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Officer reports

       Potluck! Cool! except for the bugs
       Saturday. ITR, foam party, drunk people around campus but not at ITR or foam party
       it's still the weekend!
       it's raining on the labor day barbeque
       Had/having a weekend
       potluck: a grande olde time
       New People
           Roberto, CS, Fairfax VA, 13 meal blocks remaining
           Molly, Seattle, maybe Chem, wears socks when wearing shoes
           Josh, CS, Wilmington DE, owns a cellphone
           Brian, Rochester NY, CS, spells name with I
           Max, ECE, Sunnyvale CA, is very tired
           Jackie, Northern VA, ECE, 2 uncles
           Renee, Massachusetts, archie, reads books
           Rebecca, ChemE/BME, Southern MD, 10 toes
           danielle, no nickname yet, NY, sometimes brushes hair, Art major
           Shannon, Corvallis OR, CS, holding a 2011 penny
           Minh, Chem/Bio, Des Moines IA, used to play piano
           Margarita, CS, central IL, cornfield in backyard
       Had a weekend. ups and downs
       Event was awesome
       Saturday: stuff happened? he wasn't drunk.
       Car wouldn't start
       EVENT! Underground Tour! 7:30, UC Black Chairs, tell your friends
       Had a weekend!
       Event, rock climbing, ITR
       ITR will happen again
       Sunday: played diplomacy alllll day
       lost no friends playing diplomacy? or maybe one
       now has to do homework
       submit to pravda?!
       Having a weekend!
       4 hours of cooking for potluck - broke jboning's dish. It's ok, it wasn't his nose or anything
       R7 movie night! "In Bruges": 126 fucks = 1.18 per minute
       more stuff happened, but stop right there
       Event! Ultimate! it was hawt
       Saturday morning: kiltie band... oh man high of 94 standing in sun for long times
       meeting about UT--come to the tour!
       did work for OS--lots of it
       72400 skittles
       OMG it's his turn!!!
       Had a weekend!
       24 hour game jam, working with K2
       made a space game
       the game has some bugs
       Shirts! we sell shirts.
       Found a place to live!

Committee reports

   Misappropriated Pop Occultism Committee - Now go to it! It is ready to be pick
   The Ad-Hoc Committee To Mess with the Minds of Freshmen reports success due to the weather
   What the Hell Committee: if you're completely confused by what's happening here, we will explain(ish) everything(ish) that is going on here, for a small(ish) charge
   Storytelling Comittee
       the story of Superman Lives - a movie that never happened, concerning Kevin Smith
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to post silly posters in Gates reports success
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee is pleased to report there will be a lower-than-average missing student count after Underground Tour
   The Misappropriated Water Hates CMU Committee reports "This is what Pittsburgh is really like"

Old Business

   amckinni gives the thing to ccolombo. Not her fault: computer science

New Business

   create the "Committee to teach generating functions to the freshmen" to as stated
       the trolling math committee approves
       motion to stone adamblan
       we are now in purple
       dennis appended
       generating functions are so simple!
       vote: passes
       sold $10 rntz, Chairs adamblan
   create the "If ___ Had Eyes" Committee to "if walls had eyes..."
       change name to stoner discussion committee - friendly
       hey, i just had a great idea: let's have juice!
       is it the committee ot discuss stoners or for stoners to have discussions?
       now the "OHHHHH, everyone's a linguist!" committee
       I'm falling forward but I still want to dance
       JACK'S VAN!
       you know, you call 'em fingers, but you never see 'em fing
       this is too deep
       Committee to make meetings go faster reports success
       vote: passes as the "OHHHHH, everyone's a linguist!" committee
       auction: sold $6 tvaughan, chairs all
   create the Stick Up Your Ass Committee to make sure exec follows Robert's Rules of Order
       call to question
       vote: passes
       sold $6 rntz, chairs: sully
   create Wait! sully still has something to say committee to give sully chance to talk whenever he wants to
       call to question
       the don't worry it's for science committee approves
       Postponed indefinitely
   create Long Distance Comittee to contribute to meetings from long distance
       Scorri is officiating a bridge tournament
       bridge is an excellent idea in Pittsburgh
       Slow Clap Committee reports
       vote: passes
       sold $1 dkirby, chairs scorri
   create Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee to make cats and hawks even awesomer and *throws paper airplane*
       motion to change name to Owl-Bear Aviation Memorial Committee fails
       the Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens approves
       motion to change name to WHOOOOAAAAA PAPER AIRPLANES ARE COOL - unfriendly, appended to purpose
       motion to change name to Kiwi-Dewgong Committee - no second
       vote: passes
       sold $5 angibson, chairs him and chairs of Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens, the Ad Hawk Committee, others
   create Disbanded Committee purpose yeah pretty much that
       change to "give us your money" committee: vote passes
       The Ad-Hoc Disbanded Committee, the Ad-Hoc Twice-Dead Committee, and the Ad-Hoc Cat in the Hat Committee approve
       change to "rebranded committee" - unfriendly
       "Ad-Hoc Cat in the Hat" expresses quite nicely the goals of the Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee
       motion to pigeon (we coo)
       twright reads in part of Robert's Rules of Order
       vote passes
       sold $7 mbritton, DISBANDED!
   create Squid is Abstention committee to "if you squid you're abstaining, if you are abstaining you squid"
       change name to squid is not abstention committee - unfriendly
       change name to octopus is abstention w/ appropriate purpose - friendly only if appended
       vote passes
       sold $11 tvaughan, chairs evil seafood league
   create Elmo's World committee for when you really want to give a report like this *high-pitched Elmo voice*
       the Oh God What Have We Done Committee reports
       The Ad-Hoc Committee to turn exec into Muppets approves
       ELMO's WORLD!
       the Ad-Hoc Committee to imbibe Helium aproves
       now everybody likes doing things in silly voices
       change name to light elmo on fire - friendly
       postpone indefinitely - vote fails
       remember that tickle me elmo doll?
       Taxidermy Committee approves
       we should create tickle me broman dolls
       vote passes as light elmo on fire
       sold $8 mbritton, chairs furby
   allocation for last week's event not exceeding $50 - it's a good idea
   allocation for Underground Tour not exceeding $100 - it's a good idea


   EVENT! Underground Tour, 7:30, UC Black Chairs, dress inconspicuously
   Dues! Pay them!
   T-shirts! $10 for members, $15 for nonmembers.
   Sweatshirts! $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers
   Activities Fair on Wednesday afternoon
   Our website is out of date.


   if you want to be in places that don't exist, talk to twright
   Cluster gaming! sunday in 3K
   Glisson is writing an RPG, mbritton likes it, Glisson needs playtesters and writers
   We want to get Kappa Gamma Beta letters!
   Knock-Knock joke.
   If you like writing satire, join readme!