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Officer Reports

               Did some stuff
               Spent all of saturday at home sleeping a lot
               Saw the opera and her friend had an aria
               Worked on her portfolio a lot
               Wants to get a communication minor, was fooled about an information session
               New People!
                   Anna, Linguistics, Pittsburgh, shoe size 11
               Had a good weekend
               Made a lot of pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaa
               EVENT! Useless People Auction! We get a lot of dollars because people auction their time
               Had a weekend
               Read a lot of Russian books, because of a class he's taking about Russian demons
               Has dealt with rooms, all future meetings will be in DH 2315 forever
               Has an interesting little story about his cat
               submit to pravda
               Friday went improv and event
               Saturday went skiing
               Sunday did work
               Sweatshirts! mark in the box for what size you want
               Went to the event! Saw some really disgusting playdoh and fingerpaint
               Zsparks covered most of his face with fingerpaint
               Played DnD for the first time
               Nobody cares about the pro bowl
               Was in a cool improv show
               Went skiing, it as cool
               Did SO MUCH WORK
               His laptop is being repaired for a week after getting lost going to the apple store

Committee Reports

         Gratuitous Obscenity Committee reports whoever invented autorun.ini should fucking die
         Legitimately Good Advice committee reports don't have 12 drinks in one hour... ever...
         Trolling Math committee reports countably infinite, uncountably infinite, countably finite, and uncountably finite
         The Steelers Committee reports sorry for beating the Jets but not really - they are going to play the packers in the superbowl
         Booth Committee says there will definitely be an art meeting tuesday at 7pm in porter A19C
                                                          build meeting saturday at 1pm
                         Nifty 3d renders of the booth!
         Creepy Stalker Committee doesn't report because of the don't worry about it committee
         ITR! Saturday at 10pm on wean 4
         Fortune-telling fish committee tells the booth committee they should not jump to conclusions
         Shawn & Quuxum variety hour says shawn had a stress test and got to see his heart in an ultrasound
         Committee to make witty kitty committees has no ideas
         Committee for awkward and inappropriate musical accompaniment will be auctioning themselves and playing music
         Ad-hoc they made an RPG out of that says Bunnies and Burrows!
         Storytelling committee tells a story about the history of the useless people auction, tells some stupid o'clock stories

Old Business

   Clyde has the thing - bomblab is not his fault this week

New Business

   Create the Cover band committee to say that certain phrases are cover bands for bands
          Cover bands suck - that's my cover band
          Spoken Song Lyrics committee is my Ke$ha cover band
          Append to purpose "...and bees"
          Sold to jchauvin for $13, chairs her and afalk
   Create the Rocket Matt -afeller center to construct a plaza in NYC built by rocket matt
          Append to purpose " in a cave from a box of scraps"
          Append to purpose " on ice skates"
          Sold to Rocket Matt for $4, chairs him and anyone who visits the rocketmattafeller center
   Allocate $70 for food/supplies/microphone for the event - passes
   Create the committee of non-cs majors to provide a group and culture for non-cs majors to understand what we are talking about
          Rename to committee of cs majors and ece majors - fails
          The first law of pornodynamics is the conservation of ass
          Change purpose "to transfer into CS or ECE" - fails
          Sold to jchauvin for $42, chairs her and all non cs majors


       EVENT! Useless people
       Art meeting for booth in Porter A19C at 7pm and build session saturday 1pm in the kage
       We will be in DH 2315 next week!


       Tbroman is running assassins - tell him if you're interested
       NPP is doing a 24-hour play festival
       ITR on saturday