KGB as a groundhog for winter says congrats on making through to spring
         Storytelling committee tells a story about winter is going to suck hard, it is the anniversary of JFK's assassination, tells story about 9/11, Richard Feynman

Old Business

       Mary Kate has the thing - airport security is not her fault

New Business

       Create the Zen Committee to
              Everyone shouts funny things about Zen
              Sold to Shawn for $20, chairs everyone with the buddha-nature
       Create the TSA Committee to handle more packages than UPS
              People may want to opt-out from the scanner
              Most of TSA people don't want to touch you
              We have a vaguely serious discussion about TSA screening
              Sold to twright for $6, chairs me and anyone who likes groping people under any context
       Create the sound effect committee to encourage the recsec to create sound effects with his laptop
              Sold to mbritton for $7, DISBANDED
       Allocate $50 for someone else to buy stuff for the event - it's a good idea - dbesse will do it
       Create the never enough blue committee to you are always wearing a sub-optimal number of shades of blue
              Change purpose to "dabu-dee dabu-dai dabu-dee dabu-dah"
              Change name to "never enough drew"
              Let the record show twright said "bro" unironically
              Sold to tvaughan for $12, chairs Drew Besse
       Create the trolling math committee to proof by divine intervention
              251 torture committee approves
              So much math and category theory wanking
              Sold to dan kirby for $43, chairs TROGDOR


       Event! Movie night! come if you're around


       Klipper is having an anti-thanksgiving dinner on friday
       Keller is running some RPGs over finals week
       Aballard is not coming back after thanksgiving. :( he has a lot of affection for us and is sad that he will be gone