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We relocate because of a spacequest fuckup!

Officer Reports

               Had a weekend which involved stuff
               Playing in the snow on saturday and ate lots of marshmallows
               Had a weekend
               Worked on booth her knees hurt ALL FOUR OF THEM
               New People!
                   Tom, CS major from Boston, has hair
                   Ryan, IS and CS double from DC, is white
               Laughs a lot
               Event! Linear Regression! and other names, in PH A18* friday at 7
                             Crayons, legos, milk and cookies
               Found out that either he or spacequest fucked up because of reservation foulup
               Did lots of homework this weekend
               Pittsburgh won! Woot! and in two weeks there will be riots
               Insults Sully in ancient greek
               submit to pravda
               Worked on booth
               Played DnD and watches steelers
               Zsparks strokes Twright's wood
               Saw scott pilgrim and watched steelers and played in the snow
               Has a lot of homework because she did literally none
               Tool training! we got so much shit taken apart, the Kage looks different
               Did work and watched the steelers kick ass

Committee reports

         Time travel committee congratulates jchauvin on her scarf
         Ad-hoc thneed committee says a thneed is something everyone needs
         Booth committee will have plans done in two days; also art planning on wednesday at 7 in PHA18*; build session in Kage on saturday at 1pm
         Puzzlehunt committee says APRIL 23rd and watch out for time ghost; email dbesse for info about helping
         Committee to terminate the president unsuccessfully salutes the grand poobah
         Don't Worry it's for science thanks all egg donors; we no longer need your help
         Storytelling committee about Glisson's dad having a midlife crisis, which was buying a beef farm and 70 head of cattle, and getting outsmarted by the cows
         Misappropriations Committee misappropriates ad-hoc committee
         Jewish Standard Time reports she just got back from winter break
         Ad-hoc B| committee reports someone drew B| on a board
         Storytelling committee tells "If you give a mouse a cookie"

Old Business

   Scorri gets the thing - work is not her fault

New Business

   Allocate $70 for food and supplies for the event
   Create Cows are more clever than you think to cow tools
          Sold to twright for $4; chairs him and the cows from cows and cows and cows
   Create the committee to get lynched with purpose GO PACKERS
          Rename to "Riot Commitee"
          Postponed until after the next committee
   Create the gratuitous obscenity in other languages to ...something
          Sold to Arsenij for $8, chairs him and anyone who knows insults in >7 language
   The Riot Committee resumes
       Sold to pcd for $4, chairs him and sully
   The Assassins committee to play the most dangerous game, which is assassins with moderately different rules
       Dbesse makes a 251 joke
       Change to "Most Dangerous Committee"
       Sold to tbroman for $8, him and anyone who contacts him about running them
   Create the KGB prophet committee to find a prophet to take us to the holy land
          We've been wandering this snow-blown wasteland for 40 years
          We'll build this city like the aztecs did
          Sold to tvaughan for $10, chairs him and ghostpuncher
   Sweatshirts! who would be interested? $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers PROBABLY
                Two designs: KGB with crest on back - 25
                             KGB in schematics nothing on back -20
   Create the Witty Committee Creation Committee to I wish I could think of more interesting things
          Append to purpose "... make a kickass radio station" which is playing nickelback right now
          Sold to ccolombo for $10, chairs her and


       EVENT! Linear Regression! A18*
       Puzzlehunt sat april 23rd
       Booth meetings announced on bboards
       Sweatshirt details will be posted


       Joco is this friday