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Officer Reports

               Nose bled again
               Pun: "Fishing for compliments"
               Pun: "Gill-team shirt"
               Did booth all weekend
               Didn't do much of value this weekend
       `       Pun: "Dead giveaway"
               Basketball stuff
               We have a pravda apparently!
               Pun: "got a little carried away"
               submit to pravda
               Pun: "Gave people the creeps"
               Did some work on booth!
               Had lab today; got trained to use a microwave thing
               Apparently lab things have extravagant costs
               Pun: "Honorable mansion"
               Went to an IV semiformal instead of gbgc
               In an improv show
               Did booth
               Did work and watched basketball and they were fucking insane
               Pun: "Crocodile tiers"


       Witty Committee Creation COmmittee can't remember her idea
       Booth Committee says we did pretty well on saturday
             We shall go to the carnival meetings:
                Tool Training scorri and margaret
                Fire Safety mbritton and twright
                Electrical tbroman and jboning
               Also, come on Tuesday/Saturday/Tuesday/Sunday? for building!
       Committee to use KGB as a groundhog for winter reports ...sigh
       Super Committee reports that scheduleman is up way before SIO because Alex Crichton is a badass and you should thank him
       Nom Com has a report; people are nominated
       Time Travel Committee congratulates the next president of KGB

Old Business

   Ccolombo has the thing; freezing booth is not her fault

New Business

   Create the Passive-Agressive committee to "I can't tell you, but if you go on facebook, there's a status about it"
          Append to purpose "... and It's okay, we can have the purpose you want this time"
          Passed; sold to mcginnis for $4, chairs him
   Create the nonsequitor committee to "you know huey dooey and louie? they were twins"
          Change name to "Non sequitoria"
          Lots of song lyrics reports which have nothing to do with anything
          Sourbot chimes in too!
          Passed; sold to mbritton for $27, chairs brad nealy and him
   Create the Rebecca Black committee to IT"S OUT OF ORDER
   Create the Vote Inflation Committee to bid random things to get more money for the KGB
          Change name to Bid Inflation Committee
          Change purpose "to convince people to buy multiple memberships so they can vote more than once"
          Passed; sold to appel for $7, disbanded
   Create the lazy day at the kgb committee to I like this committee but voting is so much effort
          Change purpose to "meh...."
          Passed; sold to tvaughan for $3, chairs him and ...someone
   Allocate $50 for drinks for the potluck event
   Allocate $100000000000 for the guild of calamitous intent - fails
   Create the this is what a chicken looks and sounds like to Curricicoo! Curricicoo! Cha-chi-cha-chi-cha-chi-cha!
          Passed; sold to mckinnie for $3, chairs him and anybody who gets the reference
   Create the apathy committee - fails for lack of a second
   Create the autotune kgb officers committee to SUBMIT TO PRavda
          Append to purpose "...showtay"
          Passed; sold to twright for $2, chairs him and all the chairs of spoken lyrics
   Create the disbanded committee
          Passed; sold to mbritton for $8, disbanded!


       EVENT! Potluck! Flagstaff or Porter, depending on weather
       BOOTH! Tuesday/Saturday/Tuesday we need to build shit because moveon is soon
       Puzzlehunt! Sign up teams at mazeoftwistypassages.com; saturday april 23rd


       Xander needs a place to live over the summer!