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Officer Reports

               Went skiing
               Is a product of the 15-410 ski school... "Well, which way do you *think* the skis should be pointed?"
               Tells a pun about a bank and iranians - "two Kurds with one loan"
               Played frisbee this weekend?
               But now it's snowing!
               Sorority retreat - not really - another pun about "Big dill"
               NEW PEOPLE!
                   RJ, communications major, from pennsylvania, flick peanut shells at his dog
               Heard back from some grad schools - has gotten into a few places
               Tells a pun about poker - "real deal"
               EVENT! Art vs. science
               Gave out roses randomly at the event with tvaughan, mbritton, tbroman
               Tell a pun about the wild west - "the bar was set very high"
               submit to pravda
               It was really nice - played frisbee
               Improv night was awesome!
               Tells pun about haircuts - "Crimping my style"
               Improv night and watching Dr. Horrible
               Went and saw a show about King Arthur
               Tells a pun about computer music - "Only plays power cords"
               Ultimate frisbee was ultimate!
               Improv night - his voice hurt at the end
               Did an improv show at this creepy theater
               Tells pun about Homestar Runner - "Cheat sheet"

Committee Reports

         Score Committee is Bswolf 7, KGB 0
         Ad-hoc scorri committee reports she is sitting on the thing
         Typography Torture committee says communication design minor
         Most Dangerous Committee says Arsenij is winning by ~20 points
         Committee of alex getting hit by a tennis ball sucks
         Ad-hoc hawks are awesome says awesome
         Spoken Lyrics committee says reading rainbow
         Row of matts committee says i was in an interview and asked about his involvment in the KGB vis-a-vis background checks
         Ad-hocs economics students should have existed in the first place says this CS homework should not exist
         Penultimate Frisbee committee reports success but probably won't meet again soon
         Booth committee says we have more of a floor now! meet 930tuesdayPHa19C and 100saturdayKage for art and building
         Fortune-telling fish committee makes no prediction because the fish is frozen
         Storytelling committee tells a story about someone with a funny name who managed to vex the soviets from pennsylvania for 30 years with a dick joke!

Old Business

   Andrew mckinney gets the things - quantum physics is not his fault

New Business

   Create the Watson committee to annex the city of toronto into the US
          Append to purpose " and to welcome our new robot/computer overlords"
          Passed - sold to mcginnis for $10, chairs him and anyone who likes computer"
   Create the Committee to rename dvordishnak into the evanishnak to nothing is harder than evan
          Passed - sold to twright for $4, chairs him and anyone who's ever tried to drive up the price of a committee and miscalculated
   Create the committee to why did you show me this addicting thing to jared, I've done no work since starting to play star control 2
          The cluster has so many free games thanks to ntan!
          Passed - sold to ccolombo for $6, disbanded
   Create the owned committee to OWNED
          Change purpose to PWNED
          The maximum meme committee sees great promise here
          Passed - sold to pcd for $28, chairs him and anyone who wants to yell owned
   Create the 33 111 lost with woods committee to vote on scientific principles
          Passed - sold to twright for $4, disbanded
   Allocate $70 for food and supplies for the event - it's a good idea
   Create the row of Macs committee to there are a bunch of people using macs
          Change purpose to "row of macs, stolen hacks committee"
          Passed - sold to quuxum for $4, chairs him
   Create the Supervillain committee to the world could benefit from more supervillains, so let's make more
          Evil Seafood league approves and extends a tentacle in welcome
          Change name to "Guild of Calamitous Intent committee"
          Passed - sold to jared for $30, chairs him and anybody admitted into the guild of calamitous intent


       EVENT! Arts vs Science! same bat-place, same bat-time
       Booth tuesday930pha19c and saturday100kage for art and building
       Meeting after this to talk about UPA serious business in 1112


       NPP 24-hour play festival; talk to dbesse if you want to be on his team
       No puzzlehunt meeting this week
       Talk to twright if you want to get pulled into R7