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Officer Reports

       Jboning and Eforney
               Both did Scorri over the weekend
               No new people
               AI is the worst thing ever
               Motion planning is really cool
               Is going to fail his final in about an hour
               Zsparks might not graduate but probably will
               No heat in his apartment for three days
               Plans on calling twice a day until the heat is fixed
       Arsenij and Twright
               Some speaking in russian and submit to pravda
               Her birthday is tomorrow
               Got boffer swords
               Not going to be a teenager
               Eforney threw a coin down scorri's pants
               Has an exam in an hour, it will be a blast
               Winter break I'm pretty pumped
               Finished golden sun 1 & 2 in a week and a half - doesn't reflect well on exam grades

Committee Reports

         misappropriated committee to give scorri sugar commends eforney
         Frozen wasteland committee reports half success
         Misappropriated committee to give scorri sugar reports something about sugary beer
         Misappropriated committee for spoken lyrics says "every breath you take..."

Old Business

   0 kelvin is pcd's fault

New Business

   Create Don't think about that one too hard committee to not think about that one too hard
          Sold to Scorri for $1, chairs her and Jared
   Create the Beer Snob committee to exist
          Change name to "Natty Lite appreciation committee" - fails
          Change name to "Zsparks, the beer snob committee" - fails
          Change name to "Zsparticus, the beer snobicus committee" - fails
          Sold to zsparks, chairs him and other beer snobs in the KGB
   Create the Assmoney committee to put coins in underwear
          Postponed indefinitely
   Create the Freud was Wrong committee to Sometimes a cigar really just is a cigar
          Sold to Scorri for $2, chairs her, walking to the sky, and psych majors


       Want to make a puzzlehunt? Talk to Eforney (eforney@andrew.cmu.edu)


       Shelby is having a new years party - she has a car - she will post on the bboard