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Officer Reports

               Graded - P1s were handed back today
               Hair is getting kinda strangely long so it looks odd
               Went to IMPROV and karaoke night
               Collected a bunch of middle names for SCIENCE
               NEW PEOPLE!
                   Amy, CS, from NYC, skipped class today
                   ??, Texas, CivE, ate a granola bar
               Spent at least 10 hours grading this weekend
               Dyed his hair either blue or green or turquoise or teal or ... (green)
               EVENT! Bitterness party in parallel with Improv night
               pretty uneventful
               Read a bunch; has several tests this week
               submit to pravda
               Went to dinner with facebook
               Did some work, played RPGs
               Was a slacker and didn't email people about Useless people auction
               Did very little work this weekend
               Did booth stuff, was in an improv show, got flats built
               Just did work on Sunday

Committee Reports

         Ad-hoc awkward proposals gives eforney a toucan-flavored valentine's present
         Penultimate frisbee says it might be 60 on friday so maybe play frisbee then?
         Frozen Wasteland committee reports heh heh heh
         Most dangerous committee says the game is starting on wednesday
         Debunking the right wing committee says there's your global warming fuckers
         Inappropriate and awkward musical accompaniment w/lemur for my valentine plays its namesake
         Storytelling committee tells a story about his friend from highschool getting engaged and a cute thing he did
         Fortune-Telling Fish committee predicts you will find a surprise... for your roommate
         Shawn and Quuxum variety hour says he was going by a candy store and he saw a creepy hello kitty
               Also, Quuxum found a Kiltie Band CD from 1997 in a used book store
         Ad-hoc aww committee reports awww

Old Business

       Afalk gets the thing - zsparks is not her fault this week

Committee Reports

         Create You won't do it, no balls committee to you won't create this committee - no balls
                Sold to .. for $7, chairs her and the quartet
         Create the Freebird for President committee to the song is too long for this joke to be funny
                Free as in speech or free as in bird?
                Change name to "Gnu/Freebird for President committee"
                Sold to tvaughan for $14, chairs him and Freebird for president
         Create the Beatles Hair committee to enourage Exec to wear their hair like the beatles
                Sold to scorri for $1, chairs her and jared
         Allocate $60 for food and supplies for the event - it's a good idea
         Create the Awkward Palm Tree committee to ...
                Rename to Awkward Palm Tree Fight committee
                Sold to afalk for $15, chairs her and awkward palm tree
         Create the committee to find or build eforney a toucan to eforney will not appreciate non-toucan presents
                Sold to quuxum for $20, chairs him
         Create the always late to kiltie committee to KGB, that's YOUR fault
                Sold to kharring for $5, chairs anyone who is in Kiltie and will be late


       EVENT! bitterness party in parallel with improv
       Booth art meeting 930 tuesday and work sessions Kage saturday 1pm
       Meeting to discuss stripping in the useless people auction next monday at 530; a room will be somewhere; emailing the membership
               Email exec / talk in person if you cannot attend


       Glisson wants to borrow nerf guns for people briefly
       If you see bblum congratulate him
       Gabe wants people to fill his house next year (in 1914 murray)