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       Had a weekend!
       No classes on Friday. Ever.
       Get Board Get Carded: Twister Chess! 
       Got free food from her roommate's parents
       was sick
       did non-homework work
       R7 party! (and improv show)
       and she was sick
       saw Fantastic Mr. Fox
       many things for her many orgs
       and she was sick
       had a weekend!
       Get Board Get Carded - lots o' people! First time playing twister chess
       saw Footlights - sweet!
       Improv show, did nothing saturday night, nope, nothing at all
       Sunday: lots of work
       New People: name, major, where from, uninteresting
           Steven, ECE, NJ, is holding a laptop
           David, Physics/CS, NH, enjoys a good looking backpack
           John, CS, MA, is composed of a large number of atoms
           someone just visiting from Scotland whose name I didn't catch
       is really sick
       event. Running Jumping Climbing Trees - will be lots of fun. (if it doesn't rain.) Rain location: Porter A18*
       Flagstaff Hill is non-rain location
       had a weekend!
       Friday: Get Board Get Carded: Twister chess!
       did some work on saturday. And some partying. There was fire at the party. Fire is preeettttttyyyyy
       Sunday: wrote a P1 and a game
       very very tired
       Had a weekend!
       Get Board Get Carded was awesome - Dominion, Twister Chess, Bridge for the first time
       R7 party - polo shirt turned him into a bro
       woke up sick on Sunday - very unproductive
       Yeah, exec has a sickness. Blames eforney
       had a weekend!
       P1, P1, P1
       cleaning R7, then R7 party
       more P1
       P1 is due
       exec is chalky
       Treasurer's report: we have enough money in the treasury to buy you that laptop you wanted, but we won't
       10 komrade points to steffen for getting a coin in tbroman's shoe
       looks like otsachor
       had a weekend
       involved dancing and talking like a robot
       formed a band with otsachor


   The Misappropriated Culinary R&D Committee reports initial investigations into hard yogurt were encouraging
   The Misappropriated Committee to Burn Down Roselawn 7 reports, "We're getting there"
   The Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7 reports continued lack of failure
   The Misappropriated Committee to Arm KGB reports *pump action noise*
   The Misappropriated Physics Troll Committee reports, a wind-resistant umbrella acts like a giant sail
   The *pump-action noise* Committee chastises the Committee to Arm the KGB for stealing its thing
   The Ad-Hoc or possibly Misappropriated Bestiality Committee reports, PETA is launching a porn site
   The Gratuitious Obscenity Committee, Select Subcommittee for the Research and Development of Applications of Rule 34 reports, wait what?
   The Booth Committee reports: we will be voting on booth next week! we will be looking for booth chairs as well, email exec if interested
   The Darwin Committee reports: cluster gaming is still a thing
   The Committee of the Annals reports, as of last week, it *has* stopped us before
   The Misappropriated Misappropriations Committee, Misappropriating the Gratuitous Obscenity Committee, Select Subcommittee for the Research and Development of Applications of Rule 34 reports: bring headphones to cluster gaming
   The Ad-Hoc Committee to Steal People from Other Orgs reports: there are more quizbowl people here than actually come to quizbowl
   The Committee to Survey Large Tracts of Land discovered nsaphra
   The Taxidermy Committee is pretty glad about not mentioning the PETA site
   The Ad-Hoc Old People Committee reports: teisenbe is here! So are some other old folks
   The Benjamin S. Wolf Memorial Committee reports, her sister's roommate has the exact same sheets - they have twin beds!
   The Ad-Hoc Great Gatsby Committee reports, everything is a metaphor for everything else
   The Misappropriated Ministry of Truth reports, that's not ad-hoc
   The Misappropriated Ministry of Truth reports, that's not misappropriated
   The "Wow, that was oddly specific" Committee reports success
   The International Talk Like a Pirate Day Committee reports booty and wenches
   Storytelling Committee
       science and Hinduism in the 1800s

