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Officer Reports

               Booth and some other stuff
               Some homework
               Is saving pun for next week
               Is hungry.
               Move on, went to rolls
               Playtested puzzle hunt
               AUO had a concert!
               Is the same as a booth chair?
               Pun: "in case she was focusing"
               New People!
                   Rene, biology, new jersey, she doesn't know
               Baked a shitload of pizza yesterday
               Pun: "cardimum's the word"
               Did a bunch of work
               Has some more pravda stuff
               platforms! submit them!
               submit to pravda
               Lots of booth
               Pun: "a herd in the band is worth Boo in the tush"
               Involved working on Booth, which was fun
               Put a roof up, then sat on the roof for a while
               We have a sturdy (ish) roof
               worked on 110 for a little bit
               Pun: "110 proof"
               Booth and almost nothing else
               Pun: "ruth is it a lot of fun, but ultimately turk, and a lot of pun"

Committee Reports

         Ad-hoc committee to assassinate exec other than president reports continued failure
         Dan Kirby is so full of himself says doesn't he have the most awesome umbrella ever
         Committee to groan at bswolf's jokes groans
         Gratuitous obscenity committee with committee to not burn down r7, etc., says party at R7 this saturday at 9pm
         251 torture committee apologizes for stealing all the booth labor
         Don't worry it's for science committee reports yes I have been working on booth... it's for science
         misappropriated cannibal committee reports that k$sha was on pitt's campus yesterday
         ITR! *friday night*!
         Fortune-telling fish committee would like to predict success for the committee to earthquake, hurricane, and flood R7
         Ad-hawk reports hawk cock block
         Booth committee signs people up for booth shifts
               we are the most on-time org this year!
         Nom com!
             Take the last nominations
             nominations close!

Old Business

   Quuxum gets the thing - elections are not his fault
   Vote on the amendments!
        #1, regarding documentation of elections
            passes unanimously
        #2, regarding timelines of elections
            passes unanimously

New Business

   Create the ad-hoc block committee to if you stopped carol from writing his greatest poem, it would be a jabberwock block
          Lots of cock block puns
          Passed; sold to xander, chairs him
   Allocate $100 for the defectors party - passed
   Allocate $100 to cover puzzlehunt shortfall over pizza
   Create 99 problems committee to feel bad for you son
          Lots of 99 problems puns
          Passed; sold to Dan Kirby for $6, chairs him and clyde and glisson
   Create the twice-dead committee to resurrect the committee that has been disbanded twice in two weeks
          Call the question IMMEDIATELY
          Passed; sold to scorri, DISBANDED


       EVENT! Defectors party! Saturday in DH A310 at noon
       COME TO ELECTIONS NEXT WEEK - failure to have a quorum means jboning stays president
       Booth - watch the bboard, be on time to watch shifts, come help out
       Post platforms ASAP!


       anbrown@andrew has a house and needs to fill it
       if you are female and want to live in AXO this summer, email eforney
       Founder of reddit is speaking tonight
       pioneers need a driveway to park in! email them if you have one