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Officer Reports

               Is really tired
               Had an econ final, wasn't nearly as bad as he anticipated
               Probably passed econ, so is done with depth sequence
               Took an exam, it went okay
               Tried to go through the back door, nobody opened it, which was a failure
               Is a week away from being done with undergraduate studies
               Almost done with grad school apps
               EVENT! Geek Eat! Wednesday! meet at black chairs at 630! RSVP soon!
               Is three kilograms too light to be too light to go into the russian army
               Did the putnam, it went rather well
               It's "snowing" so it's pretty warm
               Fucking Russians
               Leaving saturday, so this is his last meeting
               submit to pravda
               Tried to go ice skating
               Took the putnam
               Took the 212 exam, which went well
               IV party, played white elephant - got a bunch of stuff
               Studied. Studied more. but not for the test she has today
               Had a weekend
               Theoretically involved studying, really involved playing Golden Sun
               Got his mickey mouse pyjama pants in the mail today - they fit! Yay!

Committee Reports

         Ad-hoc commitee to not freeze reports eating hot sauce keeps your mouth warm
         Frozen wasteland committee reports MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
         251 Torture Committee wonders why you're here instead of studying for concepts
         Zsparks SML dungeon reports instead of the real spanish inquisition, it was more like the monty python spanish inquisition (wrt the 212 final)
         MLK memorial committee reports he was in a lab meeting, and fell asleep, and dreamed about fantasy warfare between grad students
         Storytelling committee reports a story about his sister in a shakespeare play as a prostitute, and a person attempting to purchase her
         Oh shit what have I done committee reports she rubbed the skin off her palms

Old Business

   pcd has the thing - finals are not his fault (but grades you get on your final are!)

New Business

   Create the PHD Height committee to give Vogel stilts
          Change purpose to "give vogel powerrisers"
          Sold to scorri for $1, chairs her, jared, vogel
   Create the Creepy Stalker committee to stalk the sisters of members of the kgb, including tbroman's, kempy's, but not drew besse's because that's creepy
          Change purpose to "... especially drew besse's sister"
          Append to purpose "... and jboning's mom"
          Sold to tbroman, chairs him and anyone with a sister
   Create the Red Hat Human Shield Committee to hide behind mcginnis
          Sold to quuxum for $5, chairs him and anyone being chased by maija
   Motion to untable the generating functions are awesome committee
          Motion to postpone indefinitely! - passes - postponed indefinitely
   Create the KGB Health and Safety Committee to keep people from getting hurt during things we do
          Rename to Committee of Public Safety
          Adopt the Burning Man safety policy - "Safety third"
          Sold to Arsenij for $6, chairs those who actively injure themselves


       EVENT! GEEK EAT! email Zsparks right now if you want to go


       Tron at 830pm tomorrow in Gates 4401
       Culinary R&D will be making hot and cold food on saturday
       Shelby Cunningham's family has parties
       ITR this weekend! WHOOO