Old Business

   pcd has the thing, gives it to dkozel. Not his fault this week: weather

New Business

   create the Committee to Do Something About Woodlawn and Spirit Houses to do something about Woodlawn and Spirit Houses now that CMU has money
       kharring lives in Woodlawn--it's getting torn down next year? also, needs better windows
       it's only a quarter of a billion dollars, we really want to spend it on things that aren't a solid platinum Ferrari?
       vote: passes
       sold $1 scunning: chairs her, sacunnin
   create the Committee of Everyone Sitting on This Thing to see how many people they can get sitting on that thing
       ppd indefinitely
   create the Paper Air Force committee to *paper airplane*
       *paper crane*
       the Japanese tried this durning WW2, it didn't work
       committee renamed "Glorious Paper Air Force Committee"
       the Pravdagami Committee approves
       how does this committee feel about hawks? (awesome)
       how does this committee feel about kittens? (great, but irrelevant)
           the Kitty Hawk Aviation Memorial Committee disapproves of this committee
       committee renamed "Glorious People's Paper Air Force Committee"
       if you try to build an airforce out of paper airplanes, next you'll be trying to build a navy out of ice and sawdust
       motion to insert red somewhere in the name of this committee - not friendly
       motion to add glorious somewhere else in the name of this committee - not friendly
       The Guild of Calamitous Intent reports its intent to put tiny laser pointers on tiny UAVs to destroy the Glorious People's Paper Air Force
       The Ad-Hoc Glorious People's Scissors Air Force Committee approves
       vote: passes as the Glorious People's Paper Air Force Committee
       sold $8 pcd: chairs him, paper airplane makers
   create the Most Interesting Committee in the World to finish sentences that begin with "I don't always" with "...but when I do, it's Dos Equis"
       the Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee vehemently objects to this committee
           he doesn't always object to committees, but when he does...
       purpose changed to: "I don't always report, but when I do, it's Dos Equis"
       mbritton: I don't always purchase committees, but when I do, I disband them
       motion to change the name to the Get the F*ck Off Reddit Committee - fails
       This Committee can ratify a motion that was never even proposed
       The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee report: We don't usually work together, but when we do, a lot of people die
       The Taxidermy Committee reports, I don't usually stuff dead animals for puns, but when I do, it's two horses
       "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I come home and beat and verbally abuse my wife"
       tbroman doesn't always make committees, but when he does, he makes ones that talk like this *Elmo voice*
       vote: passes with purpose "I don't always report, but when I do, it's Dos Equis"
       sold $42 mbritton: chairs him
   create the Voting Tai Chi Committee to explore the physical and spiritual benefits from voting on committees
       *spontaneous paper crane*
       *eforney leads tai chi-ish things*
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee
       name changed to "tai chi/yoga"
       replace "yoga" with "yogurt" in name: friendly
       replace "yogurt" with "Yoda": friendly, appended
       the Committee to Test the RecSec reports success (it's wrong, though)
       This committee sounds like a new Confuse-a-Bagger
       The Non Sequitorium Committee, along with the Most Interesting Committee in the World, says, I don't usually buy committees for $42, but when I do, I intend to get my money's worth
       vote: passes
       sold $3 dennis: chairs the union of Asians and Star Wars fans
   create the In Bed Committee to add "in bed" to the end of everything
       the Pop Occultism Committee asks for comment from the Redundancy Committee
       the Redundancy Committee says hey, why not
       As an organization, we are more mature than this committee calls for... in bed
       The Misappropriated Most Interesting Committee in the World reports, I don't always add things to the end of sentences, but when I do, it's in bed.
       motion for a roll-call vote, because then eforney will have to say all our names... in bed
       glisson has aleardy heard his name enough in bed
       eforney saluted... in bed
           "better than being fucked anywhere else, I guess"
       shawn ran for president twice, lost both times in bed
       The You Won't Do It, No Balls Committee reports You Won't Do It, No Balls... in bed
       vote: passes
       sold $15 memcginn, chairs him, tvaughan, marlena, others with in-bed jokes
   allocate $50 for event - it's a good idea


   Puzzle Hunt planning: Wednesday 9pm, PH A18B
   Dues! Pay them!
   Game Wednesday for IM frisbee


   someone imitated the Pope - nincompope. got arrested.
   ITR games! This Saturday, Wean 4, 10pm.
   gswagner wants to start a DnD campaign: read kgb.rpg.omg
       also many electronic RPG handbooks
   Glisson wants playtesters and artists for his RPG
   Margarita will paint nerf guns
   Shelby will be talking to James Randi on the internet 
   jchauvin makes steampunk jewelry, if you need anything for halloween
   ally will be in the cluster. Talk to her about mozilla outside of TOC