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Officer Reports

               Had a weekendy week
               Watched the superbowl, the steelers lost
               Made tons of money at the useless people
               Went to the lunar gala and ushered, thus it was free
               The superbowl - yay! - there were no riots :(
               Totally did not forget where KGB was happening this week
               Watched the second half of the superbowl
               Had delicious cake
               EVENT! Karaoke Night
               Had a weekend - slept a lot on Friday, thus missed event
               Did a lot of work, has a lot of reading and work for this week
               submit to pravda
               Had a weekend
               Useless people, auctioned 18 hours
               DnD, superbowl, oh god so much work
               Had a weekend - lots of pepole didn't pay her
               People need to pay her ASAP
               Useless people was a blast, booth was a blast, did a lot of work which was not really a blast
               Got blasted this week

Committee Reports

         Steelers committee hopes to report back after the draft in April; congrats to the packers, it was a good game
                  Ain't nobody else got 6 superbowls baby
         Most Dangerous Committee will be starting a game in 9 days
              If you want to play, put your name on the sheet in a non-interruptery way
         Ad-hoc committee to burn down oakland says lack of failure
         Don't Worry it's for science committee makes a bio joke
         Ad hoc do you don't not dislike strongbad reports continued lack of success in not not burning down oakland
         Gratuitous obscenity committee is less gracious than the steelers committee
         Frozen Wasteland committee reports failure
         Ad-hawk committee reports the hawk swooping through traffic
         Booth committee says we have an art meeting tuesday at 930pm, build session at 1pm on saturday
         Inappropriate and awkward musical accompaniment w/lemur for my valentine committee says come to the next meeting
         Martin Luther King Memorial Committee reports I fell asleep during the superbowl and dreamed about people from trom playing football with bad karaoke
         Fortune-telling fish committee reports that several members of KGB will lose their hearts to power someone's mystic powers
         Ad-hoc committee to embarrass and defame slash reports success
         Misappropriated MLK memorial committee reports a dream about being late to physics and we were angry that she couldn't program
         Shawn & Quuxum variety hour reports he's getting over getting divorced and his ex-girlfriend's first birthday, which were both today in 2002
         Storytelling committee tells a story with pictures about messing with a friend from highschool

Old Business

   Quuxum gets the things - the reason he might miss next week's meeting is not his fault

New Business

   Create the You Dropped Your Pocket Committee to your shoe is untied
          Passed - sold to zsparks for $4, chairs him and anyone else who ever misspeaks
   Create the inappropriate and awkward committee to we need one
          Passed - sold to Quuxum for $6, chairs him
   Allocate $75 for supplies and stuff for the event
   Motion to have scorri's and ivy's hats in a cagematch!
          They should try dialogue first
          Rename to Steel Cage Hat committee
          Change purpose to "set up said hats on a date"
          Append to purpose "...and if the date doesn't work out, THEN cagematch"
          Append to purpose "...and to make an awesome new variant of rock-paper-scissors called steel-cage-hat"
          Passed - sold to Quuxum for $6 - DISBANDED
   Create the Committee to Appreciate the Steelers even if they lost to what was that I couldn't hear you over six superbowl rings
          Append to purpose "...because I'm wearing them as earrings"
          Sold to Scorri for $2, chairs her and steelers fans
   Create the Uncertainty Committee to I'm not entirely sure
          You can either know the name or the purpose but not both
          Sold to mckinney for $13, chairs him and physics majors
   Create the Foster's Home for Unwanted Committees to provide a home for all committees bought by people who don't wnat them
          Change "foster" to "Glouster" and change purpose to "...and be in shakespeare"
          Passed - sold to appel for $10, chairs him and only people who don't want this committee
   Create the Condiment Juggling committee to juggle condiments
          Change purpose to "fight with condiments and be sure to clean it up"
          Passed - sold to shawn for $4, chairs zsparks


       EVENT! Karaoke! it will be hilarious. lots of ass will be made
       Booth meetings - art at 930 tuesday at PHA19C build at 1pm on saturday
       Puzzlehunt - 23rd of march - teams of 4 must be assembled


       Kjones wants people to pay him for buying eforney for a group of people
       If you want to play bunnies and burrows, talk to tvaughan