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Officer reports

       Had a weekend. Long PuzzleHunt.
       Did no work on Sunday, but til 5am on Monday night
       Someone has her phone :(
       Had a weekend. Useless stuff auction--got stickers.
       OC training, PuzzleHunt.
       Thiiiis much work on Sunday.
       New people: Rosie, from NY, MechE, has brown hair.
           John, from Morningside, was a baby
           Gavin, admitted student in CS, matching socks
       is Tim. Had a weekend. Useless Stuff went well.
       Saw Mamma Mia.
       EVENT: Last Day of Classes Picnic at an unusual time: 5:30 at the Black Chairs.
       Has a trechcoat from Useless People.
       Got tricked by PuzzleHunt.
       Watched Game of Thrones on Sunday.
       is Broman. Had a weekend. Got sick. Throat hurts.
       Achievement Unlocked: Freshman 15
       Lots of work this afternoon getting the attendance sheet to be right.
       Had a horrible weekend.
       Hard drive died on Saturday, collapsed in church Sunday.
       Had worn "I Void Warranties" shirt to collect her MacBook from repairs.
       Accused of being the murderer because she is the only one not wearing black on exec.
       looks like Xander. Had a weekend. PuzzleHunt, dear Lord a lot of PuzzleHunt.
       Work did not get done. Watched Dr. Who instead.

Committee Reports

   The Valve Time Travel Committee reports at least 17 counts of massive, massive success.
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to hear Jared Yell at KGB reports 15 counts of success.
   The misappropriated Committee to Test the new RecSec is an asshole.
   The Oh Shit What Have I Done Committee: Whether or not I become a doctor comes down to tomorrow morning.
   PuzzleHunt Committee thanks everyone.
       Scorri makes a "surprisingly" good floozy.
   The Committee to give Scorri More Sugar does so.
   The "That wasn't supposed to happen" Committee lost a L-rear wheel on a racecar.
   The misappropriated Committee to Assassinate the President takes a whack at it.
   Dan Kirby feels left out of the nerf war. Is it his own fault?
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports success.
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Impersonate the President says something about shoes.
   jgg gives his committees away:
       Robotic [RecSec missed something] given to any and all robots in the KGB
       Frozen Wasteland given to Barbarians from the Frozen North
   RocketMatt gives the Gunpowder Plot Committee to the biggest pyro in KGB (Clyde?)
   RocketMatt gives all his other committees to the Whole.
   The Committee for Inappropriate and Awkward Musical Accompaniment sings "Goodbye Old People".
   The KGB Has No Rhythm Committee reports, "Oh god, was that clapping?"
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports "had a weekend!"
   The Row of Matts Committee asks who is leaving. Many are. They've killed all the Chrises, Sams and Daves.
   The Oh Shit What Have I Done Committee expands its chairs to all members of KGB.

Old Business

   jboning has the thing. jboning is absent; something is made not his fault.

New Business

   create: Bubbles Sort Committee to *Bubbles walks like a dinosaur*
       Everybody walk the dinosaur etc. etc.
       Thought it was Bubbles' Shorts committee.
       Reminder: T-Rex Tuesday is on Tuesdays
       change name to Bubblesaurus Committee
       Accuse Bubbles' ass as the murderer
       Committee to turn Exec into kittens disapproves
       append to purpose: tbromanasaurus and tvaughanodon
       passes as the Bubblesaurus Committee to *Bubbles walks like a dinosaur*, tbromanasaurus and tvaughanodon.
       Sold to pcd for $2 - Chairs him and Bubbles
   create: This Goes to 11 Committee to *bagpipes played loudly*
       Motion to censure (fails)
       Does not go to 12
       Changed to Committee to Level Up Bagpipes
       Why did memcginn second??
       Ding is better done on a xylophone
       passed as the Committee to Level Up Bagpipes
       Sold to Xander for $4 - Chairs the bagpipe
   create: Old People Committee to hand off its chair
       recursion, oh god
       Did you mean recursion?
       Get off my lawn!
       RocketMatt will be old soon.
       Ad Hoc Taxidermy committee has a question: what will old people be doing later?
       The Misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee reports Forever young lyrics
       The Ad Hoc Naivete Committee is glad it will never be old
       Motion to JACK'S VAN
       Sold to jwatzman for $8 Chairs old people who are not chairs right now
   create: KGB Rhythm Committee to put no less than 100 needles on each Metronome
       *people clap out of rhythm*
       mbritton marches to the sound of his own drum and never took lessons
       jkeller marches to mbritton's drum
       Always Late to Kiltie Committee approves
       Ad Hoc Block Committee makes a knock block joke.
       Sold to pcd for $1 - Chairs pcd and tvaughan
   create: The Committee to Not Get Eaten By That Other Door to warn people about carniverous doors
       What about the Scary Door?
       Ad-Hoc Michael J. Sullivan Self-Injury Committee approves
       Random Art on Campus committee still wants to put teeth on the wean turtle and have it eat the cheeto
       one time, door ate tvaughan
       The Misappropriated Lord of the Rings Committee agrees: one does not simply walk into more doors.
       The Misappropriated Injudicious Excavations committee approves
       Sold to pcd for $4 Chairs everybody beneath his door, plus him
   vote: Set dues for $10/semester or $15/year for the year. (Same as last year.)
       KGB treasury has ~$5000 before booth costs.
       Passes unanimously.
   create: mmeyerho is a registered sex offender committee to make the KGB feel self-conscious about its trenchcoats
       Motion to postpone indefitely passed
   create: Abnormally Skinny White Boys Committee to if you take off your shirt and they offer you a sandwich, you're probably a member
       Something about RecSecs
       Many skinny committees approve
       Dennis is appended (to nothing in particular)
       Sold to twright for $5 - Chairs anybody offered sandwich for being shirtless
   eforney is named a Hero of the Soviet Union for her work with the Jigsaw.
   Trolling is a Art Committee to "Portal was OK"
       changed name to ...An Science Committee 
       halo is just a ripoff of discworld
       change to trolling are an science - failed
       many trolls speak
       append dbesse and bswolf to committee (but not to the name)
       motion to change to something failed
       passed as the "Trolling is An Science Committee" to "The Portal Series was OK, I guess..."
       Sold for $11 to mbritton - DISBANDED!
   allocate $150 for LDOC picnic
       passed by acclamation
   create: Committee to make KGB meetings go faster to put a ball gag in sully's mouth
       pcd approves
       mmeyerho does not comment
       change name to dkap committee
       change purpose to as if he had a gag in there
       Sold for $10 to tbroman - chairs to be revealed
           update by tbroman: Chairs myself and Quuxum
   create: Rule Phi Committee to keep it Classy
       change to (1+sqrt(5))/2 Committee - appended
       dbesse only has one more week of class
       passed as "Rule Phi or (1+sqrt(5))/2 Committee to Keep it Classy"
       Sold for $3 to Xander - Chairs all classy KGB members
   create: Fails for Lack of a Second committee has no purpose (but oops, it got a second)
   We look up at the sign saying we're looking up


   EVENT! LDOC picnic! Fucking delicious!
   EVENT! Mafia night! leaving Wednesday, 7pm for dinner at Buce de Beppo.
   Pay dues, pay for useless stuff.
   Yearbook photo at 5:30? He's coming now.
   We purple.


   If you bought Jack, let's give out candy! Determine location and stuff.
   LASERTAG! Friday during finals. Leaving at 9:15. est. cost $20.
   Saturday during finals: Dr. Who marathon!
   PuzzHunt wants people to help next year - many people are graduating.
   Photographer shows up and we GFTO.