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Officer Reports

               Had thanksgiving - it was great
               Spent a lot of time regaining sanity, very little time working
               Is going to have an unpleasant week, but that's okay
               Had a break - did a bit of work
               Went blank friday shopping and into cincinnati, in the other order
               New People!
                   Ellie, stats major, bridgewater NJ, and eating ramen
                   Sarah, MSE major, from california, wearing black right now
               Had a break - wasn't really a break so much as "Zach works on grad school apps"
               Applied to all of the grad schools, three of which are in canada
               Has many ideas about canada, which may not be accurate
               Has no idea about the geography of canada
               Will not be a student in two weeks, hopefully (almost graduated)
               EVENT! Ice skating! meet at black chairs at 630 or schenley ice rink at 7
               MINI EVENT! Geek eat - need RSVPs for pacific ring next wednesday
               We may capture the old CS lounge - info pending
               Had a weekend-ish-break thingie
               Light in his bedroom no longer works, won't turn on, discovered it at late o'clock
               Laptop is now working again, kind of, turns on but also shuts off randomly
               His cat prefers blond ladies (racist?)
               submit to pravda
               Had a break
               Slept, did some work, saw some friends
               Spent four hours in newark airport
               Went home
               Saw her cats, who missed her
               Did a bit of work with bubbles
               Went to florida
               Went swimming in the ocean, wore shorts on thanksgiving
               Came back on friday for reasons that don't really make sense

Committee Reports

         Ad-hoc committee to keep kdanger from failing art needs to borrow a dog and promises it will be unhurt
         Quote of the night committee w/misappropriated spoken lyrics committee reports "sweet cherry pie, 3.14159"
         Committee to give scorri sugar reports scucess on behalf of her family
         Spoken song lyrics committee says "take you to the candy shop, let you lick my lollipop"
         ITR Committee says ITR on saturday!
         TSA committee says non-TSA officers like Ben Franklin
         Booth committee says there is a bboard with sketches of the booth floorplan
         EEEEEEEEEEmu committee reports that she was doing a crossword with jboning
         TSA committee reports that they don't really care that much about laptops
         Air Quotes committee reports "success"
         Ad-hoc committee to give scorri sheep reports success
         Committee for awkward and inappropriate musical accompaniment says make several other bands and have them cover you
         Forture-telling fish committee awaits takeover of campus by paddleball students
         Classic rock committee reports everyone covers sweet emotion
         Row of matts, stolen hats commitee makes dnd joke
         Committee for awkward and inappropriate musical accompaniment says final countdown music
         Storytelling committee tells story about the TSA and his friends getting arrested

Old Business

   The war between north and south committee is not mary-kate's fault

New Business

   Create the Cool Story, Broman, Committee to remind people that you should say "cool story broman"
          Friends, Broman, countryman, lend me your ears
          Looking forwards to valentine's day, it's going to be bromantic
          Passes because no means yes, so everyone votes yes
          Sold to quuxum for $3, disbanded!
   Create the committee to assassinate jboning
          Fails for lack of a second
   Create Awww, I rub you committee to rub means to hit with a stick
          Change purpose to "to "hit" with a "stick""
          Air quotes committee reports "success"
          Sold to marodrig for $5, chairs "him"
   Create the committee to arm the president to arm the president or to remove his arm and replace it with a gatling gun
          Jboning is quite disarming
          Committee to jboning a presidency reports success
          Sold to twright for $4, chairs him and all the chairs of the assassination commitee
   Create the I'm Late committee to be late
          Motion to postpone - no, motion to "puppies" - fails
          Jboning a pregnancy reports success!
          Spoken Song-Lyrics committee says "call the whole thing off"
          All motions to postpone are now motions to puppy
   Create Jewish Standard Time committee to make everyone 15 minutes late
          Time travel committee approves
          Jewish daylight time involves changing the clock
          Sold to jchauvin for $1 plus chocolate chairs her and orin
   Create the one more sexual innuendo and jboning's head will explode to ... fails
   Create the committee to eat the moon to eat the moon
          This proposal is lunacy!
          Change purpose to "eat the moon, the whole moon, and nothing but the moon"
          Sold to tvaughan for $5, chairs him and jared
   Create the violate the something out of something to violate the heck out of leviticus
          Postponed indefinitely
   Create the marxist brothers committee to the world would not be in such a snarl if marx had been groucho and not karl
          Sold to mbritton for $20, disbanded


       We have an event! Ice skating! check bboard
       Also geek eat! check bboard again


       Jwatzman gathers money from people to donate to
       PSA: accepting random small cans of peanut butter is a good way to get a snake in the face
       ITR! Saturday!