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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       Underground Tour on Friday
       she was sick, but it was awesome
       Saturday: still sick. Sorority had a thing
       Sat night: "hmmmmm..."
       (still sick)
       KGB is in the Tartan! Positively!
       Had a weekend!
       drank $265M worth of booze with Jared Cohon
       lots of work and laziness
       New People (name, major, where from, boring thing about them)
           Jake, History, Atlanta, likes reading
           Stephanie, BSA Physics/visual art, MD, is wearing black pants
           Eric, CS, Philly area, was doing homework
           Sarah, Creative writing, New York, 10 fingers
           Elena, ChemE, Philly, really wants to sit down
           Brianna, Cog Sci, San Jose, likes to knit
           Cammy, Psych/Bio, Pittsburgh, likes ice cream
           CC, Psych/Bio, Manhattan, has no food allergy
           Radawan, Econ, NYC (Stuyvesant), no stripes on socks
           Billy, Math, Massachusetts, brown hair
           Brandon, CS, Philly, is not the square root of 2
           Fernando, History, Puerto Rico, only listens to video game music
           Ryan, ChemE, Rhode Island, is standing
   `        Ben, Chem/Phil, metro Detroit, wearing glasses
           Glenn, MechE (undecided), Atlanta, 11 buttons on him
           Carson, Math, Pittsburgh, has been to 3 shuttle bus launches
           Raina, Chem, NJ, periodic table is desktop background
           Susie, CS, Indiana, holding $.08
           Xiaoyun, ECE, NYC, could not be heard from the front
           James, Communication/Design, San Diego, lots of relatives in Pittsburgh
           Emily, maybe BME or maybe other CIT, MD, shirt is about mustaches
           Ryan, Physics, Pittsburgh, sleeps sometimes
           Molly, CS, Chicago suburbs, cheers for Bears
           Elliott, ECE, Philly area, where in Philly he's from is pretty boring
           Tyler, Connecticut, math, there are infinite natural numbers
           Charlie, BHA - fine art, NYC, "uninteresting thing" is his uninteresting thing
       Had a weekend!
       is good - Underground Tour was pretty cool
       EVENT! Get Board Get Carded, 7pm Friday, PH A18*
       Had a weekend!
       Underground Tour - held the banner, exciting
       Had a saturday and a sunday, which had lots of delicious food and someone played with lighter fluid
       Pravda?! New Pravda?!
       Had a weekend!
       It really sucked. Lots of homework.
       Underground Tour was fun, but stressful. Yeah, exec does work to do that stuff.
       Attendance sheet: new people on page 2
       Had a weekend!
       Underground Tour, Kiltie game, nothing else except "not really doing anything"
       no homework done
       technically had a weekend
       did things, ate a burger with hummus (thanks, Oren)
       did sick and sleeping
       couldn't find phone or keys because he sleepwalks and put them in his backpack


   The Ad-Hoc Pfennig of Pfault Committee, along with the Ad-Hoc Interesting Logic COmmittee, reports "Tim, 
       you couldn't have made me sick last week, since it was my fault since you got sick!"
   The Shawn and Quuxum Variety Hour is back from hiatus
   The Gratuitous Obscenity Committee, Select Sub-Committee for the Research and Application of Rule 43 reports, whaaaa?
   The Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar reports success
   The Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee is seeking volunteers
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee predicts there will be more conflict in the Middle East 
       when the cult of the Mighty Tighty Whitey faces off with the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (or something like that)
   The Misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee would just like to say, "I'm hungry like the wolf."
   The Dramatic Speech Committee is mercifully brief
   The Dan Kirby is So Full of Himself Committee reports that Dan Kirby was told to lower his head 
       today because it was physically too large for those behind him to see
   The Nonexistent Committee does not report
   The Ad-Hoc Disbanded Committee reports.
   The Injudicious Exclamation Committee, the Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7, 
       The Gratuitous Obscenity Committee - Select Subcommittee for the Development and Application of Rule 34, 
       The Committee to Not Throw Up in labbott's Backpack, the Committee to "Give Scorri Sugar", and possibly 
       some others would like to report [REDACTED, replaced with "at 7 with 8 at 9"]
   The Ad-Hoc Psychology Committee would like to ask, of all of Freud's theories, why do we focus on the ones about sex?
   The Bad Jokes Committee would like to report, "How many Freudian psychoanalysts does it take to change a lightbulb?"
   The Ad-Hoc Game of Thrones Committee reports, "Winter is coming."
   The Ad-Hoc Risktego Committee adds Risktego to the list of hybrid games.
   The Frozen Wasteland Committee reports, "too soon!"
   The Ad-Hoc Injure the Treasurer Committee reports the presence of coin-shaped welts.
   The Committee to Ensconce the Treasurer in Liquid Latex would like to point out its existence at this time.
   The Committee to Turn labbott into a Dominatrix approves.
   The Pop Occultism Committee does its thing.
   Storytelling Committee about the day "andrew went down" because of a hot dog in the toaster oven.

Old Business

   ccolombo gives the thing to pcd. Not his fault: inevitable rise of cthulhu

New Business

   create the Zoning Commission to survey large tracts of land
       The Ad-Hoc--no, Misappropriated--Classy Motherfuckers Committee reports, "Classy motherfuckers."
       The Gratuitous Obscenity Committee, Special Select Subcommittee for the Development and 
           Application of Rule 34 does not like competition
       some Ad-Hoc committee: competition is good
       vote: passes
       sold $20 afalk, chairs: her, dkirby, otsachor
   create the KGB Psychoanalytics Committee to pander graciously to a KGB minority
       change to Computer Science Committee - passes
       change to Creative Writers committee - friendly
       The Ad-Hoc Committee to Take Over KGB with CS Majors says, dang.
       motion to append Dennis fails.
       change name to "Oooh, everyone's not a linguist!" Committee - friendly
       vote: passes as the "Oooh, everyone's not a linguist!" Committee
       sold $4 tbroman, chairs linguists
   create the Pravdagami Committee to make silly things out of Pravda?!
       objection: Pravda?! is already silly
       counterpoint: hawks are awesome
       yo dawg...
       append a different dennis (the menace) - no, we didn't
       Point of Information: what is appending Dennis?
       Point of Information: your mom
       Point of Order: your mom isn't a point of information
       vote: passes
       sold $6 dmeng, chairs all
   create the Operation! Committee to appendix Dennis
       this committee takes precedence (it's an operations joke!)
       why have the hot dogs developed stalactites?
       appropriate liver-y during operations?
       slow clap Committee slow claps
       Charlie's horse (charley horse joke)
       no heart for that
       that takes some gall
       Benjamin S Wolf Memorial Committee is twitching and doesn't know why
       Committee of Dennises leaves
       vote: passes
       sold $3 quuxum, chairs the set of non-Dennises
   create the "Ha, I didn't say eforney says!" Committee to "I want you all to stand up"
       the misappropriated jbonaparte Committee is reminded wistfully of its past
       the Committee to turn labbott into a Dominatrix sees interesting competition
       memcginn says a long string of colors
       "that was the worst implementation of the contra code ever"
       vote: passes
       sold $2 shawn, chairs: him, Quuxum, eforney
   create the Committee to Ensconce the Treasurer in Liquid LaTeX
       Has that ever stopped us before?
       (...apparently it just did.)
   create the Hitler Was a Red Dragon Committee to celebrate the playing of Axis and Dragons
       Godwin's Law
       this cannot exist because the Axis was eaten by a grue
       proposal: dredel, LotR edition
       Kitty Hawk Memorial Committee is very pleased
       the Ad-Hoc Dungeons and Allies Committee disapproves of this
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       motion to purple
       (we are now in purple)
       motion to seafoam green (out of order)
       vote: passes
       sold $4 quuxum, chairs: anyone who has made a Hitler or Dragon parody
   create BANDED Committee to dis-disbanded
       the Ad-Hoc Ruthful Committee approves
       change purpose to "to band with other committees with banding" - appended
       motion to add flanking
       rogue-like committee reports ang bandit
       the Ad-Hoc I Didn't Hear You Quite Right Committee heard something else
       the Ad-Hoc Spartan Committee would like to say, "DIS..."
       how much bandwidth does this committee need? more
       vote: passes
       sold $3 tbroman, DISBANDED
   allocate up to $75 for event - it's a good idea


   EVENT! Get Board Get Carded - Friday, 7pm, PH A18*
   Dues! Pay them! by 9/30
   Puzzle Hunt! If you want to plan, email aleibowi (that's Bubbles)


   food! Resnik and trucks and such
   Darwin Committee says, cluster gaming! bring headphones to cluster gaming
   Glisson says he posted to the bboard: doing an RPG, needs playtesters and artists
   eforney is saluted
   Xander reports with the Evil Twin Committee, a success, having shaved AND gotten a haircut
   R7 [REDACTED - @7w/8@9]
   IM frisbee - we are teaming up!